“The mind is a reality of the brain, but only if the brain is considered as the quantum reality behind the spiritual facts of consciousness”.

Michael Lockwood

“Everything you have seen, every flower, every bird, every rock, will disappear and will become dust, but the fact that you have seen them cannot disappear”.

Zen philosophy

What would happen if we really had a quantum computer in our brain? Would the information that passes from the physical senses still be limited or would we be able to accept a deeper, nonlocal connection between ourselves and the world?

Dr. Erwin Laszlo, a leading scientist and thinker of our time, states that our brain is not a classical biochemical system, but a macroscopic quantum system and therefore can capture and process information beyond sensory perceptions and tangible, deterministic logic.

Dr. Laszlo thinks that quantum mind is directly (i.e. non locally) connected to a wider physical field of information, and awareness and use of our quantum consciousness may be a next step in our evolution, which will be the salvation of our species and will get us out of the current crisis. In his opinion, “some things that appear in our consciousness convey information about the world even though they are not based on sensory data. Fortunately, this is no longer a puzzle. With quantum operations, our brain can receive information not only by the means of our senses but directly from the world without being locally connected with it. Many people, from shamans and spiritual people to scientists and poets, have extensively used this ability, which is innate in all of us, throughout the course of history.”

Who knows, maybe one day we really will be able to perceive the world without limitations of our own mind…


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