Some diets promise perfect results, but the truth is that nutrition plans work differently for different people. What if you could solve your health issues by following a specific diet? In particular, a plan that would be tailored for your genetic profile? Something like this may sound too good to be true, but this kind of approach to nutrition may soon become a reality.

Nutrigenomics describes the relationship between genes and nutrition.

It is one of the hottest areas of research worldwide. The goal of the scientific community is to find a way to match our nutritional intakes with our genetic background to achieve the best possible health.

To understand the potential of this method, let’s take a walk in the future, and possibly, in the near future. Let’s imagine that a few decades from now, the state of your health forces you to reconsider your diet and form more good eating habits.

You visit a clinical dietitian specializing in nutrigenomics, i.e. a science which studies the relationship between nutrition and genes. He receives and examines your genetic card, which contains all the information about your genetic material.

This information is your genetic profile. From the collected data, the scientist comes up with nutritional recommendations and guidelines, which are perfectly tailored for you.

Thus, you get a personalized diet plan based on your specific genetic requirements, which perfectly satisfies your needs for the macro- and micronutrients and is able to give you substantial relief for the health problems you are experiencing.

Your prescription for the coming months is unique; even if someone has similar health problems, they will probably receive different recommendations, which will be in accordance with their own genetic profile.

This fictional scenario is expected to be technically possible in the future. Of course, it requires further advancements in scientific research, but it is an attractive and very probable option for the expected impact of genetic studies on our eating habits and behaviors.

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