Let’s consider a few astrological discoveries made in the previous year: Dark matter – it has been ascertained that dark matter is only as mysterious as dark energy, which gives us a deeper look into the riddles of space.

Exoplanets, heavenly bodies in distant galaxies, have given a promise to life-sustaining materials and habitable conditions. Now, in the year 2015, we try and grasp a whole new meaning to our universe. Are we a part of a giant wormhole?

Is our universe a vehicle of travel?

It is possible that our galaxy is more stable than we thought. Although originally being only the subject of interest for astrophysicists for years, wormholes have gained public notice due to the entertainment industry.

Maybe you should watch “Interstellar” and consider the fact that our universe could be a giant wormhole. It is possible, after all! 😉

Since the release of Christopher Nolan’s 2014 Science Fiction film, public interest in the wormhole theory has grown. In a collaboration with the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste, Italian, Indian and U.S. researchers suggest a hypothesis that reveals possible truths of dark matter and its relation to our galaxy being a transport vehicle.

Some say this vehicle can be navigated and some say it’s just a one-way ticket to somewhere — we have no idea where!

Paolo Salucci, astrophysicist of SISSA of Trieste, says, “If we could combine the latest Big Bang theory with a map of dark matter in our galaxy, there is a chance we could see a tunnel as large as our entire star system. This tunnel could actually BE our entire galaxy!

Salucci goes even further to suggest that we could travel through this tunnel with the assurance of its stability. Salucci is an expert on dark matter and through calculations feels quite confident in his theory.

Astrophysicists are just guessing at these theoretical conclusions, but in combining general relativity and a map of dark matter, researchers have gotten to know a whole new side of dark matter. It is much more complex than we originally surmised.

Scientists previously hypothesized that dark matter contains a particle known as neutralino, but unfortunately, this has never been identified at CERN or any other observation of our universe.

Salucci goes even further to suggest that dark matter could be another dimension. If this is true, it would connect other theories and present an explanation for many unanswered questions.


We are not saying that our galaxy is definitely a wormhole or that dark matter is another dimension, these are just theories. As most theories go, we have more to learn before arriving at anything plausible. At the moment, we cannot even conduct experiments in order to understand more about the idea.

If an experiment were to be conducted, we would have to find another galaxy to use as a comparison. The closest galaxy that could possibly serve as an experimental test subject would be the Magellan Cloud. We are just not ready for that yet. We can only hope that the future will provide a way.

Our track record shows that we will get there soon.

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  1. ano

    This is so bad that my brained reseted itself. “Maybe you should watch “Interstellar” and consider the fact that our universe could be a giant wormhole. It is possible, after all”

    Seriously? Now our UNIVERSE is a giant wormhole? Wormhole to what??

    1. Sherrie

      Well, thank you for reading anyway, Ano. There are always possibilities, even possibilities as odd as this.

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