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Why Social Media Is Toxic and Bad for Your Mental Health

November 30th, 2019|

Do you suffer from Facebook Envy or Sadfishing? Have you ever heard of Internet Banging? The internet is an amazing tool for the majority of us. As a result, more and more teenagers are spending longer online and without parental supervision. But some experts are now saying that social media is toxic. Here are just a few examples of how social media can be bad for your mental health. 4 Examples of Why Social Media [...]

Why Being Vulnerable Is Not a Bad Thing and Can Actually Benefit You

November 29th, 2019|

If being vulnerable was popular, then many good things would happen. Why? Because everyone would have to be honest. Woah! Now that was a doozie of a sentence, wasn’t it? I like this part, “everyone would have to be honest.” Can you imagine everyone being honest, and how many good and bad consequences would come from that one action? Well, to be honest, being honest, at the end of the day, spells great achievements in [...]

What Is Swedish Death Cleaning and Why You Should Practice It at Any Life Stage

November 29th, 2019|

If you're looking for more organization in your life, you need to look into Swedish Death Cleaning. This might be a brand new phrase to you, but it's one that's worth getting familiar with. Swedish Death Cleaning has to do with organization, and I'm sure you could use more of that in your life. But it goes far beyond just cleaning up around you. This article will get you familiar with this method and why [...]

Why Is Intrapersonal Intelligence Important and How to Develop It?

November 28th, 2019|

In the 1980s, a brand-new theory on intelligence emerged. Developed by Howard Gardner, this theory suggested that there is more than just the one version of intelligence. Instead of the typical IQ test, based on logic and numbers, there are several ways in which a person could be intelligent. These new types of intelligence include linguistic, spatial, musical, inter and intrapersonal. Psychologists had developed this new theory, known as the Multiple Intelligence Theory, based on [...]

How to Deal with Job Burnout and Achieve Work-Life Balance

November 28th, 2019|

Technically speaking, burnout implies the cessation of operation of a jet or a rocket engine. Projecting this definition onto the office landscape, job burnout closely relates to work stress. Indeed the term ‘burnout’ in this context was first introduced by Freudenberger (1974). He pointed to the occupational hazards professionals are exposed to when working under difficult conditions. Job Burnout: Facts and Stats Although burnout can happen in any job sector, professionals who are at a [...]

What Is Perennial Philosophy and How It Can Open Your Mind

November 27th, 2019|

Perennial philosophy is a strand of philosophical thought prevalent in culture since the Renaissance. It became popularised in the 20th century where these ideas became widespread across academia and society. Perennial philosophy is a viewpoint that provides an interesting outlook on the practice of many religious faiths. It is a source of valuable insight for some, whether this is understanding or grappling with the varying religious teachings that inhabit our communities. However, before we explore [...]

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