Researchers from the University of Technology in Sydney, led by Dr Trisha Stratford have found out that some couples are so harmonious that their brain starts working “on the same wavelength”. This is the first scientific confirmation of the existence of the so-called sixth sense or telepathy in particular.

Many of us have ever had a feeling that someone is literally reading our thoughts or that you are reading someone’s mind. Especially it often happens in couples or between “eternal” friends.

Scientists have found evidence that people in harmonious couples really start thinking in sync. These data were derived from observations of brain activity in patients and psychologists during therapy sessions.

During the experiment, the research team has ascertained similarity of the brain activity model of partners-volunteers who had reached a state in which their nervous system was pulsating almost coherently, helping them to recognize each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Scientists believe that their findings shed light on the behavior of couples, close friends and family members. Psychologists have long known that in some couples people learn to think like their partner – they know what he is thinking about or what he is going to say. It has been believed that it has to do with habit because if you observe a person for many years you get an idea of how he is gonna react and what he is gonna say.

But the researchers from Sydney have shown that it is not the habit but the activity of the brain and the nervous system. They were observing a group of 30 pairs of patients and psychologists. Scientists have identified the critical moment when the nervous system was beginning to act in sync while their brain was working in altered state of consciousness.

“That was the point when the sixth sense “switches on” and people can read each other’s thoughts.said Dr. Stratford – The parts of the brain that control the nervous system begin to work at the same pace.

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