Two decades after my first out-of-body experience, still in search of those answers, I decided to pursue a formal education in physics. I graduated in the spring of 2016 from the University of Texas at Arlington with a B.S. Physics degree.  It was during preparation of an assignment given to me by a physics instructor, in which I was to deliver a presentation to the class on the “quantization of the electromagnetic field,” that the epiphany dawned.

Fundamentals of the Vehram Ethereal Array (VEA)

The VEA comprises six spherical/point sources of “ethereal” quantum radiation, forming what is known as an “octahedral” configuration, outside the physical body. (This geometric shape can be imagined as the corners of two, four-sided, pyramids stacked together at their bases).

Each of these “extracorporeal chakras” is a source of the vibrational surge and can be independently consciously observed by anyone while in the hypnagogic state, and/or mentally accessed to pull energy into the physical body to onset the vibrational surge. This latter fact demonstrates consciousness’s direct ability to control the underlying field.

One consequence of quantum radiation from a point/spherical source is the generation of a “field effect,” in this case found present surrounding each of the VEA’s centers. Such a field is governed by an inverse power law.

The electric field generated by the presence of a charged particle is highly analogous. While physical measurement has not been possible, it is hypothesized that the field generated by the VEA’s centers are each governed by an inverse “squared” power law, just as electromagnetic fields are governed. This would be true (based on a Gaussian mathematical treatment) if the underlying force is “long range” as is the case with both the electromagnetic force and the force of gravity.

Direct contact between the ethereal body and any one of the VEA’s power centers results in a dynamic discharge through the ethereal body.

This is another behavior that has been independently consciously observed and is expected to be universally observed by anyone making such contact. It is also the case, based on numerous independent conscious observations, that such contact is unsustainable by the observer, universally resulting in an ethereal “electrocution.”

The VEA serves as an externally located system of waypoints whose unique location(s) outside the physical body allows independent objective demonstration of consciousness’s ability to achieve spatial separation from the physical body and brain via the ethereal substrate, while the dynamic discharge, as independently consciously observed, demonstrates the necessary existence of a material body composed of ethereal matter.

The epiphany that came to me in the course of preparing the presentation on the quantization of the electromagnetic field was simply that the only way to account for the behaviors governing the VEA is if in fact this system is quantum mechanically governed.

Along with this concept came another stark realization – all quantum mechanical systems are “real” and objectively governed aspects of nature!

Specifically, any dynamic discharge through a conductive medium requires quantum physics principles found in both quantum electrodynamics and quantum chromodynamics.

These include the existence of charge, both positive and negative (in this case, possibly the yin/yang referenced in eastern philosophies), along with the existence of at least two types of particles to serve as carriers of the fundamental force involved, as well as an additional fundamental “force carrier and exchange particle” to relay that force between such particles – for the electromagnetic force, that particle is the photon.

Additionally, atomic structure, the existence of mass, as well as a disparate mass to volume ratio for the particles, all play a key role in the ability for a discharge through a conductive medium to occur. Mass is given to all particles via the Higgs field, and because the VEA is situated about the ethereal body, which is in turn coupled to the physical body, it is reasonable to conclude that interactions with physical matter are present, although perhaps extremely difficult to physically detect.

(Virtually all physical measuring devices are electromagnetic and would encounter the same difficulties as those associated with detecting dark matter).

Consciousness Is Fundamental

The Vehram Ethereal Array represents a game-changer for science and the study of consciousness. It does not counter anything science has thus far revealed, but rather builds upon everything science has uncovered, shining the brilliant light of quantum physics on a previously misunderstood phenomenon.

The declarative statements made in this article are based purely, and quite simply, on the laws of quantum physics as stipulated in the Standard Model and quantum field theory. The only addition, (aside from the VEA), is consciousness’s ability to manipulate such “fundamental” forces.

If consciousness is indeed able to exist outside the physical body, possessing the ability to manipulate fundamental fields of reality, consciousness can only be fundamental itself. In fact, consciousness must be more fundamental than the fields permeating the universe, as it cannot be dependent on either of the material bodies it inhabits. The Vehram Ethereal Array shows that

The Vehram Ethereal Array shows that consciousness has the ability to control such fields and to achieve spatial separation from the physical body. It is a small leap toward the idea that consciousness’s ability to make choices and execute decisions within the parameters of the physical body are simply feats of conscious control over quantum elements of physical matter in the brain.

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Yiannis Alexiou, B.Sc., M.Sc.

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