mermaid humanExpanding the power of their body and mind, people can get the abilities inherent in animals. The world for them becomes bright and saturated, as they can see and feel things that are not perceptible to humans.

100 years ago there were people who with the help of tattoos and surgery changed their appearance in order to resemble zebras or cats. Their purpose was to gain popularity and become celebrities.

Now, with the development of science and medicine, many people tend to use the wonders of progress, extending the capabilities of their body. It is not about looking like animals, it’s about getting abilities that most people don’t even dream about.

Magnet fingers

All we know about the electric fields around us, but very few people had a chance to feel the effect of them, except for that electric shock when you touch a “charged” wool sweater.

However, many animals are able to sense the invisible world of electricity around them. Sharks, for example, have special openings in their head, called the ampullae of Lorenzini. With their help, these predatory fish detect interference in the electromagnetic field generated by a potential prey.

It is believed that many species of birds, as well as lobster and bees, also feel magnetism, using it for the purpose of navigation.

There were enthusiasts who wanted to immerse themselves in the world of electricity, getting another, “sixth sense” in addition to the existing five. Implanting tiny magnets in their fingers, they are now able to feel electromagnetic fields produced by modern devices.

Fingers are not attracted to the radiation source as the implanted magnets are too small. All you feel is a slight vibration that occurs when approaching any electrical appliance,” says Peyton Rowlands, biohacker from Texas.

With the help of a mini-magnet implanted in his ring finger, Rowlands is now able to feel working microwave ovens and refrigerators.

Like a fish in water

Expressing their satisfaction with life, people usually say that they feel like fish in water. Who would have thought that one day this saying can become a reality!

Nadya Vessey from New Zealand was born with defective development of both legs, which, in the end, had to be amputated. Being helpless on land, the brave woman decided to turn her disability into an advantage.

Several years ago, a mermaid tail was designed for her. Now Nadia feels in water not worse than a dolphin.

Real batman

Daniel Kish echolocationIt is possible to acquire superhuman abilities without the help of modern technology. Daniel Kish lost his sight at the age of 13 months due to retinoblastoma, a malignant tumor of the retina. Two months later, his parents discovered that the child was able to orient himself in space, avoiding collisions with objects.

From the early childhood I used echolocation for orientation using clicks. From the beginning I clicked so rarely and carefully, that my parents did not immediately noticed my abilities,” says Daniel Kish.

Daniel learnt to visualize the surrounding area by clicking with his tongue and listening to the echo. Echolocation ability is inherent in certain kinds of animals, such as bats and dolphins.

Kish distinguishes at least two types of echolocation, which he uses in everyday life: active (by clicking) and passive, during which he is just carefully listening to the sounds around him.

Daniel believes that the ability of echolocation may be gained and developed by any person, just like, for example, an ear for music. Currently Kish holds classes for the blind people, accustoming them to better navigate in space using sounds.

Predator eyes

And what about the vision? Is it possible to improve the abilities of the human eyes and make them see better, in a broader light spectrum?

Biohacker Peyton Rowlands is sure that it is. Furthermore, he is currently conducting an experiment on himself, trying with a special diet to “teach” his eyes to recognize objects in the infrared spectrum.

The fact is that the retina of the human eye uses the molecules of the pigments rhodopsin and photopsin for sensing light, while the vision of some species of river fish is based on the porphyropsin, which allows them to detect light in the infrared wavelength spectrum.

Rowlands hopes that the removal of retinol (vitamin A), which is necessary for the production and photopsin and rhodopsin, from his diet can make his eyes use porphyropsin to detect objects, i.e. to see the world in the infrared spectrum, like the Predator from the famous film with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One can envy many species of animals, whose abilities are not available to human. However, nature generously endowed Homo Sapiens with imagination and reasonable thinking, which throughout the history have helped to significantly expand human possibilities.

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