The pineal gland has various names such as pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis, or, in a more mystical sense, the third eye. Could it be the point of connection between the body and the soul?

This small endocrine gland is located in the vertebrate brain, between the hemispheres of two joining thalamic bodies in the center of the brain. It has received its name due to its shape, which is conical. It produces a hormone that is responsible for affecting the regulation of our sleep-wake patterns. This hormone is called melatonin.

Fluoride and the pineal gland

There is a theory that sodium fluoride, which is prevalent in foods, beverages, and the water we drink and wash with, is dangerous for the pineal gland. It is said to destroy its ability to balance the hormones produced in our bodies. The best way to avoid this misbalance in your body is to drink distilled water.

While there are not many studies to confirm this theory, research conducted by Ph.D. Jennifer Luke has shown that this part of the brain absorbs most of the sodium fluoride than any other organ or body part.

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The third eye symbol in the culture

Many civilizations in human history, such as ancient Romans and Egyptians, were familiar with the concept of the third eye and so they have depicted it using the eye symbol. There are even references to the third eye in Christianity. For example, its symbol can be found in Renaissance icons and church architecture.

This may be a bit too astounding, but the depiction of the pineal gland can be found even on the back of the American dollar bill. The Eye of Providence or the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ on the back of the one-dollar banknote symbolizes divine providence and the capability of seeing through people’s thoughts and actions.

The spiritual side of the pineal gland

The pineal gland plays an important role in many spiritual and metaphysical beliefs. Some people believe that it is the point of connection between the body and the soul. Once your pineal gland is activated to the world of spirituality, it may seem as if you have the superpower of a deeper understanding of everything that’s going around you.

Spiritual practitioners claim that a properly tuned pineal gland allows you to have out-of-body experiences such as astral projection or remote viewing. This proper frequency can be achieved through meditation, yoga, or some sort of occult method.

Could the pineal gland be the point of connection between the body and the soul? According to science, the functions of the pineal gland are purely physiological. After all, even the concept of the soul itself goes beyond the field of science. For the believers and spiritual practitioners, however, the pineal gland is much more than that.

So what is the truth? For the controversial topic such as this one, we will never know. The third eye is one of those concepts that depend on your beliefs.

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  1. kareterra

    Seriously? I’m reading this with just a dash of skepticism when I get to the last line of “You’ll have no connection with God and become the slave of this ruthless society” and felt like I was thrown back into the dark ages.

    1. chano

      fuck whos doing this!

  2. Shivam

    I did’t know that.

  3. Izzy

    My Scots and Irish ancestors are descendants from the Druids. I know that my grandmother was a seer, and I believe I have inherited her traits also. There are many things I will not describe because they could not be understood unless experienced; however, it is possible to know other people’s thoughts. Our family history of high intuition and high spatial intelligence coexists with autism. It is often misunderstood and considered a “disorder”, while in reality it is a “gift”. The lost gifts of the Druids can be recovered only through personal quest and truth. Sometimes this is illustrated in literature as “seeking the Holy Grail”.

  4. srk

    if u drink distilled water then it will be of no use to will not take ion and minerals vital for body function…

  5. Jule

    Re: De-Calcification of the Pineal Gland

    Yes, I agree certain foods & beverages have an effect on your pineal gland but it’s not distilled water that will decalcify. Yoga, meditation using binaural beats preferably at 936 Hz (I think). The old adage if you don’t use it, you lose it applies here.

    Yes, the silver thread and the golden bowl is the seat of the soul but the Pineal Gland is only one of 7 energy points all connected by the nervous system or what they refer to in Eastern medicine is the Nadi’s. Even the silver cord in Catholicism is really a braid of the three-fold flame of life. When we feel it, we don’t have our head hurting; it’s in our chest, where our heart chakra is located. That’s why we say that we’re experiencing a heartache.

    I could go on but to say that the soul is not connected to the body is a medical condition called a coma or those that have severe brain malfunctions that these people live in vegetative states. Trust me, when these people awaken they are more than likely spiritual.

  6. Gloria

    Id like to learn more about this.

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