overcome social anxietyAre you afraid of public speaking? Want to make a good first impression? Thanks to the new psychological research anyone can combat his fears and insecurities within minutes.

Each of us from time to time gets into a situation when it is particularly necessary to have self-control and show confidence. It takes a lot of courage, for example, to start a talk with an unknown pretty girl or a handsome young man.

Everyone wants to make a positive first impression on a potential employer at the job interview or win an important client at the business meeting.

Few people are so self-confident that they do not get trapped in such situations. How to combat that nervousness and self-doubt, when you need to make a good impression?

According to a new psychological study, the best way to conquer fear is to talk to yourself. Or rather talk about yourself in the third person, necessarily calling yourself by name.

For example, it is better to say: “Anna is very well prepared for the exam” than “I am very well prepared for the exam.”

According to the authors of the study, referring to oneself in third person significantly reduces social fears, while talking to oneself in the first person almost does not cause this effect.

Psychologists of the University of Michigan conducted a series of experiments, comparing the effect of referring to oneself in the first and third person in a number of social contact situations.

The experiments have shown that subjects who talked to themselves in the third person felt much more confident when speaking in public and managed to make a better first impression on strangers.


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