Researchers from the University of Technology in Sydney, led by Dr. Trisha Stratford have found out that some couples are so harmonious that their brain starts working “on the same wavelength”.

The researchers claim that this is the first scientific confirmation of the existence of the so-called sixth sense or telepathy in particular.

I should emphasize that this study didn’t find evidence for any kind of mysterious psychic abilities, so don’t get too excited just yet. However, it has revealed some pretty interesting findings about the way our brains work.

It turns out that a close relationship eventually leads to some kind of ‘mind-melding’ between two people where they can read each other’s minds to some extent. This is true for any kind of close relationships, including friendships and family bonds, but is particularly prominent in couples.

Mind-melding in couples: partners can indeed read each other’s minds

Many of us have ever had a feeling that someone is literally reading our thoughts or that you are reading someone’s mind. Especially it often happens in couples or between very close friends.

Scientists have found evidence that people in harmonious couples really start thinking in sync. These data were derived from observations of brain activity in patients and psychologists during therapy sessions.

During the experiment, the research team has ascertained the similarity of the brain activity model of partners-volunteers who had reached a state in which their nervous system was pulsating almost coherently, helping them to recognize each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Scientists believe that their findings shed light on the behavior of couples, close friends, and family members. Psychologists have long known that in some couples, people learn to think like their partners.

They know what they are thinking about or what they are going to say. It has been believed that it has to do with the habit because if you observe a person for many years, you get an idea of how they are going to react and what they are going to say.

But the researchers from Sydney have shown that it is not the habit but the activity of the brain and the nervous system. They were observing a group of 30 pairs of patients and psychologists.

The scientists have identified the critical moment when the nervous system was beginning to act in sync while their brain was working in an altered state of consciousness.

That was the point when the sixth sense “switches on” and people can read each other’s minds, said Dr. Stratford. The parts of the brain that control the nervous system begin to work at the same pace.

Final words

While this study doesn’t provide any actual evidence that telepathy as a psychic ability exists, it sheds some light on the way the brains of two close people synchronize. I bet that you have had this kind of experience with your special someone or friend.

After all, this makes perfect sense – when you have known someone for years, you inevitably learn the way they are thinking and perceive the world. It could be that it happens unconsciously.

After some years, you learn to read the subtle cues in the other person’s behavior, for example, their facial expressions or the nuances of their body language. As a result, you know what your special someone is thinking about just by looking at them.

Call it sixth sense or telepathy, but in reality, it’s just a brain syncing.

Have you experienced this kind of telepathy with your best friend, partner, or family member to the extent that you could read each other’s minds? Please let us know. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

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  1. scout

    Yes, true, but first, takes years, and second, does NOT work both ways. I can read my wife’s mind, np, as all I have to do is remove reasoning, accountability, love, and respect for leadership, and her mind is opened like a one page book, if one can possibly exist.

    But she has zero clue about what I’m thinking, and zero understanding of what I stated, and surreal as this may sound, completely BLIND to what she may see occurring around here related to what I’m doing.

    But have ONE female say the most INANE statement, she will dial into that mind like a true telepath!!!!

  2. Xoe

    This is so true. Me and my best friend say almost everything at the same time and always know what the other person is thinking. Many people freak out when they see us talking at the same time but I never knew why or how that happened.

  3. josh

    my wife read my mind, now i have to sleep on the couch

  4. Catherine

    I’ve been best friend with a girl for almost 3 years- I’m turning 17. I can’t exactly read her mind but if I concentrate, I get “feelings” or an idea of what she’s feeling (happy, sad, mad, tired, bored) or doing (laughing, crying, yelling, sleeping, exercising.) We go to different schools- and I typically know how her day went before I ask. If she’s feeling something particularly strong, effort isn’t necessary in order to know. This does not exactly go both ways. But whenever I am significantly angry or sad- I promise there is no way for her to know- she calls. I have told 3 people about this- one, thinking it to be “cool” and the other two simply disbelieving, saying we know each other because we are so close. Is this unnatural?

    1. S

      Call me crazy maybe it part of u in another way not sure how 2 put it in words but yall are probably definitely connected maybe even in another life frm be4

  5. Rahul H Duhoon

    I feel like I get connected to other people at times without knowing it and at times I do it purposefully.
    also I love to get connected to new people and at far.
    Don’t know but feel good and wanna do it more n more and with more clarity.

    1. Nikko

      how often do you “connect” with people?

  6. Leslie smith

    What does it mean if it happens with someone you just met?

  7. Leslie smith

    And it has never really happened with anyone before at least not this intense.

  8. Sarah

    My husband and I have this ‘telepathy’, which we truly consider to be a gift from God. We have wondered for years if other people have it. You see, we had it before we were married, we had it when we were still just friends and had barely considered dating. In fact at one point early on we decided that dating each other would never work – we were at different places in life – and by looking at how our relationship started on paper you’d never think it could have worked. Even when we tried to get away from each other, we still had the ability to read each other’s thoughts and feelings, and there was such a strong pull to be together that we knew we wouldn’t have peace in our lives unless we gave in to it. We’ve wondered for years if there were any other couples out there that had as strong of a ‘connection’ as we do. We’ve been happily married for over 6 years now, and our connection is just as strong now as it ever was. Here are some examples of our connection working:

    – I was in my car with my daughter on a shopping trip. We got a cookie at one of our stops, and as I started eating it, my phone rang. My husband asked me if I was eating a cookie, and said it must be really good because he could feel how happy I was eating it. My daughter had a very shocked look on her face, because my husband had no prior knowledge of where we were at.

    – One day before we had gotten together (or even considered dating) my husband showed me some pictures of himself when he was a kid. I immediately saw a painting hanging on his living room wall that looked familiar. That’s because I had seen it many times before in my dreams. The first time I visited his parents house I was immediately ‘at home’ in that living room.

    – When we were fighting the idea of being together, and had stopped talking to each other, I drove a friend to an airport out of town. On the way home I was confused and conflicted about what was going on. I prayed and prayed… and then issued a challenge to God (I never recommend doing this, btw). I looked at the clock (5:26) and said, “I give you 10 minutes to let me know that we’re supposed to be together”… then kind of laughed. After I arrived back in town that night, I met up with a couple of friends. I got a text that said, “What were you doing at 5:26 pm tonight?”. He went on to tell me that he was writing a 3 page letter of why we couldn’t be together, and then the Lord told him to put it down at the same time that I had prayed that prayer.

    – Yesterday morning I got up early, scheduled my workday, and then over coffee started talking about what we needed to do in our business. My husband quickly stopped me and told me exactly what I had already planned out in my mind. Every single item, in order.

    These are just a few examples, but they happen on a daily basis. I’d say it’s all good, except for when my heart acts up (I have 3 heart conditions). Regardless of where I’m at or what I’m doing, when my heart acts up it can become debilitating for my husband too. He feels physically sick when I’m not doing well. I guess that’s the bad side.

    Like I mentioned before, we believe that God leads us in our marriage, and allows us to have this connection. But even in our Christian walk, we’ve never come across another couple that has this. We are very interested in meeting other couples who share it!

    1. Eric

      Hey Sarah,

      Can I talk more about this with you. This is happening to me and this girl for a little more than a year since we first met. And although we never dated, even had some hard times together and tried to leave each other, there is this strong connection between us! It’s amazing yet unusual. Been looking for someone to talk to about this and discuss. I prayed and asked God about it and all he told me was that it’s a gift. If you have the chance could you email me – [email protected]… Would really appreciate it…. There were many times when I could really feel when she’s happy, sad even during times when she cried! I know our Heavenly Father is doing this to build each other up but I would really love to discuss this with you… I know you mentioned your husband is the one sensing and reacting but do you also sense him too?… I had been Google searching this for a while and just came across your story that I could really relate to..

      Thanks and God Bless!

    2. patrick

      I and have same connection too

    3. Hannah

      Hi Sarah,

      You truly do have an amazing connection to your husband! Congratulations for being married for 6 years )) I found your story to be really interesting because it sounds so similar to my life. My boyfriend and I are both born again Christians and have known each other since were 15 years old (we are both 24 now). When we met, we felt a super strong connection, and both felt like we knew we would be in each others lives even though at that point we weren’t in love or trying to date each other. We both met at a church camp meeting in Germany. I was an American living in Germany with my military parents, and he was an American living in the Ukraine with his parents who were missionaries. It was a miracle even being able to meet each other and because of our lives it was impossible to have a relationship. When camp ended and he went back to the Ukraine, there was just something about him that I couldn’t forget, which irked me because I didn’t feel like he was someone I was usually attracted to. We didn’t hear from each other for several years after that, but before he left he got my dad’s email. During this time, I felt this odd pressure that I should be with him, and he randomly popped in my memory, even though I had no contact with him and didn’t know him well. It made no sense. I kept thinking, but God, I don’t know him and he seems like just a somewhat boring to-good missionary guy… but fine, I’ll be open to the idea of getting to know him. Just a week later, he asks if he can skype me. Later I found out he had asked my dad earlier that week if he could skype me but got the wrong skype and email address and couldn’t get a hold of me. He said he was also irked because he would randomly think of me and didn’t understand why. Since then we haven’t been able to not be in contact or close to each other, even when things seemed hard or impossible. We’ve had fights and lived in different countries for a long time, but felt horrible and unpeaceful every time we tried to not be together. It was during this time that we noticed our deep connection. One noticeable time was when I felt like I was slapped awake in the middle of the night and felt so scared for him. I emailed him and asked him if he was ok and that I was praying he was safe. That night he had come into contact with latex (he’s deathly allergic to it) and passed out and got a concussion. Other times I could tell when he was stung by wasps, or feeling sick or in pain. There are lots of small fun examples to, usually I will send him a song that’s been in my head or a verse that I found important, and he was just then reading that verse, or watching that movie with that song in it. Sometimes I think that maybe he’s just saying that, but it happens the other way around to. I will be humming a song or thinking about wanting to do something and he will send me the same song or want to do the same thing, the same moment I am doing it. Small things like this happen almost every day. He usually knows when I am in trouble or sad, and calls to comfort me. For 2 years now we have been in an official relationship and things are so much smoother and more peaceful. He moved to Germany and lives an hour away from me and our connection has gotten much stronger. I almost don’t like it sometimes. When we are together, if he feels in pain, or nauseous I feel it strongly, even when he is working an hour away. It has it’s good points to, he usually reads my mind and helps me with something and I love being able to tell how he is feeling or what’s on his mind. We both wonder if tel-empathy is possible, but researching things like that seems to rub shoulders with occult subjects. It’s interesting to know there are Christians who have this to. I would love to talk with you and hear more about your experiences. My email is [email protected] if you’d like to chat!

      Best regards,

  9. patrick

    I and My Wife have same connection too

  10. Sixsince21

    Some people think i’am an FBI Agent because their ‘a nothing that’s goes around me that I don’t know about before & after its has happened especially my husband he has scared of of coming around whenever he have planned doing some sneaky things when of where he doesn’t have any business of doing.

  11. Misty

    This is so cool! And interesting because my new boyfriend and I keep on reading each other’s mind…especially when on psychedelics (haha!).
    I’ve been looking for an answer, and now I’ve kind of found it. The article shed some light.
    Also, we even do it with images now.

  12. Cory

    This is very true for my husband and I . We met very oddly in a chat room when AOL was doing that. It wasn’t anything we were looking for , but when we met it was love at first sight. That was twenty yrs ago. We have always been in tune with each other but it’s been even more so as the years go on.
    Wonderful feeling .

  13. Michelle

    Me and my boyfriend for 15 years been together and have notice we be thinking the same thing at the same time without warning. But starting recently we’ve been doing it more often then usual. Why is that?

  14. J

    We’re all very lucky to be living in a time where we can do this.
    It’s an awakening only in that we can share and verify like never before.
    These gifts, qualities, properties or just basic survival tool kit is shared by us all, it’s how we survived and succeed as a species.
    This article underlines connection, but verification within a long term study of a close partnership, a certainty to some degree of what the other is thinking….good and bad I’m afraid….
    I’m pasting in this link to a scientific research study of measuring wavelength frequencies of emotions. How instinctively we have had to recognise them in order to survive, before language, across language, beyond gaslighting to read and know from another’s energy your own survival status possibly?

  15. Kylee

    I have been able to read some peoples minds. It’s exactly as you said. I sometimes would be having a conversation with someone, and I would kind of fall asleep. While I was in this kind of asleep state I could think the other person’s thoughts word for word before they say it. The only problem is that I can’t do it on purpose.

  16. Divay

    I have seen people connecting to other people need to be their close one. They get exactly the same thoughts with the same words with the same pictures in the mind. But these people never want to reveal their this physicic ability.
    I have experienced it personally. I have seen two people doing this perfectly and two more but I am not sure about their perfection. It’s true….

  17. Erica

    My boyfriend and I have known one another since he was 1 year old and I was 2 years old. His grandmother babysat us when we were younger all day, everyday. My sister even married us in his grandmothers backyard when we were kids, playing lol. But we eventually grew apart and grew our separate ways. I got married (twice) and I had 4 children to my first marriage and he got into major trouble as a teen and went to state prison for 5 years. So 2 completely different lives and 2 total different people. 20+ years later we meet up on Facebook and that was 3.5 years ago and we’ve never been more in love with another. He’s a superstitious guy as it is and we both have admitted to one another that we feel a true connection. There’s this electricity that runs through our bodies and it’s absolutely mind blowing. We think identical. No joke. Today it happened to why I’m here. I wasn’t getting his texts (we don’t live together) and I told him I’m not making dinner tonight so let’s go out to eat. He sent me a text that I did not receive 10 minutes prior to my text and asked about dinner and he was bringing me dinner. This article makes perfect sense in my mind. Because this kind of stuff happens all of the time between my boyfriend and I. True soulmates.

  18. ED

    My wife reads my mind every day. SO many times I have a plan in my mind or am about to do something, and my wife say:why don’t we do this” and that is exactly what I was going to do or had already done that day. It happens so often that it annoys me, it probably should not annoy me but it really does. Or we are thinking about the exact same person at the exact same time. Or I’m about to do something , like make a sandwich and she jumps up and starts the exact process I was about to do, crazy I know but it happens every single day. We have been married for 30 years and have a close relationship. Agree on almost everything and we like many of the same things,

  19. Rodney Bush

    My wife & I literally just over the past couple weeks have started talking to each other, we both find that this is strangely bizarre that we can set here talking to one another without saying a single word. There’s truly no answer out there other then something I found today while surfing the web that we are in fact (twin flame’s/mirrored souls) its all I’ve come up with as I’m typing this she literally is telling me that she is also blown away that this can even be possible & that she really loves me & wants us to be together forever. What is the answer to what I’m speaking about other then what I’ve defined us as above please don’t say this isn’t possible because it surely is we are communicating on a different frequency than anything we’ve even known we have conversations.

  20. Anthony

    If you had any questions to people that feel they have this connection with others I’d be very curious? I don’t have much of an idea about this as iv never looked into it, Until now. Yes this happens with close friends. But this also happens with people iv only met a handful of times but have loads of memory’s with. It’s almost like chatter, probably a sign of craziness. However this can happen with other people that I don’t really know but I would only pick up on comments. Strange thought probably a sign of being some what crazy. Let me know with questions please

  21. mercedes

    ive actually hit another ones brain and read his thoughts as well , which i found was actually beautiful because i actaully read his true intentions in life unlike others . sometimes i kinda wish i had met a scientist so i could ask them questions about the matter of the fact because what his brain read was quite interestiing but yet people rather try and seperate us and get me hurt to find out what im rewally mixed with and him as well which i dont think thats funny , i also know that they went after my uncle as well trying to figure out how my brain works which i find wrong too . i kinda wish i knew someone that was high up in the industry to talk tot hem about it but no one cared to talk about it just put matters in there o wn hands about two kids they shouldnt be running thwm over for to learn about something they are mixed with when two kids could had done something right.

  22. Cindy

    It happens randomly but often.

  23. Charundi

    my best friend and I think the same thing at the same time often. But we are knowing each other less than one year. We are very confused when this happened

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