Do you have a phlegmatic personality type and if so, what are the signs?

The temperament types are one of the oldest methods of determining your personality. There are four temperament types: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholic. Your temperament type affects your appearance and your personality. But before we look at the phlegmatic personality type in more detail, let’s just have a quick recap of all four temperament types.

Four Temperament Types

The basis for the temperament types is that our bodies contain four main important fluids or ‘humours’. The humours are blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. The humours correspond to a temperament type:

  • Sanguine – Blood
  • Phlegmatic – Phlegm
  • Choleric – Yellow Bile
  • Melancholy – Black Bile

Our personalities are driven by which humour is dominant over the others.

  • Sanguine: Enthusiastic, outgoing, talkative, impulsive, risk-taking
  • Phlegmatic: Relaxed, loyal, caring, reliable, creative, peace-keeper,
  • Choleric: Logical, independent, analytical, practical, goal-orientated
  • Melancholic: Traditional, reserved, organised, patient, respectful, deep thinkers

Now we have a snapshot of each temperament type, let’s examine the phlegmatic personality type in more detail.

The Phlegmatic Personality Type

Here are 13 signs that you have a phlegmatic personality type:

1. Can appear shy

You won’t find the phlegmatic personality type dancing on the tables in a bar in Corfu. In fact, the first time you meet one, you’ll probably think they are quite shy and unassuming. This is because they tend to be calm and relaxed most of the time. They don’t like to rock the boat or challenge authority.

2. They are loners

Phlegmatic types are not loners in a sad sense of the word. They do want and quite often have wonderful families and good relationships. But they do need some alone time to themselves. They won’t like a big surprise party on their 40th birthday. However, a night out with a few good friends is perfect for them.

3. More than happy to help

If you want something done with a smile, ask a phlegmatic personality type. They are cooperative and helpful and want to contribute to other people’s happiness. These are the types that think the needs of the many outweigh the wants of a few.

4. Have a sense of duty

Phlegmatic personality types feel a great sense of duty to do the right thing. This manifests in a number of ways. For example, from volunteering in a charity shop to donating money to the homeless. They believe in a fairer world for everyone and can’t understand why injustices occur.

5. They are empathic

Phlegmatic types don’t just feel empathy, they will want to know all your deepest and darkest thoughts. This is so that they can experience what you are going through even more. They will strive to understand your experiences so they can be in a better position to help.

6. They have a tendency to blame themselves when things go wrong

Because they are so empathic, they feel other people’s pain more acutely and as such, have a sense of blame because they could not help ease that pain. They are responsible people anyway but add into the mix a sense of duty, empathy and the fact that they want to help, and it is inevitable that they end up blaming themselves.

7. They can see the bigger picture

You will never get these types stuck on the small details. As a matter of fact, they have an uncanny way of seeing the whole picture in amazing detail. They are imaginative and can come up with innovative solutions. This is because they find it easy to read between the lines and see solutions.

8. They follow authority

You’re not likely to find a phlegmatic type leading a rebel cause or shouting in a picket line. They believe in authority and what it stands for. Not only that but they find it terribly hard to break the rules. These types won’t have smoked pot in their youth or dabbled in drugs. Moreover, they don’t really get those that have.

9. Trustworthy and loyal

You won’t get a more loyal or trustworthy friend or partner than the phlegmatic type. This is partly because if they make a promise they will always keep it. It’s only right. If you cannot rely on a person’s word, then what do you have?

10. They put others before their own needs

The mother that gives her children the best food, the brother that lets his little sister sit by the window in the car. All these little things relate to the phlegmatic personality type. They put their own needs last because they want a happy and peaceful world.

11. They don’t get involved in a conflict

Because they want this peaceful world, you won’t find them in the middle of a major argument. Actually, that’s a lie. You might, but they’ll be the ones trying to mediate and break it up. They certainly won’t be the ones causing the conflict in the first place.

12. They look for ‘the one’

The phlegmatic personality type will not spend hours and hours swiping on online dating sites. They are looking for that special soulmate they can spend the rest of their lives with. They want a special bond and will work at their relationship. This type is a hopeless romantic.

13. They can be indecisive

Those that prefer to follow authority figures without questioning often like to delegate the important decisions to others. The phlegmatic personality type is just one of those people. This is because of several reasons; they don’t want to make the wrong decision in case they upset anyone but also because their strengths lie in the emotional wellbeing of others. And that is what they want to concentrate on.

In summary, the phlegmatic personality type is a laidback, caring, quiet individual who cares about others. They are happy to help other people, even if it means they have to compromise their own future.



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