“If a man dies, shall he live again?” This age-old question of the biblical patriarch Job has occupied human minds for centuries. Now the American physicist Robert Lanza of Wake Forest University in North Carolina decided to find the answer. With the help of quantum physics, he tried to prove the existence of life after death, writes the Daily Mail.

According to Lanza, there is a theory that asserts the presence of parallel universes in which events occur simultaneously, but in different ways. Lanza believes that death is not the absolute end of life, but it is rather a transition to another, parallel world.

To confirm his hypothesis, the scientist took advantage of quantum physics and Young’s interference experiment, which proves that light is a wave and its length can be measured.

During the experiment, the light from a single source simultaneously passed through two holes in the obstacle. When passing through the holes it divided into two waves. Then, due to the overlapping waves, the segment of light behind the obstacle became brighter, while the light in the area where the waves did not overlap dimmed.

Lanza believes that, as in the experiment with the light, it is life that creates the universe, and not vice versa, so when passing through death, it continues to exist. According to the scientist, since the time of ancient Greece, when humanity accepted the biocentric universe theory, people tend to think linearly and “call sky blue, because it is as they see it.”

But in fact, the human brain has receptors that can be influenced, and then the sky will appear red or green. We are accustomed to thinking of life as a mixture of carbonates and molecules. But this is what only our conscious mind dictates. In fact, everything can be absolutely wrong”, says Lanza.

In addition, Lanza said that without human consciousness, nothing that we see around us really exists, because it is “the mind that makes sense to the world.”

In fact, everything you see does not exist without your consciousness. This is what makes sense to the world”, says Lanza, adding that the human mind determines the shape and size of the universe. And even the time is a product of human consciousness.


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