What is a skeptic? Well, basically, a skeptic is someone who refuses to believe things at face value. They expect proof or facts supporting that proof in order to accept the validity of a claim or fascination. There are many skeptics in our world, and one of the most well-known skeptics is Michael Shermer.

Michael Shermer is the founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine and columnist for Scientific America. Shermer also hails such recognition as being the Presidential Fellow of Chapman University.

There could be no bigger skeptic than this man who claims to have never had any sort of supernatural experience in his entire life-at least, not until now.

Stubborn Science

Shermer is a skeptic, well, he was anyway. He shares his understanding of why we believe in the supernatural in an almost condescending manner. In a TED talk in 2006, Shermer spoke about why we see things that are not really there – ghosts and phantoms – of course.

Not only does Shermer not believe in the existence of ghosts, but he also makes fun of the idea that there could be life on other planets, despite the mounds of evidence suggesting otherwise.

Not only does he seem to be skeptical of anything out of the ordinary, but Shermer also goes the distance to disprove the radical theories while totally leaving the rational areas out of the equation.

Although he doesn’t approve of bias in the realm of science and fantasy, it seems that he also uses bias to dispel all notions of anything fantastical.

Until recently…

Something happened, something which could plant the seeds of doubt in Michael Shermer‘s mind from now on. This man, this well-known skeptic, has recently had a supernatural experience. It seems, as well, that he has tried and failed to explain the occurrence and dispel the creepy realization of the happening.

On June 25, 2014, Michael Shermer prepared to wed his girlfriend, Jennifer Graf, a native of Germany. Jennifer held her deceased grandfather in great esteem and decided to have many of his belongings shipped to the United States before the wedding.

During the transfer, many of the antique items were badly damaged, including her grandfather’s binoculars. His 1978 Phillips transistor radio arrived safely and so, Shermer decided to repair the device.

He tried everything he could to get the radio to work, including attempting to solder wires. He replaced the batteries, but the radio still would not work. He gave up and put the radio in the back of a drawer in their bedroom.

Three months later, right before the wedding ceremony, Jennifer grew sad, missing her grandfather. She wished he could be there to give her away. She called Shermer into the bedroom to speak with him about her sadness.

While they were speaking about her grandfather, music started to play from somewhere near. They were confused because there were no radios, phones, or laptops in the room. They even looked out the window to see if the neighbors were playing music – no, they were not.

Because Jennifer had a more open mind about supernatural existence, she suggested that they check the radio and sure enough, the device was playing the beautiful tune they heard while talking.

Jennifer cried and told Shermer that her grandfather was with them. All during the wedding day, the radio continued to play romantic tunes. The couple even fell asleep to the sound of classical music. The next day, the transistor radio stopped working and hasn’t worked since.

This experience didn’t change Shermer into an avid believer, oh no. He is, however, more open to questioning things that just seem inconsistent. He says he still isn’t convinced about UFOs and the like, but he feels that something happened that fateful day.

That’s okay, we have heard enough, knowing that Michael Shermer has had a visitation brings hope that maybe someday, what seems like a fantasy, will be another established fact.


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