Let’s face it, hardships happen. No matter how prepared you are for them, no matter how much we say we are ready for anything, there will always be one thing that will throw you totally off guard.

Some people will go into a panic, other depression, yet there are others who take everything in stride. In our busy lives, it is important to make all these hardships and turn them into a more positive if not validating experience.

Since we all need a little help with these tough times, hopefully, these questions will help you out.

1. What Can You Learn?

While I am not quite fond of the saying “everything happens for a reason” I do like what it is promoting us to do. In every situation, both positive and negative, it is a culmination of actions we have or have not taken in our lives.

Our present situation is based on those choices. Therefore, how can you learn and apply this knowledge to your future? For example, if you decided to stay up all night on Tumblr, instead of studying for your final exam, and you fail your test, what can you learn for the future?

It is not that the teacher wanted to fail you; you chose not to prepare yourself for the test.  Next time, you might put a little more weight into studying for your next test.

2. How Can You Spin It?

Spinning a situation takes a strong mentality of wanting change. If you are facing emotional or financial downfalls, you can always turn a situation to make it more positive. The better, more hopeful outlook will help most pull out of the rut they are in and into a better situation.

Finding a way to take a bad situation, like being laid off, to your advantage, you can go back to school and pursue your dream career, is something not many people can do. Take advantage of the situations you are handed, never let them control you.

3. How Are You Reacting?

Most of the time, our reaction to the situation will make it considerably worse than what it would be before. At the time, the major event causes an over-generalization effect which leads to depression, panic, and overall feeling of misgiving.

Sometimes when something major happens, it takes a mental perception change to get through it. There have been several times in my life where having massive plans set up fell through. I was at my end. I had to change how I looked at the situations and saw that I can still reach my goals, but it might be through a different route than I expected.

4. Why Are You Wallowing?

See, this is a harsh question to ask yourself. Give yourself time to grieve over whatever happened, from a family member passing to losing your job. Take some time to cry and let off some steam, it is healthy and something we need to do.

There does come a time where you need to ask yourself, why am I still standing still? We are mobile beings, staying in one spot mentally impacts our lives in more ways than we think.

Keep moving forward, towards your goals, and understand that you are better off progressing yourself than withering away in the past.

Life has this funny habit of throwing obstacles and hardships our way when we least expect it. Thankfully, we can be prepared for them, or know how to get past them. In our society, standing still is not possible. You owe it to yourself to keep on moving, keep reaching for your dreams and make the best out of life.

Yes, it is hard, and yes, you may be at rock bottom, but at least at the bottom, the only way to go is up.

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