What is this mysterious huge pentagram in Kazakhstan and what does it mean?

I never cease to find things that baffle me, and this is one of those questionable things. I know we see pentagrams all over the place, in books, on the floor, and even carved into trees in the forest. Yeah, I’ve seen that.

They can also be found on the back of a high school kid’s notebook or painted on the ceiling, but I have never seen one as huge as the five-pointed star symbol which is etched into the north shores of Kazakhstan. That takes the cake. So, who or what did this?

Many who lack imagination will turn directly toward the satanic pentagram. This is an option, but there are many other options to rival that idea. Come on, have an open mind.

Want to know why it’s there and what it means? Sure, you do, that’s why you keep reading. Good. Well then, let’s first take a historical glimpse of the five-point star.

From the beginning

As early as 3100 BC, we see the five-point star. The ancient Egyptians used this symbol to represent the underworld of the dead. Ancient Sumerian and Cuneiform text believed the five-pointed star represented the five areas of the inhabited earth.

One of the most well-known uses of the pentagram was elevated by the followers of the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras. The Pythagoreans developed mathematics and believed it was the foundation of everything. Hindu and Buddhists seem to share a similar view as Pythagoras.

Of course, most people understand the significance of Druid paganism, but did you know that fairies counted by fives? The pentagram symbol represented the Godhead and the “fiveness” of nature. Many of these beliefs were the foundation of modern paganism.

Hebrews also used the five-point star. It was seen as a symbol of truth and to represent the five books of the Hebrew Scriptures. Christians used the symbol, as well-gasp! It’s true. Although many modern believers in Christ see the pentagram as a negative symbol, prior to the Inquisition, there was no evil associated with the five-point star.

Okay, so you got your history lesson, let’s get on with it. Why is this symbol etched into the earth on the northern shores of the Tobol reservoir in Kazakhstan?

Google Earth Pentagram
Google maps, coordinates 52.479761, 62.185661

Here’s one idea

This 366-meter symbol could also be the remains of a Russian military base. Why a star, well duh…

The star is an important symbol in Russia, obviously, traditionally believed to represent the five fingers of the worker’s hand and five continents-remember the five known inhabited areas of the world I spoke about in our history lesson? Yeah, interesting, huh.

The five-point star is widely known to represent communism and socialism. It is also thought to represent five social groups-military, agriculture, industry workers, youth, and intelligence.

The Russian military uses the symbol in their defense systems, and the five-point star is thought to be used for radar tracking. Yep, that’s another idea.

But could we be over-dramatizing this image in the dirt? Yes, we could. What if this symbol was part of the geography of a Russian summer camp? Funny, right?

Archeologist Emma Usmanova told NBC’s Live Science,

It is the outline of a park made in the form of a star.

There you have it, plain and simple. The park’s well-worn roads, dotted with trees, are seen from satellite images. They are roads which create the five-point star symbol, imagine that. Apparently, this park has sparked many conspiracy theorists to voice their opinion.

I guess we got a little carried away there, didn’t we? It seems we went around the world to end up in the same spot – a summer camp on the shores of Kazakhstan. It’s okay.

Though our imaginations may have run away with us, we still learned a bit about the history and how we should have an open mind. It’s all because of Russia’s devotion to the five-point star.

Thank you, Russia. Today, I learned something new. I send my love.

Image source: Google Maps

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  1. 528

    The pentagram shouldnt be upside down remember that

  2. Jacob Bumgardner

    Then why is it in perfect alignment with natural north, and precisely the same dimension and direction as the 5 pointed star shaped streets that surround the white house and designed by Freemasons? Just look at the pentagram in Russia in google earth ,then from that image search ” white house” and it will carry across the map to the exact same star built into the city street , and the white house directly on the southern most point of the upside down star . God does speak of dark magic and sorcery in dueteronomy so if you believe in the word then god just verified that magic does in fact exist and not to take part in it, so perhaps this is a place where certain spells or incantations are preformed on a grand scale, not to mention that the pentagram holds power when aligned with natural north or that the symbol upside down expresses the inverse of the symbol where God is at the top of the star when turned up and Satan below and the pentagram reverses the order with the below and satan up high

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