Did you know that people who respect themselves have pretty high standards? With this, there are things that respectable people just will not do.

Having respect for others is important. It’s also just as important to have respect for yourself. And maybe you’ve noticed that when you respect yourself, you put up with less insulting behavior from people in your life.

Setting higher standards for your life sometimes weeds out individuals who are holding you back. It also attracts others who have positive self-worth.

People who respect themselves will respect you

Now, there is a boundary between healthy high standards and just being cruel. You can be kind to others and still keep boundaries. There is no need to be unkind toward others and call that setting high standards.

However, there are things that people who respect themselves do not do. Sometimes this includes actions that may come across as “snooty”. But who cares, right? The most important aspect is not what people think, but what you know about yourself. Here are a few things that respectable people never do.

1. They never shirk responsibility

People who respect themselves will take responsibility for their actions, whether positive or negative. If they make a mistake, big deal, they will own up to it. They usually try to offer a solution for their mistake as well.

If they cannot fix what’s been done, they will ask if there is anything else that they can contribute to smooth things over. If you respect yourself properly, you and every other respectable person will understand that mistakes happen. It’s just a part of life and no one is perfect.

2. Never forget where they came from

You may notice many celebrities who seem on top of the world, perfected, and unreachable. But many of them were once humble youths born in small towns. There are some famous people, on the other hand, who still talk about their humble upbringing, and this shows how genuine they are.

If you respect yourself, you will never try to forget where you come from, unless it was abusive, of course. Your roots are part of the reason for who you are today. Respectable people know that.

3. They don’t pretend to know things

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Respectable people have no reason to pretend to be smarter than they really are. They are quite all right with learning new things. Some people like this crave knowledge and education, as they’re always striving to better themselves.

It’s actually the people who have low self-esteem who profess to have all the answers. People who respect themselves never act like know-it-alls.

4. Victimhood is not something they play

There are so many individuals who play the victim on a daily basis. I’ve lived with them, known them, and even married them. And to be honest, I may have acted like this a bit as well, especially when my self-esteem was in question.

But people who truly care about themselves and protect their self-worth will not stay victims. They are more prone to grow from their experiences and find help.

These are usually the people who seek professional help in various areas of their lives recognized as toxic or unhealthy. They weed out these portions; they forgive others, and they simply move on with a bright new perspective.

5. Validation is not that important

Any self-respecting person can validate themselves. People who seek or chase after validation from others are not in touch with their inner being. What I mean is that they don’t appreciate their own intellect enough to make a single decision without a sounding board.

For example, they rely on others to validate what they wear, how they look, or where they do. Yes, support is excellent, and even asking for advice is healthy. But if you feel like everyone else must validate what you do all the time, then you’re in trouble. And it’s obvious that you do have enough self-respect to trust yourself.

6. They don’t put others down

Just like when they make mistakes, self-respecting people understand that others can make mistakes too. They do not belittle their friends or acquaintances for doing wrong things. Rather, they offer constructive criticism or help them solve a problem.

To people who respect themselves, making mistakes will happen, and as you read previously, no one is above making mistakes. They understand this, and they do not see others as being inferior.

7. Respectable people do not settle

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Going back to the high standards information above, you can see how people who respect themselves would not settle for less than they deserve.

If they feel that something or someone is not right for them, they will accept the truth. They will be kind, but they will not entertain unhealthy company. Toxic behavior can be contagious. And hopefully, your standards will help pinpoint what’s best for you.

8. They don’t always reject the ideas of others

Someone with little respect for themselves will actually be more prone to reject the ideas of other people. This is because that lack of self-respect will manifest in conceited behavior. Since these types of individuals are insecure, they cannot accept that someone else has a good idea.

People who respect themselves can appreciate the ideas of others, understanding that there is room for everyone to contribute to society.

Do you respect yourself?

I can only speak for myself, saying that I’ve struggled with this for many years. I hope that I am better at respecting myself than I was in the past. What about you? Do you struggle with insecurity, or is it difficult to own up to your behavior? Well, if so, it’s okay. Life is a learning process.

If you have healthy self-respect, then it would be smart to surround yourself with like-minded people. Yes, it’s okay to help others who struggle in this area, but it’s also important to guard yourself. Because if you cannot take care of yourself, then you won’t be able to offer appropriate help to others.

Just be kind with boundaries.

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