Recent advances in science and technology can be used to obtain the martial arts skills, learn to drive an aircraft or to speak a foreign language, without leaving home.

Researchers from Boston University and the Computational Neuroscience Laboratories «ATR» (Kyoto, Japan) affirm that the mechanism of “uploading” knowledge in the human brain can be created in the near future. This technology will allow a person to acquire the necessary knowledge without years of training. Forming a visual image is a complex process. In different parts of the brain multiple points, lines, and colors are formed in their movement, then they all come together, and a person gets the opportunity to see an object the way it is.

In their experiments, scientists managed to improve visual perception of the brain areas responsible for this process with the help of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) which allows activating the necessary parts of the brain.

Experiments with volunteers showed that after this “training” their visual perception had improved, even if they didn’t know what exactly they were taught.

The point is that scientists have discovered that the brain areas responsible for the higher stage of visual perception are so plastic, that it’s sufficient to specify the desired pattern of activity in order to “upload” the necessary knowledge into the brain.

According to scientists, after creating such technology it will be possible to enable the chosen program before going to sleep and wake up in the morning with the necessary skills.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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