Neuroscientists invented a mind-reading device that allows converting brain waves into words.

In fact, a big part of our thought processes takes place in the region of the brain called the superior temporal gyrus, which is a part of the auditory system. It makes it possible for us to elicit sense from the sounds we hear, distinguish words, and understand their meaning.

This brain region was used by the scientists of the University of California at Berkeley (USA) to decode the inner dialogue of the human mind.

How the Mind-Reading Device Works

The experiment involved 15 people, and 256 electrodes were introduced into the skull of each of them. The electrodes were used to detect electrical signals, emitted by the brain when thinking since each word has its own unique set of brain impulses.

Then the subjects were taken to listen to audio recordings of different words, and the devices fixed the brain signals. As a result, it was quite difficult to unravel the chaotic flow of electric impulses arising in the temporal lobe while listening to the audio.

We have seen in which parts of the brain cortex the activity increased at a time when a person heard a sound of a certain frequency and tried to restore the original sound”, explained Robert Knight, professor of psychology and neuroscience.

The researchers found the key frequencies that distinguished each speech sound from the others, and then, with the help of a computer model, they restored the words that had “sounded” in the subjects’ head.

Then the volunteers were given a choice of a word set and asked to choose one word and think about it. It turned out that the same computer model allowed us to find which word had been chosen. Moreover, it turned out that it was possible even to restore them by converting recorded brain waves back into sound waves.

Words uttered by the brain were decoded with difficulty, but this way of “reading” the internal monologue of human mind works quite well”, says Dr. Pasley.

The new way of “mind-reading” could allow paralyzed patients to recover speech. Once they think what they want to say out loud, their requests will be fulfilled.

However, the developers admit that there is still a lot of work to improve the sound recognition technology and to replace the procedure of the electrode implanting into the skull with something less painful.

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  1. Antonio

    I believe that this technology have been implanted into me without my consent. I not only transmit data to a 3rd party but it also control muscle movement and pain. I would like to get more information concerning this due to it have to be illegal in the United States and I cant find help.

  2. Jeffery Lyndon Craven

    i am experiencing the same thing as Antonio.Someone has installed a device in me that transmits my thoughts, controls my muscles to some extent, & causes dreams to be controlled, illegally, without my consent inorder to split up my family & frame me for ALL kinds of things I have not done.They can even see what I see, which makes intimacy almost impossible. They can speak to me through this device & have been trying to drive me insane, also steal my wife n children from me.

    1. J tindle

      Are you by chance in the Las Vegas area?

  3. Russ

    Call them Jeffy Jeffs – They can’t harm you. They will not leave you alone and will not help or tell you a real name — Say things like Focus ( f word – off cause you’re stupid ) have fun insulting them and note any information you can get. Try areas with bad phone reception. Most important thing – don’t get paranoid. Don’t talk out loud – they will read ya clear as you think . If you have them – they work in shifts as they are just human A- holes . ask questions .

  4. Walter

    Walt, PA… I’ve been dealing with this for 10 years straight….and now can connect this technology to police. They are using it to entrap people

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