Positive mantras create a powerful sound vibration that aligns the mind, body and spirit to divine energy helping us achieve peace, balance and success. First of all, let’s discuss the concept and the definition of mantra.

What is a mantra?

The word Mantra comes from ancient Sanskrit. ‘Man’ means mind, and ‘tra’ means instrument. So, mantra means instrument of the mind. As an instrument of the mind, positive mantras can have an incredible effect on our lives.

A mantra is a word or phrase in Sanskrit that you repeat over and over, either aloud or silently. The repetition of this word quietens the mind and brings peace and clarity. If you would rather not use a Sanskrit mantra, you can use a phrase that has meaning to you, such as “I am at peace“, and this can become your positive mantra.

How do you use positive mantras?

Working with mantras is a type of meditation. To get the most from the practice, you should sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You may like to light a candle or burn incense to set the mood, but this isn’t necessary.

Choose your mantra or positive phrase – there are 5 suggestions to get you started later in this article. If you don’t know how to pronounce the mantra, you can look for it on YouTube as many people have made videos of how to pronounce the ancient Sanskrit words.

Once you have chosen your mantra, simply chant it out loud seven times, then say it more softly seven times, then say it in your head another seven times.

After this, you can continue to repeat the mantra over and over, silently for as long as you want. Repetitive chanting of the mantra will allow the vibration of the sound and its meaning to sink into the subconscious and create a powerful transformation from within.

Of course, there are many different ways to use positive mantras and if you want to keep saying yours aloud, that is fine. Also, if you are in a place where it is not appropriate to speak the mantra out loud, then by all means simply repeat it in your head.

In some traditions in India, the mantra is repeated 108 times, using a string of 108 Mala beads to help you keep count.

How do mantras work?

When you carefully choose and regularly use mantras, you will find they have a very deep positive effect on your life. They can help you to think and feel more positively, to break through mental and emotional blocks and to open yourself to Divine consciousness.

In addition, mantras can direct your life force energy (Prana) through your body and energy centers enabling powerful and deep healing. If you choose your positive mantra with a certain intention, then, with regular practice, you will begin to see the blossoming of this intention in your life.

Here are five simple but powerful Sanskrit Mantras that will help you achieve peace, balance and success.

Mantra One: Om

This is probably the most well know Sanskrit Mantra. Om is believed to be the sound of creation: the first, original vibration. Using this mantra will bring you peace and calm as well as clearing stagnant energy and expanding your consciousness.

This simple, positive mantra can be very powerful and life-transforming allowing you to be clear and focused on creating the life of peace and joy you long for.

Mantra Two: Ham-Sah

This is another deceptively simple and versatile mantra which roughly translates to mean “I am that”. Using this positive mantra helps us to get into the present moment and be mindful. It allows us and everything else to simply be, without strain, struggle, overthinking or judgement.

Mantra Three: Om Shanti

Om Shanti translates as “peace” and is a popular mantra that helps to bring inner and outer peace and unity. Using this mantra brings peace to all living and non-living beings in the world. It can also help us foster a sense of oneness with the Divine energy of the universe.

Mantra Four: Om Namah Shivaya

This mantra is also known as the “great redeeming mantra”. This powerful mantra helps us to call on our higher self and overcome our egos. It is a good mantra for purification and space cleansing as well as physical and mental healing. It’s also great for increasing self-esteem and confidence.

Mantra Five: Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra is a sacred prayer that is often compared to the Lord’s prayer in Christianity for its religious significance. This mantra is also good for sharpening the mind, increasing wisdom and understanding and developing focus and clarity.

As well as this, the mantra can be used for deep healing, especially of mental health or brain related ailments.

Other mantras

If you prefer not to use a Sanskrit mantra, there are plenty of other words and phrases you can use to help you achieve balance, peace, success and healing.

The most important thing is to choose a word or phrase that resonates with you. You can simply say the word “peace” over and over if you choose. You can also use any of your own affirmations as a mantra.

The mantra should reflect the intention you have for your life and your own inner journey. If you are having a hard time dealing with life, then repeating “I let go and surrender” may be perfect for you.

However, when you are trying to achieve a certain result, “I am focused”may work better. If you are simply struggling with difficult circumstances, consider repeating the phrase “I am strong”.

When used in this way, Mantras can help you achieve the state of being you desire.

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    Ironically In india few liberals have knocked the Highest Court of land to stop chanting of Mantra’s in government funded educational institutions as it is “HINDU’ in nature and thus Communal.FYI India’s constitution is SECULAR.

  2. Rishima

    Just a note for number 3. The Hamsa mantra is not the word hamsa. Hamsa which means swan. The hamsa mantra is actually So’hum meaning I am that.

  3. Steven stewart

    I’m doing mindfulness meditation and l love the whole phylosophy of it. Also I say shi rim as my ma ntra meditations and I’m loving the way it makes me feel. Calm and balanced. I tried meditation years ago but fell away from it because I was influenced by other people views and got in with the wrong crowd, drinking, smoking, taking drugs etc but I stopped drinking an taking drugs years ago and I’m happy with my life nowadays. Stopped smoking cigarette s three weeks ago and I feel great and loving my meditation. It’s been a life saver for me. Thank you for your story. Steven

  4. Andreas

    Words have more power than we imagine. Doing it right way gives huge power. Important is to do it right way other way You may cause harm to yourself or others.

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