Optical illusion is a mistake in the visual perception of the observed phenomena. In other words, it is a cheating on your brain and your visual senses, which sometimes is also called visual illusion.

Here are some of the most interesting optical illusions.

Spinning girl

I have already posted a similar image in the article “Left vs. right hemisphere of the brain: which dominates you?” The illusion was created by web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara and the main question to be answered is “In which direction is the girl spinning?” Take a good look and think on whether she is spinning clockwise or counter clockwise?

spinning girl illusion

The correct answer is: in both directions. By the effort of thought you can change the direction of her spinning to the opposite. If you find it difficult, then you can use this satellite image below:

spinning girl illusion

Look at the right side of the picture and then to the main illusion, and she will spin clockwise; look at the left side and she will spin counter clockwise. Guide lines on the girl’s hands and legs help your brain determine the direction of her rotation, and you begin to see the direction pointed in the picture. It looks like magic, doesn’t it?

Red lines

Q: Are the red lines parallel in the picture?

optical illusion red lines

A: Yes, they are parallel.


Q: What color are the dots that you see in the picture? White or black?

optical illusion white dots

A: Maybe you can see both black and white dots. But in the picture there are only the white ones.

Spirals or circles

Q: Do you see spirals or circles?

optical illusion circles spiral1

A: If you have not guessed yet, the picture shows only circles. You can check it out by swiping your finger across the screen.

Colored spots

Concentrate on the black dot in the center of the image below. After some time of concentrated attention the colored spots will disappear. Incredible, isn’t it?

optical illusion disappearing spots


This is without doubt the best optical illusion. You should certainly try it! The instruction is in the picture below:

 optical illusion jesus

I hope you liked this small collection of optical illusions. It is a demonstration of the complexity of the brain and the visual perception. Who knows, maybe the world we see with our eyes is an illusion too…

I promise I will post an article with a detailed explanation of these phenomena. By now, do not hesitate to share your impressions about the optical illusions you have seen!

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