Some people are really unique due to their incredible and mysterious superpowers.

1. Human Computer

human computer

Daniel Tammet from UK suffers from autism, hardly speaks, does not distinguish between left and right, can not insert the plug into the outlet, but easily performs in his mind complex mathematical calculations.

Daniel knows by heart the 22514 digits of pi, and speaks eleven languages: English, French, Finnish, German, Estonian, Spanish, Romanian, Icelandic (which he learned in 7 days), Lithuanian, the Welsh and the language of Esperanto.

2. Dolphin Boy

Dolphin Boy

A young man from Sacramento (CA) Ben Underwood was born a perfectly healthy baby, but his eyes were surgically removed because of cancer of the retina at the age of three. However, Ben went on to live a full life of a sighted person.

Medical tests showed that the boy had a hearing of the average person, but his brain learned to translate sounds into visual information, which gives a young person an ability to capture the echo, and based on this echo, determine the precise location of objects, just like a bat or a dolphin.

3. Rubber Boy

Rubber Boy

Daniel Smith from the United States, which is a five-time Guinness record holder, began to twist his body in the age of four. Soon Daniel realized what a talent he possessed, and at age 18 ran away from home with a circus troupe.

4. Metal Eater

Metal Eater

Frenchman Michel Lotito, born in 1950, discovered his amazing ability at age 9 when he scared his parents to death, having eaten a TV. From his 16 he began to entertain people for money, eating metal, glass and rubber. The interesting thing is that the Lotito’s body never shows any side effects, even when he eats materials containing toxic substances.

5. Magnet Man

Magnet Man

Liew Thow Lin in his 70 years managed to pull a car with an iron chain attached to an iron plate on his stomach.

Liew Thow Lin considers his ability to attract metal objects hereditary, since his three sons and two grandchildren are endowed with the same amazing and incredible gift.

6. Sleepless Man

sleepless man

Thai Ngoc, 64-year-old Vietnamese man, forget what sleep is after he had been ill with a fever in 1973. Since then he stopped sleeping. Till now, he has not slept for 37 years, that is more than 13,500 sleepless nights.

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