Some people aren’t as joyful as you think they are.

Some of them are pretending to be happy and just going through the motions.

I understand how easy it can be. I’ve pretended to be many things in my life, including a content individual. Although it’s clear now that I wasn’t fulfilled, I once thought that I was.

So many of us are pretending to be happy and telling our friends about our wondrous lives. The thing is, we’re cheating ourselves out of true happiness.

How to tell if you’re only pretending to be happy

Being truly happy and trying to make others think you’re happy looks similar. But, if you pay close attention, you can see the signs that you’re only pretending. There will always be this awkward feeling that something’s just not right in your life.

Here are a few other signs to help you get to the bottom of this charade.

1. You’re always positive

Let me be clear about something. It’s not a bad thing to be positive. However, you will notice that people who are pretending to be happy will usually be over-the-top positive. Their smiles will usually be huge and they will always speak in this cheerful voice.

Again, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but it will be noticeably abnormal from someone who is truly happy. Those who pretend to be happy will deny any form of negativity whatsoever…even if it’s warranted.

2. You’re pushing people away

You might not realize what you’re doing at first, but over time, the truth will be revealed. It will be noticeable that you’re pushing people away due to your unhappiness. You will try, in vain, to convince others of your joy, but those who truly know you will recognize the signs of your unhappiness.

You will make excuses to stay away from events or social gatherings. When you start pushing people away and spending more and more time alone, it could be a sign that you’re pretending to be happy.

3. Mood swings

Mood swings don’t always come from hormonal changes or disorders. Sometimes they happen because you are in emotional pain and trying to hide the fact. Usually, you will start to experience severe mood swings when you’re trying your hardest to pretend to be happy.

This is because your true emotions are having a hard time staying hidden from the public eye. Maybe, at times, you want to scream, but instead, you smile. Eventually, you will lash out in one way or the other, having severe mood swings at random moments.

4. Too much screen time

When you’re pretending to be happy, you will spend way too much time looking at your phone, television or the computer. I believe it’s a way to distract your mind from whatever is making you unhappy, to begin with.

It seems that more and more people appear to be faking happiness, and it shows the increase in the obsession with technology. Not enough people are stepping away from the screen to examine what’s really bugging them.

5. Substance abuse

Substance abuse is one of the most obvious signs that you’re not really happy is your consumption of alcohol or drugs. If you’re drinking every day or partaking of drug use, then you might not be happy at all.

Let’s just face it, you’re probably pretty miserable and that’s why you’re attempting to drink your problems away. If you think you’re just social drinking, think again. You might be self-medicating.

6. You’ve resorted to bragging

Most people, who aren’t really happy, will brag about how happy they are. They will tell their family and friends about all the good things that are happening in their lives. Unfortunately, these are lies.

While there are plenty of people who brag about the things they do have, there are just that many more that brag about fake accomplishments. This is because they have nothing to actually brag about at all. Surprisingly, there are more of these people than you think.

7. You’re living in the past

Nothing’s wrong with reminiscing about the past at times, but dwelling there is unhealthy. For those who pretend to be happy, living in the past becomes a normal routine.

Some days, you may sit for hours and think about lost loved ones or failed relationships. Yes, the past can be endearing, but it can be a hiding place for those who aren’t happy.

How to stop pretending to be happy and bring back true happiness

It’s time to stop pretending. It’s time to find the culprit of your unhappiness and make due changes.

Remember, the first step to getting better is recognizing the problem. After you understand what’s holding you back, you can begin the process of cultivating true happiness.

If you feel overwhelmed by the truth of your situation, then seek support and even professional help. It’s better to seek help than to go it alone.

Finding true happiness isn’t possible unless you’re honest with your feelings. So, it’s time to face the negativity so that happiness can find a way into your heart. Yes, it will take time, but there is always hope for healing.



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