It may look like a script from an episode of «X-Files», but it is definitely a subversive and highly imaginative theory developed by an American scientist.

As the theory supports, the human was not born on Earth, but on another planet, that is why he demonstrates a series of “dysfunctions”, which would not exist if he was the “product” of Earth. The theory states that we are by nature unruly and aggressive beings and that is why highly developed aliens brought the human population together and exiled them to Earth…

This extremely… advanced but definitely interesting theory was developed by Professor of ecology Ellis Silver.

The “signs” of extraterrestrial origin are quite in accordance with it. As the professor writes in his book “Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence“, the human has problems with his back and often suffers from pain because our species descended from a planet with less gravity than on Earth. According to Silver, we also face problems when we are exposed to direct sunlight for a relatively short time because we were not designed to come in so close contact with the sun.

An additional argument offered by the Professor concerns parturition difficulties and especially those resulting from the fact that the size of the head of a newborn child is disproportionately large.

We are the only species on the planet with such high rates of complications and mortality during pregnancy and childbirth, emphasizes the scientist, also noting the fact that human is not designed to deal with the natural environment, for example, cold or heat.

The theory also considers the paradox that human shows a strong dislike for many types of foods that nature provides. Silver says that human is sick very often because, among other things, our biological clock is tailored for a day of 25 hours, which was confirmed by certain studies.

Silver believes that anatomically modern human is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of the Neanderthals with another kind of humans who came to Earth from 60,000 to 200,000 years ago from a planet in Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to us.

The explanation the scientist gives for our arrival on Earth is that the aliens we lived with could not stand our indiscipline and aggression and sent us here as a punishment, i.e. we were ‘imprisoned’ here to become… humans, and when it happens (who knows?) maybe we will be able to return to our real homeland…

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