People with high IQ have more chances to be happy

///People with high IQ have more chances to be happy

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Those who have a high IQ are one step closer to happiness than those who have lower scores on the IQ scale
, claims new research from the UK.

Researchers at the Imperial College London, led by Greek researcher Dr. Angela Hasiotis, analyzed data collected of 6,870 people and published their findings in the Psychological Medicine journal.

Participants were over

16 year old and answered questionnaires regarding their education, health, income and social life. Then the researchers “measured” their level of happiness by a three-step scale and evaluated their verbal IQ, ie the ability to use language to develop logical arguments aimed at analyze information and solve problems.

The researchers found that those with lower scores on the verbal IQ scale (70-89) not only were more likely to be less happy than those who had a higher IQ, but also more subject to mental disorders and suicide.

Specifically, the scientists observed that the highest proportion of “very happy” people (43%) was among those whose IQ was between 120 and 129, while the highest percentage of “not very happy” people (12%) was among those whose IQ was between 70 and 89.

According to the researchers, the lower IQ is also correlated with lower income and poorer health quality.

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