The new year is almost here, and it’s time once again to think up a few ideas for your New Year’s resolution again. This time, let’s get interesting.

The coming year will hopefully be a year of success. The secret is, this success is primarily up to you. That’s why New Year’s resolution should be one of the first things on your mind. I know you want to improve something, learn something or maybe just experience something new. Either way, there are a few days left, so you better get cracking on that New Year’s resolution ideas list.

Uncommon New Year’s Resolutions

Now, remember last when you promised yourself that you would stick to that diet? Or, did you make solid plans to get organized? Well, whatever New Year’s resolution ideas that you fulfilled, I’m proud of you! But this year, let’s get a bit more creative and focus on your happiness as well.

Take a look at some more obscure resolutions.

1. Making friends

Here’s one for you extroverted folks out there. This year, let’s see how many friends you can make by meeting someone new each month. That’s right, I challenge you to try and make one new friend every month for the entirety of 2019. Making friends in this way will quickly expand your social network.

I understand how daunting this may sound, especially since I am more of an introverted type. But let’s face it, friends are good for your health. They push you to be better, they teach you different perspectives and help you to broaden your horizons. So, this year, why not attend more social gatherings or strike up conversations with strangers. Who knows what might happen.

2. Self-reliance

As time goes on, we become more and more spoiled by things like technology and other conveniences. So, for the new year, why not learn to become more self-reliant.

For example, learn to grow your own fresh herbs, or commit yourself to learn how to do small repairs. Of all the New Year’s resolution ideas, this one not only expands your mind but can also save money as well.

3. Less social media

Spending more than a couple of hours in front of a television or computer screen is too much. Of course, this is my opinion on the matter. So, for the year 2019, I challenge you to spend more time with family and less time on social media and playing video games. Over time, you will see a drastic change in both your physical and mental health.

4. Face a fear

Most everyone has a phobia or fear, and this is why we can all make a resolution to face these frightening hangups. Did you know that your fears are sometimes the root of other issues in your life? It’s true!

It can actually be fun to add this option to your New Year’s resolution ideas list and see how brave you can be for the new year. Just take it slow and conquer one fear at a time. If you only conquer one for the whole year, this is also an accomplishment.

5. Try a new food

New Year’s resolutions can also be tasty. Here’s an idea! Why not try a new food for the new year. You can do this just like making a new friend if you want, or you can take it slow and try one new food and see how many different ways to prepare this food.

If you’re feeling brave, try a food you dislike, but try to have an open mind. Who knows, you might like the dish if it’s prepared in an unfamiliar way. This resolution doesn’t just open your mind either. It can also help you learn how to cook new things.

6. Drink more water

Although this one may not seem so unusual, it’s still a resolution that most people neglect. Few people drink enough water and that’s one of the worst mistakes you can make.

As the new year starts, commit yourself to drink the recommended amount of water each and every day. As your body gets used to the extra hydration, you will notice an improvement in how you feel. Drinking enough water will also change the way you look over time.

7. Decrease impulsive purchases

Unfortunately, all of us have made impulsive purchases. Many of these purchases have put us in a bind with our bills and responsibilities.

So, this next year, maybe we could decrease our spur-of-the-moment buying habits and learn to think things through a little better. Of all New Year’s resolution ideas, this one can help you save the most money in the long run.

Happy early new year!

In case I don’t get the opportunity later, I wish you a Happy New Year. I hope these ideas for New Year’s resolution will help you feel accomplished and successful in life. If not, just remember, it’s okay to start late and it’s always okay to try again next year.

As long as you try, that’s all that matters. Good Luck!



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