The power of suggestion is much stronger than you realize. Its fantastical reputation holds many truths.

I know, for a fact, that the spoken word is powerful. I’ve learned this through my own spiritual endeavors and watching things happen according to either the positive or negative affirmations I make from day to day.

You may also encounter ways this power of suggestion works for yourself. In rare cases, you may learn how it can be used in opposition.

The true power of the spoken word

The power of using suggestions can also be beneficial when convincing others. For instance, a salesman uses this tool to sell more products or improve the reputation of what he’s selling.

People can change minds according to the words they use, and even make others like or dislike them at will. It’s amazing how well this actually works.

Then you also have negative and positive opposing opinions. What is known as psychological warfare is more common than you think.

In fact, people engage in this activity on a regular basis, and some see it as a normal mode of healthy competition. This is when you speak positively about a certain issue, but someone else is claiming a negative outcome with this same situation.

While I won’t get too religious here, I do believe the winner comes down to just how bad you want something, and if you believe your outcome will happen. It’s all about mindset.

Also, the more you speak these things into being, the more confident you will be in the future. The power of suggestion not only helps you stay in the right frame of mind, but it can also change your life completely.

The power of using suggestions to make things happen can be used by anyone, and for good or bad. Let’s look further.

How to harness the true power of suggestion

So, you have a pretty good understanding of what I’m talking about, right? Well, talking about it and taking action are two different things. What we want to do now is to learn how to utilize the power of our statements.

Yes, you can do this too, and here’s how:

1. Be aware first

To use the power of persuasion, whether its to bring about positive outcomes or help someone see from your perspective, you must first become aware. This means being aware of your surroundings, how people feel, and the truth of the situations around you.

Being aware helps you understand how to formulate your words in your favor. It also helps you develop a plan for your outcome. Just take time to look around you, listen, and reinforce the truth of what is in the present as opposed to what will be.

2. Understand words

Before you use the power of positive suggestion, for instance, you must understand which positive words have the ability to bring about change.

As there are many words that can change situations, there are certain words which can hasten these results. “Valuable” is one of these words. The word “valuable” is so powerful because most people strive for value in the things they acquire in life.

On the flip side, negative words like, “dangerous” can have a marked effect on those who are about to make moves in their lives. If someone has plans, but then hears the word “dangerous” associated with these plans, it can change the whole decision.

Do you see how understanding words can be quite beneficial? Do your research on the most effective words of suggestion, and this will help you train that power you have within.

3. Using reciprocity

Here’s a simple way of using your power of influence with a suggestion. Let’s look at this one in a simple way. For example: If you need something done, you can sometimes get what you want by doing something for someone else first. I know this doesn’t really sound like suggestive power, but in effect, it is.

While I don’t advocate doing this just for gain, because it can be seen as manipulation, remembering a favor you’ve done for someone else can help you formulate a failproof suggestion to get what you want. It’s simply by reminder and obligation.

This might not be the most powerful mode, but it’s one of the easiest ones to understand.

4. Believe and play the role

If you want something to happen, believing is a huge part of that outcome. But, believing does more than just boost your morale, it also causes you to align your actions to your beliefs, as long as you have a positive outlook on the suggestions you’re making.

Your actions will then help pull things into the alignment needed to realize what you wanted in the first place. It’s a process that takes focus, but it works.

5. Keep an open mind as well

In order for your power of words to take full effect, you must have an open mind. First of all, a failure of any kind can make you discouraged and hinder your progress of getting what you want. Now, I said, it can, but it doesn’t have to.

You have to be strong and realize, with an open mind, that just because negative things happen, it doesn’t mean your plan and progress is wrong. Think about it this way, maybe each little falter is part of the path your power of words must take in order to manifest into reality.

6. Confidence

There it is again, that word that makes you visualize a person standing tall, head held high with a proud smile on their face, right? Well, confidence is a powerful tool for suggestion and realization.

It doesn’t matter if you are speaking good things into your life, or you’re trying to convince something to join a club, confidence holds sway like few other tools. If you have strong confidence, the power of suggestion is child’s play.

7. The support system

When you want something done or you really want to change your life, movements seem more powerful in twos, threes, or multiples of participants. Going it alone is great, but going at it with a supportive group amplifies your results.

The point is, all around the world, in every spiritual belief system or secular way of life, there is a need for a support system. Most people who believe in the power of using suggestive words and doing so in groups have a great amount of hope and faith.

This is how they get things done, and this is how they have the belief to keep using these powers of the spoken word. And, when failures come, they can be tackled and reformulated together, thus, even more, hope.

Utilizing your great power

You are powerful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. I have felt the failure myself, at great depths and lengths, and still, I rise to readjust my mindset and reset my course. The objective is clear to me, and so I keep practicing the power of words and suggestions to change my life.

It can change your life too. You just have to believe to get started.



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