If we thought we were unique, we are probably wrong. It might be that our world is, in all aspects, not the only world in existence.

I am not talking about other planets, yet undiscovered in the universe. What is meant by other worlds, is rather, a notion that parallel universes exist and are much like our own, but with different minute characteristics and outcomes.

You know the idea, it’s the main topic in quantum mechanics. Before we attempt to wrap our minds around the newest approach, let’s take a look at what we already know.

MWI Theory

In the year 1957, the “Many Worlds Interpretation” (MWI) explained the meaning of the parallel world. Apparently, parallel worlds are just features of quantum mechanics, nothing more. It seems that this idea should not be surprising to any of us. It is as natural as nature itself.

Quantum mechanics may seem unreal, but it is actually the most successful theory of our time. The classic theory of quantum mechanics is based on the wave function, which exists in an infinite dimension, so far removed from three-dimensional reality. Then, there are Bell correlations, which violate the normal laws of cause and effect and can be measured using distant quantum systems.

The thing with quantum mechanics is that there is more than one interpretation of how the system works. Each interpretation is odd and leads to more questions. Each time quantum mechanics is observed, a universe branches out to form other worlds with differing outcomes.

With the MWI theory, it is apparent that each new world is fuzzy and without great detail. It does, however, have a unique weight of its own, much like the world we are familiar with. As other worlds are postulated, they do not interact. Many think these new worlds have absolutely no purpose after creation and so they keep moving forward with this theory alone. Wait! There is another idea.

Interacting worlds

What if these new worlds could collide with our own world or other worlds? This would change everything and give pause to our studies. This new theory sounds very inviting and seems as real as any other plausible explanation.

Let’s say that parallel universes exist and there is a huge amount of worlds, parallel to our own, are not fuzzy at all, and they aren’t branching out anymore. This means that the world would have a precise molecular structure. We could not only weigh the world, we could understand even more about quantum mechanics.

With this theory, it is apparent that our worlds already interact. This can be seen in quantum effects and attests to this strange occurrence. This is also because nearby worlds have a completely different configuration than our own. This fact alone would cause worlds to collide and diverge into one another.

One of the most interesting aspects of this theory is discovering where you belong. The new idea introduces a way to physically measure and test other theories.

So, you feel as though you are a part of a familiar world, one world that has the records of your history. This could only help you determine which existence you presently reside. The truth of the matter, according to the new interacting world’s theory, is that you really don’t know where you are, but you can eliminate certain possibilities.

You can eliminate certain worlds, in fact, huge amounts of them. The fact is, each world is equal to the next and just as real as the one we were raised to understand.

With the theory of interacting worlds, we eliminate wave function and bell correlation, but we still have some of the familiar functions of classic quantum mechanics. Features such as zero-point energy, barrier tunneling, and unpredictability remain.

Theory or no

This theory is not really a theory at all, rather, it is an approach to the whole idea. With this approach, it could be easier to conduct tests to locate the other worlds.

A finite number of worlds vastly increases the success of any experimental attempts, considering that a known number exists. Of course, this information is yet to be gained, whether in this form or the other.

Unlike Newtonian mechanics, quantum mechanics is deep and deviates drastically from other theories. There is a possibility that once Newtonian worlds, with parallel worlds, are simply interacting with each other, but this would not explain other effects.

Of course, all this is merely speculative and we don’t know for sure if parallel universes exist or not. It seems that science fiction may be on to something, and the whole of existence has mysteries that may never be solved.

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    I continue to observe that changing my state of mind alters not only the direction my life takes but everything around me. If two people can stand in the same room and have opposite experiences such as perceiving the states of others to reflect their own state, is this not part of the multi-dimensionality of existence? Thoughts I ponder. Can’t wait to know enough to be able to answer my own questions.

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    So Inspiring yet unbelievable!

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