see the futureNew research shows that most humans can see the future before it happened and can impact events before they occur.

This report shows that humans have the potential supernatural power and can perceive future events. Professor Daryl Bem at Cornell University in the United States conducted nine different experiments on more than 1,000 volunteers, and almost everyone demonstrated some sort of supernatural power.

In one experiment, the researchers asked students to remember a series of words, and then asked them to recall these words and to write down a few chosen words. Volunteers could easily remember certain words, and those words that were more difficult to remember were always those they were asked to write out.

In another experiment, researchers showed a student a pair of images hidden behind curtains on the computer screen, and asked them to choose the curtain hiding pornographic images. According to Professor Bem, most students chose the right curtain, and such a high accuracy rate could not simply be explained by coincidence.

The location of the picture was randomly determined by the computer following the student’s selection, and Professor Bem believes that this is evidence the student could influence future events. American psychologist Joachim Krueger believes that this argument is ridiculous for claiming that humans have supernatural powers. However, when he checked the methodology of Professor Bem he concluded: “Frankly, everything seems normal, well-organized and impeccable.”

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