music personalityNew study claims that music preferences can be associated with traits of character and even with intelligence level. The key goal of the study was to determine which music styles have a negative impact on mental ability.
The lowest results in intelligence tests were shown by those who for many years have been into hip hop and R&B. So, rappers were found to be the most “narrow-minded” compared to other subjects of the study.
The authors of the study used both classic IQ tests and traditional tests on school subjects, which included questions on basic general education program. Higher rates were achieved by those who prefer classical and symphonic music. To the great chagrin of their parents, the children who listen to heavy music and rock were found to have one of the highest levels of intelligence.

There is a close relationship between music preferences of people and different types of personality, say British psychologists, whose survey included 36,000 people around the world.

The study, led by Professor Adrian North of the Department of Applied Psychology at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, is the largest of all studies ever conducted in the particular area. Based on its results, classical music lovers are timid and shy, while fans of heavy metal are kind and spontaneous.

Here are some other musical styles and the characteristic traits of their fans:

OPERA – high self-esteem, gentle, creative.

CLASSICAL MUSIC – high self-esteem, quiet, introverted, creative.

JAZZ – high self-esteem, outgoing, calm, creative.

BLUES & SOUL – high self-esteem, outgoing, calm, gentle, creative.

REGGAE – high self-esteem, not hard-working, sociable, calm, gentle, creative.

COUNTRY & WESTERN – hard-working, sociable.

INDIE – low self-esteem, not hard-working, restless, creative.

BOLLYWOOD (Indian Hollywood) – outgoing, restless, creative.

CHART POP – high self-esteem, hardworking, outgoing, calm, gentle, not creative.

RAP – high self-esteem, sociable.

DANCE – sociable, creative.

ROCK & HEAVY METAL – low self-esteem, not hard-working, introverted, calm, gentle, creative.



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