If you think mind control is a term bandied about by crazed conspiracy theorists and best viewed in old spy films, think again.

Mind control is as relevant today as it was back in the 1950s when it was called brainwashing and used against American troops in Chinese prison camps during the Korean War.

So what exactly is mind control and how can we prevent someone from using it against us?

Mind control is the concept by which a subject’s thoughts and actions can be controlled by an external force. This can be via psychological or physical means and often involves breaking the subject down so that complete control can be achieved.

If you are thinking that this all sounds very far-fetched and implausible, it is worth remembering that mind control is used in our everyday lives, from advertising products to media bias in politics.

Here are five ways someone is using mind control on you:

1. Isolation

If you find yourself slowly being isolated from your friends and family, then this is a probable sign someone is trying to control your mind. Your nearest and dearest will no doubt tell you what is wrong with your new friend and that is exactly what they don’t want. They need you alone and vulnerable in order to break your spirit.

2. Moody behaviour

Does your partner sulk if he or she doesn’t get their own way? Do you tend to change your behaviour to stop or prevent an argument? This is the start of mind control, where your actions are changing because of what another person is doing. It is a tell-tale sign that they are trying to control your mind and are quite successful in it.

3. Metacommunication

This is a technique whereby a person gives subtle clues and hints using nonverbal cues. For instance, if a husband asks his wife if she is ok and she replies ‘Yes’ with a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders, this is clearly indicating she is not ok, but her verbal answer is positive. Some people use metacommunication to implant subliminal thoughts.

4. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a technique of layering certain thoughts using language into a person’s unconscious mind without them knowing what you’re doing.

NLP looks at many different aspects of a person and uses language to plant suggestions. For instance, if a person is visually orientated, they will be spoken to using language using visual clues such as ‘Can you see what I mean?’ A person used to auditory cues will have hearing language used on them like ‘I hear you completely.’

5. Uncompromising Rules

Does your partner place unreasonable rules on your lifestyle? If you are expected to meet impossible deadlines, have strictly regulated mealtimes and bathroom breaks, no access to your own money or friends, then this is mind control.

What they are doing is taking all your decisions away from you so that you follow a strict set of behaviours. This, in turn, stops you thinking for yourself and makes it easier for them to implant their own agenda.

How to Prevent Mind Control

If you recognise any of the above examples, then it is time to break free from this person and their attempts to control your mind.

  • Stay in close contact with friends and family.

Do not allow your new partner or friend to get in the way of your seeing any of your old friends or family members. Insist on seeing them and if the answer is still no – walk away.

  • Do not put up with moody or sulky behaviour.

Treat it with the disdain it deserves, and make sure you tell the person exhibiting it that it is immature and childish and you won’t tolerate it.

  • Nonverbal clues

Watch carefully for nonverbal clues that do not tally with what a person is saying. Question them if their answers do not match their body language or actions.

  • NLP

NLP is a little harder to spot as anyone using it is likely to be a professional. Signs to look out for are initial feelings that you have found your soul mate, or that the person you have just met is perfectly matched to you. Watch out for someone that keeps mirroring your body language or uses vague phrases that don’t make sense.

  • Uncompromising rules

As for someone that imposes uncompromising rules, take advice from close friends and family when it comes to this situation. By the time it gets to this point, you will have probably been worn down with low self-esteem. By telling your friends and family, their instant reaction to what is happening to you should be enough to shake you out of this awful trap.


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  1. Vivek tripathi

    Can i use it for my benefit .
    Or how do i know whether the person who controls will not harm

  2. Christina

    I wonder if it is really bad being around a person who is a mind controller.

    1. H K Synovec

      Indeed it is! Was done on a victim of abuse when it was meant on another person who used unauthorized ID of the victim! This lead to Texas at time of incident of WACO – control! Was never there since it was confirmed that there was a horrible mix up! (Now a Cancer Survivor of stage four! 😥😡)

  3. Robert

    I know a girl who is being mind controlled. She doesn’t want to change. The guy doing the Mind control (Freddie Villegas) is a real deutsh bag. He is trying to get her to groom kids for porn.

    1. Shmanka

      How do u know she knows? And is that his real last name?. …

  4. Peter

    What do you think about female mind control?

  5. Ash shiv

    Mind reading can help to see the future

  6. Angel Miranda

    Can someone be saved once they have been controlled? This person was once a strong individual who had full control of her life. By the age of 23 she owned 2 homes and 3 cars. Now she has 2 small children and can’t do much of anything. Her soon to he exhusnand purposely used NLP to control her and i know this for a fact as he once showed me how to make someone think and feel a certain way to get them to do what you want them to do. Telling me it’s hid NLP Dale’s strategy. Now she is an alcoholic and she says she doesn’t know who she is or why she can’t be the person she once was. Is there any way to help her. Is there a professional that she can see that knows how to reverse the damage caused by NLP mind control. Please help me find a way to help her. She is my daughter and her and my grandchildren are suffering from her inability to find herself. She cries daily saying she can’t do anything right and can’t find her way. Please help me find a way to help her. [email protected]

    1. Timika S. Adams

      Hello Angel I read your post and it really touched me maybe you and your daughter and our children can all get together and help one another. Maybe she need someone who is going through the same thing she is and will understand and give her a real true friendship do to me not having any real friends in my life that’s supportive and could also use her help and support as well because we are mothers who have to stand strong for our children and I totally understand her pain and doubt because I been through it myself. And I pray she has gotten better and knows her worth now to herself , her children and you especially as an concerned mother like you is so priceless smh if only I can see my mom and talk to her and hold her just one more time would be priceless for me Lord knows it will. Happy holidays and please don’t take it the wrong way God bless you all sorry to bother.

  7. John Appleseed

    My fake friends and family have used NLP and Trauma Based Mind Control on me since I was born. Emotional blackmail (withholding love and acceptance) and now a prearranged marriage to a girl that I didn’t get when we dated and she sure didn’t get me. My sister named her daughter the same name as her and asks me which one I am talking about in conversations, it’s really aggravating. My life is complete bullshit and everything I have known is fake. My family and friends have made it known to me that I really don’t have freewill or choice anymore because they want me to live and choose what they want. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is bullshit because there exists a predetermined outcome planned by them. I don’t have what it takes to commit suicide but I damn sure will be glad when my life reaches it’s natural conclusion. The earth is a pile of shit and nothing besides!

    1. Satwinder Panesar

      I know people who have made girls and women pregnant all around me who are all at different ages. Yet they don’t have family or kids. They made them pregnant to take them away from me because they would be busy with family now and don’t have time for anyone else and trust me a lot of them were single, simple, healthy people who had no interest in marriage. They changed them within three months. Ages were from 18 to 50+ who were made pregnant. They mind controlled them. Put doubts in their head how is your future going to be, who will be there if your alone, do you want marriage, family, showed them pictures of loads of kids to soften there mind. Had kids set up in environments to change how the person getting mind controlled thought about life. Had more kids ads targeted at them. Groomed them give them cars, holidays and took them to late night parties and got them drunk more often so their mind becomes so vulnerable and weak as well as dependent on there desires that they lose focus on themselves and independency that they crave to be attached so that it’s easy for controllers to corner them in to marriage and family as well as using religion as an excuse to get married when the controllers don’t believe in religion or will pretend to believe in it or take bits out to use and condition the controlled person for their evil malicious agendas.

  8. Tim Baber

    monarchprogramming.com is my take on this, as far as the use of trauma, guilt, fear anxiety or doubt might cross your path.
    The easiest way to understand monarch programming is that it is rm as franchises. Each of the “usual suspects” are probably such franchises and no one for sure can tell which are real monarch mind control or false flags doing the same thing. It is pretty clever in that with all senses mimicked, controlled or diverted knowing what is above the false flags is not exac;ly rich with evidence as to who is pulling the strings, without themselves having their strings pulled. Even Presidents can’t tell, as far as I can see studying the literature and having had a skinfull for the last few years plus. On twitter for the past 10 years I have been publishing or republishing snippets of sense that. I and others have been making of this covert form of mind control.

  9. Nathan

    This whole NLP thing really makes reality look completely false. I am a current victim of mind control (was implemented on me by a former friend), been so for about a year and a half now and I can tell you all that this programming really takes a toll on me as a person and going about my day. I can’t even do a simple task without anybody making fun of my past memories or what I was currently thinking of at the time. People constantly make fun of me anywhere I go or laugh at me because of how I look. It’s really frustrating and almost made me go suicidal and at one point I considered harming others. I never let any of this go to my head because I’m NOT any of those things, people are just very cruel and don’t care for others like they would for themselves.

    Hopefully anyone reading this stays safe and watch out for NLP (it could be your very own friends and family).

  10. stephenellis

    Being mind controlled help.

  11. rohit aggarwal

    thanks for the information

  12. Justin moore

    There gonna kill me

  13. Jason

    Here in Anaheim there is big problems out even deaths and missing people.All of this is still going on there’s this thing that is hard to see almost I invisable but able to see something like the time it kills people

  14. Edward Wunder BCH CI

    Janey Davies, Thank you for the article. There are several things that mental health professionals can do since abusive mind or behavior control depends upon isolation. Individuals who recognize the techniques or effects in their or someone else’s life can also look to this list…

    PLEASE note: Using NLP in communications isn’t abuse in itself. NLP techniques are simply skilled communication. Those techniques can be used in public speaking or interpersonal communication. Professionals who might use NLP skills include law enforcement officers, counselors, hypnotists, religious leaders, politicians, lawyers, coaches, teachers, sales people, writers, public speakers, trainers… you get the idea. NLP can even help in positive parenting. Using NLP in itself is a skill, not an abuse.

    For those who recognize mental or behavioral abuse…

    1) Identify abuse safe houses in your community and develop a relationship with them. Please note, there are probably fewer resources for abused men than there are for abused women.

    2. Educate local law enforcement on what to look and listen for on the part of the manipulators and on the part of the victims.

    3. Educate lawyers on what to look and listen for on the part of the manipulator and on the part of the victims.

    4. Identify councilors who work with such abuse.

    5. Identify consulting hypnotists who work with such abuse.

    Develop a network of those professionals who will work together on behalf of abuse victims.

    Here’s the challenge. Abusers can be dangerous to those who would help their victims recover. It is dangerous, if not impossible, to work with a victim who is not safe and secure outside of the abuser’s sphere of influence.

    As a consulting hypnotist I RARELY came across a client who was currently living with such abuse. But the times I did, I had to inform the person that THEY had to leave their environment before I could work with them. I informed them that I couldn’t work with them in my brief session time with them in competition with the pervasive environment of manipulation that they were in. I also wouldn’t put my family at risk by association. The person had to be secure and separate from their abuser before I would work with them.

    Now, that may sound harsh, but as with most hypnotists, I work in a sole proprietor office. There’d be no question of who the abused person was working with if their abuser followed them.

    Counselors are the rally point for those who are mentally abused. I encourage any interested counselor to begin a network of education and awareness of community resources who will support their client work.

    1. Eric Vernon

      Hello Mr. Wunder, my name is Eric and I appreciate you acknowledging that this sort of thing not only exists, but how serious it couid be. I am looking for a professional hypnotherapist to aid me in not only stayng safe, which I am now, i think, buit to also work with me to sort out how I could take the evidence I have and use it to teach law enforcement, therapists, judges, doctors, etc…about the uses and abuses of this type of hypnosis and NLP. I have something that I doubt many other have or have ever had to aid in that request, and that is I recorded a very long video which captured my victimization. The conversations on the video were how I determined my own victimization had taken place, and the brutality that I endured. I don’t remember any of it, however, I sued in civll court a couple of those involved and won a very large judgement, yet police still refuse to investigate this matter. Let me know if you have any interest at all. Thanks

  15. Ray

    I am an 81 Year Old Male (Ex; Navy Veteran Pilot) who has been abused by a 71 year old wife who has a border line personality disorder for 16 years using mind control…..,been trying to get out of the relationship for years. This article describes the situation perfectly.

  16. William

    Ive been a target of this for almost a decade and accused of being crazy and a conspiracy theorist amd more. Ive been frauded and tortured and i havent in almost a decade made any ground. These same people have done whatever they wish for a long time and it doesnt stop at mind control they use whats called vampirism which is a for of draining your energy all the way to necromancing which is mind control at its fullest. They have been using quantum physics to mask black magic.

  17. tommie

    we all gonna stay in prison

  18. dee

    being mindcontrolled. had someone telling me to end my life for 8 months. torturing me ruined my future and self esteem. good luck to all of you. surprised im alive

  19. eazy

    hey hope all is good

  20. Shelley

    i have also been a target now for going on 8 years. I found out what was really going on after my drop dead gorgeous 23 year old daughter with a 160 IQ just simply gave up on life. So I had to go and literally put myself in her shoes, so to speak. Then I found out. Not only invading someones privacy to the max but controlling their minds, moods and dreams. Wow I have been saying it for years now but of course no one wanted to believe me. This stuff has been around for decades. Being used on us unsuspecting people. I am ready to scream it from the rooftops!!! make sure everyone I can get to knows about it. It has been a nightmare for me. I lost my daughter because of this BS.

  21. AMOS

    i was once victim of mind control
    thanks to the books have been reading about mind control

    am now the doer

  22. Mauricio

    Now what if I didn’t give this person permission yet Their still lingering over my thoughts and body


    Most mind control is made through TV, social media (brainwashing media), mainstream media and of course the scumbags in government.

  24. holroyd LAFIOTTE

    They control my mind since years and make me things I hate to do.

    How can I escape these criminals?

  25. Mark

    Mind control is an empty book with no words.



  26. John Reeves

    First, Mind Control is absolutely a fact. Secondly, a paid localized trained handler is using a device that is hand held, small dish mount, brain wave signal carrier wave to control sleep-wake-dream cycles that can manipulate voter preferences, mass shooter, guilt, shame, criminal activity, pleasure enforcement and other specific subconscious reinforcements.
    Thirdly, a shadow government that is well funded, well organized and desperately narcissistic calling the tough modern 2024 shots. Fourthly, your in deep trouble.

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