In this article, you will find out why it’s a good thing to be an introvert, if you are one.

It seems that finally the world is waking up to the idea that there is this kind of people called introverts among us – and not weird, or awkward, or embarrassing people, as they used to be unfairly labelled.

It is believed that they represent 25% of the population and that they are much more complex than prejudice has made many people think so far. Social interaction, for instance, is just a small part of an introvert’s personality, and there are many of them that can deal with it, and much more, quite well.

Yet, if you are an introvert, it is understandable if you feel isolated or an outsider sometimes, as the journey for respect and understanding has just begun.

But the good news is that there are at least 10 reasons to be proud that you are an introvert as you can see it below.

Reason # 1 – You are more likely to get a scholarship

Most of the introverts love to study, do research and write assignments. It gives them the opportunity to reflect on topics that matter to them and to express themselves without having to stand up in front of a crowd. So it is no surprise that introverts are the majority when it comes to scholarships and grants. According to the Mensa Foundation, for example, around 65% of their scholarships go to introverts.

Reason # 2 – You are never bored

Introverts are fully capable of entertaining themselves. They know what they like to do, and they can make any situation turn into fun for them, even facing a lack of resources. You might not think that what they are doing is fun at all, but for them, contemplation is a great way to spend time and enjoy themselves.

Reason # 3 – You can look at the big picture

Because they take the time to observe their surroundings and trying to understand things and people, introverts can look at the big picture and be creative. They are the perfect choice when you need to analyse risks, identify behaviour, think outside the box, or predict an outcome, as they are prepared to abstract regarding nearly everything.

Reason # 4 – But you are also detail-oriented

On the other hand, many introverts can be very attentive to detail. They are in no rush and they can keep themselves concentrated, giving time to their minds to capture everything that is around them.

They can also be highly sensitive and record impressions from almost every single thing. This way, they can identify patterns and notice small changes when necessary.

Reason # 5 – You aren’t afraid of loneliness

Introverts are happy with their own company. They like to be by themselves and aren’t desperate to be in a relationship or surrounded by people. They won’t get upset for not being invited to an event (they might even feel relieved) and they will be much more comfortable in empty spaces where they can think and dream.

Reason # 6 – You have long-lasting relationships

If you thought that introverts can’t keep long-term relationships you should think again. The thing with them is that they choose their connections better and with a different purpose.

As they are fine with their own company, when they happen to be with someone is because they really like that person and of spending time with them, so they can build meaningful relationships. They also tend to have just handful friends but they are very close and loyal ones.

Reason # 7 – You are very independent

Introverts enjoy learning new things and are the masters of DIY. They love fixing stuff, are great doing it, and will have no problem in giving you a hand. They also know how to handle themselves and most of them are very independent, both emotionally and financially.

Generally speaking, they seem to be prepared to adult life since childhood. They are also ready to work independently and are self-driven, which make of them the favourites employees of many companies.

Reason # 8 – You are better on self-improvement

Because they spend so much time inside their own minds, it is only natural that introverts take self-improvement to the next level.

They are deep thinkers and put a lot of effort and discipline trying to understand their own emotions and how to deal with them. They are usually big fans of meditation and mindfulness and don’t have any problem finding solutions to their own challenges.

Reason # 9 – You are a good listener

Listening is one of the best qualities of introverts, and they are happy to do so. It gives to them the opportunity to learn more about you, so they love to listen to your stories and ideas. Here and there, they will also give you one input or two, but what they want to achieve is gather as much information as possible so they can improve their relationship with you, whatever kind it is.

Reason # 10 – You are part of a team of very successful people

Several successful people from different industries are known to be introverts. Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, J.K. Rowling, and Albert Einstein are just a few names that can illustrate it.

The fact that they aren’t the most outspoken people won’t stop them to become leaders and to deal with the social situations required by their jobs. It also won’t stop them from giving great speeches as they tend to arrive there with the best research and preparation that you have ever seen.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you should be proud of being an introvert. There are so many good things about it that this list is just a small sample for you to get started. And with such a vast number of advantages, it is clear why the extroverted majority is beginning to realise the importance to count on people like you in their lives.

So give yourself a chance and show off who you are in your own way. Follow your dreams and conquer your space as anybody else would do, just using your own unique weapons. The world will thank you for that.

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  1. Azman Jalani

    Than you for this article Mr. Benedict Brychta. Makes me warmed and relieved because finally there’s someone out there that understand myself. The funny thing is you made me know myself better. It’s weird because someone know me better than myself. Thank you for that, i loved it.

  2. Stella

    As an introvert ,I think some points of introverts are incorrect. And this article of yours is not at all motivational. It might make another person feel a bit negative. And introverts are of many types. It’s not obvious that everyone would be same

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