During meditation, we usually concentrate our attention within and try to do our best in silencing vanity thoughts.

There are many different meditation techniques and ways to improve the quality of your meditation experience. Even though meditation has been considered a religious or spiritual practice for centuries, it is becoming a very popular technique to enhance the power of the human brain.

Meditation is also becoming an essential technique in modern self-help and business-related programs. There is really no need to argue which type of meditation is better, the key is to find the one that resonates with you the most and can bring you the results you are looking for.

Many powerful meditation techniques often use certain images or visualizations. As the latest scientific research suggests, the world around us can be described as a hologram. Hologram itself is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a light source. It allows us to perceive and experience the surrounding environment as a 3D model or visualization.

Thus, meditation or visualization techniques can be used to interact with the hologram itself.

If you use the correct map of the holographic or energy-informational world around us, you can use visualization techniques more effectively, influence or even control the hologram. One of the keys to a powerful visualization technique is the set of symbols or images that resonate with the true map of the hologram world.

New spiritual science Infosomatics offers a map of the energy-informational world around us as well as powerful visualization techniques that have been tested in practice. Infosomatic visualization techniques can improve the quality of your life, save your meditation time, balance your energy and even heal.

Below you will find one of the Infosomatic visualization techniques – DNA Tree of flow. It uses symbols that everyone can relate to and it has a powerful kick to it.

The following visualization technique uses both hemispheres of the human brain and helps to visualize the process of bringing your own energy flow into harmony. It is like a meditation technique that uses nano-technology. The animation helps you to visualize suggested images and the powerful kick allows your brain to send the images to the needed level of higher consciousness.

Any visualization is the true language that Nature uses to communicate with us.

If you want to use effective ways of communicating with Nature and convey your desires, you do need to use the same language. When we want someone to understand us, we first visualize a certain image or a concept and only then we use a language we know to portray what is that we are trying to get across.

Any language is a set of symbols that help us to interact on the material level of consciousness. In order to reach higher levels of consciousness and increase the frequency of our brain activity, we use visualizations.

Visualization technique starts with the tree and branches that have no leaves.

The trunk of the tree has the form of a DNA string. When you watch the animation and conduct the visualization technique in your mind, picture yourself as a tree. Imagine that the trunk of the tree is your own unique DNA string. The tree is firmly standing on the hill with its root in the ground.

The rays of the sun (yellow color energy) appear from above and reach the crown of the tree. The warmth from the sun rays goes through the whole tree and reaches the ground through the roots. The roots begin to feel alive and start providing water for the tree (blue color energy). The tree branches turn green and the leaves appear. The tree becomes a fundamental part of the Photosynthesis process in the energy-informational world.

You can also help the flow of energy with your breathing. Breath in the sun rays from above and breath out the energy from the ground. You can follow your breath as it is suggested in many other meditation techniques.

The symbol of the sun represents your Higher Self. The sun rays represent the energy of life and the potential that is given to you by your higher self. By letting the energy through your body, you become alive and you let the energy reach the ground. Upon reaching the ground, the energy is able to interact on the material level and flow back towards the higher levels of consciousness.

There are two streams of energy that create your energy shell or aura.

Your body receives energy from the higher levels of consciousness and after the experience of life in the material world, it flows back. When you visualize the energy flowing through your body, you balance the state of your energy and synchronize the work of your bodies on the higher levels of consciousness.

If you had problems with the energy flow before, then after conducting this powerful visualization technique you will experience an actual wave of warmth in your body, your hands or feet might get sweaty or you may feel a tingling effect in certain areas of your body. It just means that your energy is returning to you.

The sudden rooster scream that you heard at the end of the animation shifts the work of your brain into an impulse mode.  It helps your brain send the images that were (hopefully) created in your mind by following the visualization meditation technique to your subconscious mind.

The sharp sound pinpoints the visualization on the energy field and your bodies of higher consciousness receive a symbolic process map of how energy should be flowing through your body (or DNA cells).

This technique uses all four elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. It creates an etalon state of the energy flow through the fifth element – the tree of life.

It is just one of the basic visualization techniques based on the new spiritual science Infosomatics. It can be effectively used to enhance breathing exercises or meditations, quickly bring the energy flow to balance before and after a yoga class or even stop an anxiety attack.

In the beginning, you might need to watch the animation to conduct the technique. However, as soon as your visualization skills get better, you can just play the visualization technique in your head.

One of the best things about this visualization or meditation technique is that it takes less than a minute, which will save your meditation time and quickly straighten your energy flow when you need it.

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