A lot of the time, people with a sensitive personality are seen as dramatic and weak, but what if I told you that the truth is potentially the opposite?

We are programmed to see weakness as a negative attribute, and we perceive sensitivity as a weakness because sensitive people have a tendency to get easily overwhelmed and can get overemotional.

However, the truth is that people with a sensitive personality are some of the strongest among us.

Sensitive people aren’t afraid to show their feelings

Sensitive people have a certain way of handling things, which is admirable. They aren’t afraid to show the way they truly feel, and they’re honest about their own feelings, and this can make them incredibly strong, and even successful.

Many of us are too afraid to show our own feelings for fear of judgement or ridicule, but people with a sensitive personality don’t have this fear as much as the rest of us.

It takes an incredibly strong person to cry in front of someone else, and the act of crying itself makes us feel better. Crying relieves the initial stress and adrenaline of something that upsets us and allows us to think much more clearly once we have dealt with our initial reactions.

Sensitive people see things more clearly

This ability to see things more clearly is a hidden talent of the sensitive person. Initially, they may seem weaker and emotional, but in reality, they are able to make much clearer and well thought out decisions, because they have processed their own emotions, and they are no longer as big of a factor of the decision.

Being sensitive has more advantages than you think

Whilst we lessen the sensitive person’s views, we should really be focusing on how their approach to difficult situations may aid us. If we were freer in our reactions and allowed ourselves to feel things as they really are, rather than bottling it all up in fear of what others may think, we could all learn to deal with things as they are, rather than with the skewed vision that our emotions provide.

In reality, being sensitive and in tune with our emotions allows us to stay strong, level-headed and accomplished. If we allow ourselves to feel and remove the fear of judgement, we can look much more objectively at the situations in front of us and decide what the best solution is, making the bond between strength and sensitivity highly convincing.

So, it is time to stop labelling people with a sensitive personality as weak and over-emotional. Chances are they are some of the best people to look up to in times of strife.


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