The human mind has pondered about the question of whether parallel worlds exist for a long time. What does science have to say?

While many people consider it nothing more than a weird science fiction/fantasy idea, a number of scientists nowadays are not only ready to take this hypothesis seriously but also offer arguments in favor of it.

Researchers from the University College London claim to have found signs of the gravitational impact of other worlds – parallel worlds, to be exact.

The discovery was made in a course of study which shows maps of the cosmic microwave background, preserved in space from the initial stages of the parallel world’s existence.

This analysis has identified several round anomalous zones, which are characterized by high temperatures. According to experts, this anomaly can be explained by the gravitational impact of other worlds which come into close contact or collide with our own.

Imagine bubbles filled with multiple worlds bumping into one another

Physicist and astronomer, Stephen Feeney, involved in the research, said that while studying these round areas, he and his colleagues concluded that it could be a sort of cosmic pothole left by the collision of parallel universes.

In light of this theory, our own universe is just one of the bubbles, wandering in space, which can collide with each other. Scientists suppose that our universe-“bubble” has survived at least four similar collisions.

Another confirmation of this hypothesis is a phenomenon of “dark flow“, discovered by researchers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The “dark flow” is a phenomenon of leakage of galactic matter.

Far galaxies which are at a distance 3 billion light-years from us, rapidly rush in one direction, disappearing from our universe. Scientists at the Goddard center have found the cause of such a mysterious phenomenon: it is the impact of another universe on ours.

What exactly is dark flow?

The phenomenon of dark flow is provoked by the unevenness of spatial and temporal structure in the first stages of the birth of our universe. Most likely, at the moment of the Big Bang not only was our Universe born but a countless number of other universes, so originally there was a kind of multiverse, in which all the mini-universes were interacting with each other.

Perhaps there still remains such a connection with one of the “sisters” of our universe. And the flow of galaxies in our universe is a manifestation of a certain force, which tries to distribute galactic clusters in the universe scale.

The hypothesis of a multiverse is multivariate: scientists have yet to choose from several options or a version that would explain these processes in more detail.

Not to worry, there will be much more to discover and amazing theories turned fact during this quest to prove without a doubt that we are not alone. Even if the only other species rests just beyond the reaches of another here and now – another you and another me.

For now, we will have to be content with theories and ideas. Maybe one day, we will know the definite answer to the question of whether parallel worlds exist or not.

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  1. MarkmBha

    I always thought there was a multiverse, as I compared the universe to the microscopic world.

  2. loulou...

    I read something about this before that makes a lot of sense… In order for this universe to exist there must be infinite universes. Even a universe where everything is exactly the same as this one but your bedroom walls are just painted a different color may exist.

  3. Raik

    Hi..i am a student and i have a great interest in cosmological sciences. I had collected certain information about dreams of my knowns and came to a result that SOMEHOW our dreams connect us to another univerese which shows either possibilities of both our future and past..however the are dreams are just a state of our mind but i have a deep assurance that they connect to alternate universe as sometimes people have dreams which predict their future and sometimes even their loved ones whom they had lost……So i wanted you to please suggest me how it works if some researches have been done in this.
    Thank u..

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