Since a century ago, new physics theories and ideas have led to many revolutionary results.

Quantum mechanics and relativity theory and their profound concepts have not only changed our basic understanding of physics from the domain of elementary particles to that of the whole universe.

Their weird interpretation of space, time, the structure of matter, the universe, elementary particles, etc. has led to predictions that were unthinkable even a decade ago.

The introduction of such concepts as strings, branes, multiverses, parallel worlds, multi-dimensional space, etc. is a consequence of these two physics theories that with many other predictions that are yet to be verified in the future.

The fact is that some of these ideas and theories are so ahead of our time that, according to estimates, their verification needs centuries of technological advancement. In this article, some of these weird physics theories are discussed.

1. Quantum consciousness

This theory was developed to resolve the issue of measurement in quantum physics and the fact that results of physical measurements may be closely dependent on what we think about their outcome.

In an attempt to solve the measurement problem in quantum physics, physicists are frequently faced with the unresolved dilemma of consciousness.

Although most physicists try to by-pass the issue, it seems that there is a link between the conscious choice of experiments at the quantum level and the result of the experiment. Although not quite confirmed, recent empirical results at the elementary particle level suggest a close connection.

Some physicists, most notably Roger Penrose, believe that current physics is not capable of explaining consciousness and that consciousness itself has a link to the strange quantum realm.

2. The Many World theory

energy shift multiverse

According to this theory, in addition to our universe, there is an infinite number of other universes. The theory was originally offered to resolve strange quantum interpretation of particles and their wave-particle dual nature and causality principle.

In many world theory, you are not living in just one space; rather, there are infinite transcripts of you in other worlds that may happen to have completely different behavior. In multiple universe theory, each of your versions can have a completely different fate.

The theory has many varieties, like the one that describes the whole universe as countless bubble universes constantly appearing and disappearing. This notion of the universe is rather opposed to the Big Bang theory that suggests the creation of the universe at 13.7 billion light-years ago.

Scientists have gone even further to suggest that equivalently for every there are many brains that act independently, and what we observe is the reflection of one of our many brains while others may observe something totally different.

3. Reality does not exist

The question of the real meaning of reality has long been a heated discussion among philosophers as well as scientists. Until the advent of quantum mechanics and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the issue was whether what we observe exists out of our mind or as idealists suggest are creations of our mind’s perception.

Quantum mechanics abolished a deterministic view of the universe at least at the quantum level, suggesting uncertainties in our observations that may contradict the causality principle.

In line with this notion of the universe, recent experiments suggest that reality may not actually exist unless it is measured.

New research by ANU researchers on the dual nature of elementary particles indicates that particle or wave nature was brought into existence after they were measured. In other words, the measurement is everything and the reality exists only when measurements are made.

4. Our universe is a gigantic hologram

Holograms are devices that store information of 3-dimensional objects on a 2-dimensional photographic film by illuminating a monochromatic laser beam on the object and storing the interference pattern on the film.

The reverse action, i.e. illuminating the developed film by a coherent light source such as a laser, will produce a floating 3-dimensional image.

In line with this principle of preserving information of 3-dimensional objects on a lower 2-dimensional surface, the hologram universe theory suggests that our universe is also the projection of a lower-dimensional flat shell.

Physicist Gerard t’ Hooft was the first to formulate the holographic principle with regards to the information theory. The idea was later developed in 1997 by physicist Juan Maldacena and, more recently, by a team of Japanese researchers.

Their research supported the possibility of our universe being merely a hologram of a flatter space where there is no gravity. Whether we may ever know if we live in a hologram is seemingly impossible due to extremely small dimensions that cannot be probed.

5. What we see as our universe is embedded in a giant black hole

5d black hole

The idea has long been a subject of science fiction, but now a new theory based on a mathematical model of the falling of the spiraling matter into a black hole has given theoretical support to the idea.

The theory was first suggested by the Indiana University physicist Nikodem Poplawski. He suggested that our universe might indeed have been created and trapped inside a gigantic black hole that itself exists in another universe.

The theory with its strange implications has not been verified or even tested relying on purely theoretical ideas. But if it turns out to be true, then all other black holes can be good candidates for other universes that we are unaware of.

Do you know any other mind-blowing physics theories? Which of the above-mentioned theories seems the most intriguing to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Alex

    What about that we are in a gigantic computer simulation programme. This has to include a creator or operator, in other words our god, though not the ultimate one. since he or she in turn will also need an explanation for their existence. One should look for anomalies resulting from faulty programming or bad computer memory. Example, you go back to a location after a long time and find that it is and apparently always has been different than you remember it, or you are invited to buy tickets for a concert by someone you are sure you read had died some years ago. Of course the problem with this is that it could be your own faulty memory, not that of the computer who is creating your world

  2. Jeffrey Nerona

    Really mind-blowing. I’ve heard of the first four before but the universe being inside a black hole is new to me and it made me remember one of my “drunk with friends theories”.- That every fundamental particle in our universe is another universe, and our universe is just a particle, too.

  3. David Veon

    The absolute basic thing is force or pressure. Every void has to be filled. There are different pressures for everything. From an atom to the earth. Protons and electrons are just different pressures so one wants to fill the void. Enough atoms create particles that makes waves which in turn makes a disturbance that we perceive as color. Light is a particle that has very little resistance but is moving so fast because of the force having to fill the void behind it. An atom can’t be weighed, but it can be mesured by the force outside of the atom and inside. That is how the univere is built! Dave Veon 10-9-2016

  4. seelan


    reality is just space , and its filled with objects and other things that can be measured

    reality is a space filled with measurable things

    ( this is not a question nor it is an answer, respond if my thinking is correct or incorrect in any ways )

  5. Salvia Trip

    Reality is just chemical interpretations in your mind any way and people are not aware how fradgel reality is. I like the double slit experiment showing conscious thought can affect physical matter. But on some level haven’t we all ways kinda known that tho? Just to see data actually support it is like finding proof ghost are real and life out side this planet big yet not really talked about that much.

  6. Vic Ingraham

    Many people, myself included, have an expectation that the fundamental mechanics of energy quantization in our physical universe could be simple and elegant. We can find precedent in our own designs; all the complexity of the modern computer derives from the manipulation of two states, zero and one.
    The theory of Relativistic Oscillation describes the energy content of the universe in terms of the complementary symmetry of space and time; these are the only components for this model. All the complexity of photon, particle and field geometry derives from this one principal. The fundamental disagreement between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics can be traced back to determinism. With a design that describes energy as a self-bounding oscillation of space and time components this issue is resolved and both theories are reconciled; In any system of oscillation the total energy content of the system exists as a translation of energy between two forms (kinetic and potential for example). The energy is in constant translation between space and time components and so does not exist simultaneously in either one. This complementarity is what Quantum Mechanics recognizes as uncertainty, this is the mechanical origin of that property. Einstein used the photon (light speed) as his yardstick to relate relative energy, on the scale of Quantum Mechanics the individual space and time components of the energy are visible.

  7. Hans LvB

    Two questions!
    Q1: What is the speed of time?
    Q2: Why is a photon always in motion?

  8. peggy brownlee

    have found the roots of all life and so answers to all scientific mysteries. my structured reality consists of 2 halves (compare to human brain). the first half describes our evolutionary path and does so with 3 levels with each level containing 3 components on each level. it is best to actually draw this on paper to appreciate as level 1 as 3 circles of time ( 0 00) past, present and future. level 2 is celestial and is the sun, earth and moon which are spaced the same as level 1 components. level 3 is the atom and the proton, neutron and electron are drawn and spaced like previous 2 levels except electron surrounds nucleus. there are 9 total components and the other half of structured reality has 9 number patterns which are 123456789, 246813579, 369, 159483726, 162738495, 396, 186429753, 198765432 and 9. tesla said if you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9 you would have the key to the universe. those 2 halves are the key. somehow we evolved and everything evolved through or on these 2 structures. no one will listen but here goes another try. in first half of SRT woman is correlated to the proton (level 3), moon (level 2) and future (level 1). man is correlated to the electron (level 3) , the sun (level 2) and past (level 1). the child/I which is both man and woman is correlated to the neutron (level 3), the earth (level 2) and the present (level 1). each of these correlations have multiple reasons and many more i am sure that i am not aware of with my limited education. it is a beautiful, simple and complete structure i thought until i found the patterns and as soon as i saw them i knew they were related to my 3 leveled structure. the 9 number patterns are the same really in that they are expressing life but they are doing so in a different symbolic way or from different perspective ? here again i have correlated man, woman and the child/I to these patterns. it is no coincidence that these patterns fold and twist over to match up as DNA twists and folds over or that #4 pattern expresses the first 6 digits of pi (3one 4159) as explained in my work and easily found if the matrix (number pattern table) is studied. anyway #1 is woman (building blocks of life, matter and or holding together simply) and it is a forward pattern (#8 is #1 backwards) and she is correlated to #5 which i think is pi/ child/I/ woman. man is correlate to #7 forward pattern (#2 is his backward pattern) and is speed of light which i correlated because of first 3 numbers of #7 pattern (186) and have found much more evidence for that as my work explains. #4 is pi/child/I/man. #9 is consciousness, man or woman i think. patterns #1 through #8 fold over and match up to form only 4 patterns and all 8 may be describing life and evolution and other things while #9 is the I (us). the matrix side of my theory is more complicated to decipher than was the other half though that took me many years to realize while i knew immediately matrix was connected to SRT first half. just like brain halves these 2 sides are intertwined and together make up the whole. i am probably going to die with my work as many before me have that have realized great truths first. why my work so far is not accepted is i have only reached out to professors and a few institutions, i dont navigate (know how to operate) computer very well, am poor and uneducated (10th grade level). but the biggest road block is that my ground level, my 3 points of time and my foundation is based on the spacing of paranormal moments even though i dont believe in life after death (which is why i think Rhine institute doesnt respond to my work because they do) and i believe these moments are very subdued compared to how you see them depicted in books and on tv and in movies. my foundation is we do experience entanglement and quantum phenom within a 200 year block of time that is my level 1, it moves with us, changes with us as society changes. we can be in 2 places at once but only a property of us is in the second place like a emotion of a person that is dead (in their grave equally at rest with the rest of deceased) but a emotion and a vision can be witnessed and drawn to present (its all about the present, esp also gets drawn to present, to the I, us) because they lived once and moved through the present and gained matter unlike the esp moment that is drawn to the present, to the I in the present, it has no matter because it is a potential and so pops into your brain as thought and registers as thought. nothing to do with lost wondering souls, nothing. peggy brownlee

  9. dhimocritis

    i think that Planck has put a strict border between physics and metaphysics. Only i suppose that
    Planck had a flaw: electric charge Q. Maybe this was the cause that gravity force and electrostatic
    force that are the fundamental forces for equilibrium today differs from each other and cause a lot of conundrums. On the other hand Planck was very careful to call his constants with the their meaning.
    When i say that Planck doesn’t call L — Planck as a border of physic minimal segment of a line in physic — space, he gave Euklidian’s an idealistic concept of physics space. When he doesn’t call mass M– Planck a “charge of gravity” that create energy and “mass” in the same via as electric charge , he exclude the possibility of a sub -particle of matter that posses all Planck constants as properties, able to create all elementary particles. that change Euclidian space in physic one.

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