predictions 2013Many of us will become vegetarians and will be faced with earthquakes, famines and sinking. We will hear the announcements from the medical community about revolutionary methods of treatment and prevention of chronic and incurable diseases. NASA will enlighten us on the inhospitable surface of the Red Planet, while scientists at CERN will promise us a journey through time in ten years from now.

Betsey Lewis, writer, researcher of Earth mysteries and famous TV presenter in the U.S., gives us a glimpse of events that are predicted to take place in 2013.

From meat eaters to vegetarians

Many of us will change eating habits and become vegetarians. The surge in food prices such as milk, cereals and meat is the result of the prolonged drought that hit many regions of the world in 2012.

Mega earthquakes

Strong earthquakes will hit Indonesia, California and Peru. In Indonesia the mega earthquake will cause tsunamis, and in various parts of the Earth there will be earthquakes and intensification of volcanic activity.

New scandals in the Catholic Church

Another scandal will hurt the Catholic Church and will have to do with revelations of sexual abuse of children by priests that will come to light.

Deaths of political leaders

The news is bad for Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, and George Bush senior, former U.S. president. Both leaders will leave their last breath in 2013, according to the predictions of Betsey Lewis.

UFO and extreme weather

This year we will see more UFO, weird cloud formations and unexplained phenomena in the sky. In addition, extreme weather events will affect many areas of the planet.

Corruption in banks

Corruption scandals will continue to plague financial institutions and economic organizations.


The U.S. space agency NASA will make a grandiose statement about the planet Mars in March 2013.


Scientists at CERN will announce that a journey through time is possible and will take place within the next ten years.

Announcements about treatment and prevention of cancer

Important announcements about the prevention and treatment of chronic and incurable diseases, mainly cancer, will take place in 2013.

Solar Event

An unusual solar event will be recorded in the Northern Hemisphere and will be at the center of the interest of the scientific community.


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