They say that everyone is different in some way. Our experiences and environments shape the kind of person we become throughout our lives. We develop tastes for specific foods, preferences for specific entertainments, and build belief structures based on what we were taught as we developed. But what about some really odd behaviors?

Yet, a large portion of humans will still succumb to certain thoughts and anxieties that don’t correlate with anything from our personal past.

Here are four of the odd behaviors in humans:

1. Doomsday

Regardless of what year is approaching, humankind has had a death wish for centuries. In most of our lifetimes, the year 2000 caused many to crowd grocery stores buying every non-perishable food, candle, and battery they could find. The year 2012 has had millions of people up in arms about the end of the world. Why is humankind so determined that life will end in some fashion or another?

2. Cult Suicides

Whenever there is an “apocalyptic prophecy” about to come to fruition, cults of religious zealots will kill themselves either in an offering or out of fear. Heaven’s Gate, a group of 39 members, committed suicide in 1997 in order to jump aboard an alien spacecraft they believed was tailing the comet Hale-Bopp!

As religious folk around the world proclaimed how insane the notion was, a question was brought up about how insane is it to believe in a person who sees all, knows all, is invisible, and demands we worship him? Could insanity be in the eye of the beholder?

3. Divided Unity

At any given time, humans can be well divided among their beliefs and social classes. These people may tolerate, or even hate, each other at any given time of the year.

However, if a hurricane wipes out a coastal city, they will band together to do what is “human” for others without looking for payment or praise. Why is it only a disaster that can unite even the most opposite of people?

4. We Know It’s Bad

Every year, humans will drill for fossil fuels to be used as a form of combustion in a driving force of metal vehicles that pollutes the air in which we need to breathe. Even though there are alternative methods of transportation without breathing in toxic fumes, we still drive our cars every day.

Whether it is damaging to the Ozone layer or not, humans don’t breath carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. Could money from the oil industry really be the reason why we are slowly killing ourselves with this form of transportation?

For the most part, humans are an arrogant and demanding species that believes they are the end-all of life in the universe. Our discoveries and inventions make us feel like we’re more than flesh and blood populating a rock that rotates around a star every 365 days.

Is a single communal behavior possible with so many different variations of beliefs? Only time will tell as events in our present shape our future.

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