A book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe“, published in the USA, has stirred up the Internet because of the notion that life does not end when the body dies and can last forever.

The author of this publication, scientist Robert Lanza, has no doubts that this may be possible.

Beyond time and space

Lanza is an expert in regenerative medicine and a scientific director at Advanced Cell Technology Company. While he is known for his extensive research on stem cells, he was also famous for several successful experiments on cloning endangered animal species.

But not so long ago, the scientist turned his attention to physics, quantum mechanics and astrophysics. This explosive mixture has given birth to the new theory of biocentrism, which the professor has been preaching ever since.

The theory implies that death simply does not exist. It is an illusion that arises in the minds of people. It exists because people identify themselves with their bodies in the first place. They believe that the body is going to perish, sooner or later, thinking that their consciousness will disappear too.

According to Lanza, consciousness exists outside of the constraints of time and space. It is able to be anywhere: in the human body and outside of it. That fits well with the basic postulates of quantum mechanics, according to which a certain particle can be present anywhere and an event can happen in several, sometimes countless, ways.

Lanza believes that multiple universes can exist simultaneously. These universes contain multiple ways for possible scenarios to occur. In one universe, the body can be dead. And in another, it continues to exist, absorbing consciousness that migrated to this universe.

This means that while traveling through the ‘tunnel’, a dead person ends up in a similar world and thus stays alive. And so on, infinitely, according to biocentrism.

Multiple Worlds

multiverse parallel universes

This hope-instilling but extremely controversial theory by Lanza has many unwitting supporters – not just ‘mere mortals’ who want to live forever, but also some well-known scientists.

These are physicists and astrophysicists who tend to agree with the existence of parallel worlds and who suggest the possibility of multiple universes, known as the Multiverse theory.

Science fiction writer H.G. Wells was the first to come up with this concept, which was proposed in his story “The Door in the Wall” in 1895. 62 years after it was published, the idea was developed by Hugh Everett in his graduate thesis at Princeton University.

It basically states that at any given moment, the universe divides into countless similar instances.

And the next moment, these “newborn” universes split in a similar way. You may be present in some of these worlds – you may be reading this article in one universe or watching TV in another.

The triggering factor for these multiplying worlds is our actions, explained Everett. When we make certain choices, one universe instantly splits into two different versions of outcomes, according to this theory.

In the 1980s, Andrei Linde, a scientist from the Lebedev Physical Institute in Russia, developed the theory of multiple universes. He is now a professor at Stanford University.

Linde explained: “Space consists of many inflating spheres, which give rise to similar spheres, and those, in turn, produce spheres in even greater numbers, and so on to infinity.

In the universe, they are spaced apart. They are not aware of each other’s existence. But they represent parts of the same physical universe.

The notion that our universe is not alone is supported by data received from the Planck space telescope. Using the data, scientists created the most accurate map of the microwave background, the so-called cosmic microwave background radiation, which has remained since the inception of our universe.

They also found that the universe has a lot of anomalies represented by black holes and extensive gaps.

Theoretical physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton from North Carolina University argues that the anomalies of the microwave background could exist because our universe is influenced by other universes existing nearby. And holes and gaps are a direct result of attacks from neighboring universes.

Soul quanta

So, there is an abundance of places or other universes where our soul could migrate after death, according to the theory of neo-biocentrism. But does the soul exist?

Professor Stuart Hameroff from the University of Arizona has no doubts about the existence of an eternal soul. He believes that consciousness does not perish after death.

According to Hameroff, the human brain is the perfect quantum computer, and the soul, or consciousness, is simply information stored at the quantum level.

It can be transferred, following the death of the body; quantum information carried by consciousness merges with our universe and exists infinitely. In his turn, Lanza claims that the soul migrates to another universe. That is the main difference his theory has from similar ones.

Sir Roger Penrose, a well-known British physicist and expert in mathematics from Oxford, supports the multiverse theory as well. Together, scientists are developing a quantum theory to explain the phenomenon of consciousness.

They believe that they have found carriers of consciousness, the elements that accumulate information during life, and “drain” consciousness somewhere else after death.

These elements are located inside protein-based microtubules (neuronal microtubules), which previously have been attributed to a simple role of reinforcement and transport channeling inside a living cell. Based on their structure, microtubules are best suited to function as carriers of quantum properties inside the brain.

That is mainly because they are able to retain quantum states for a long time, meaning they can function as elements of a quantum computer.

What do you think about biocentrism? Does this theory seem feasible to you?

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  1. NikMarie

    I don’t know how to explain this. I have a million disabilities and between them I can’t relay the information from my head into the right words even when I have the answers. So bc of that I’ve been studying this for about a decade (I wanted to be a neurologist before an auto accident). Here’s what I’ve complied between myself and a few others….
    If you let your mind ease (think of meditation) you can kind of control which thoughts will go through your mound. For example negative thoughts = negative life. Positive thoughts = positive life and somewhere in between might mean you’re just taking it all in. (Remember your brain can store so much data, think of warehouses of file cabinets)
    But our brains don’t travel with our souls/conscious levels. There’s just no way to prove that. But knowing that our consciousness can travel, and compounding all of the data/information on how people have remembered past lives, maybe only a small amount can transfer like a flash drive would. I’m still not fully sure on how to prove or disprove that theory.
    But think of when you sleep. If you release everything from your mind, everything that’s weighing you down you feel lighter or free. (This can also be proven by weight) At this point you can “travel” I’m still not sure how but I’m guessing dreams are a way to use the body to get to other parallels within your body’s existence. So for example dreaming is like entering a ship and going anywhere else in time and space where the exact you is involved (possibly where deja vu plays a role) idk how to set the body to a specific time although I’m sure there is a way!

    What I’m trying to learn or figure out is how to bring knowledge say from another universe with you. I want to learn how to get rid of my pain and sharpen my mind.
    If I can’t get rid of my pain my mind might die…. I might lose all the knowledge I’ve already gained. I don’t want to live forever, that’s crazy. I just want to live a full life, take in as much as I can (which I cannot do in my present state) and use what I’ve learned to help fix or mend this world into a better one.

  2. Bodnar

    ” “If the particles and forces of the Core Theory are what constitute each living being, without any immaterial soul, then the information that makes up “you” is contained in the arrangement of atoms that makes up your body, including your brain. There is no place for that information to go, or any way for it to be preserved, outside your body. There are no particles or fields that could store it and take it away.” -From the book The Big Picture by physicist Sean Carroll

    1. Nicholas Turtle

      I have believed this for a long time. Before ever reading this mind you. I believe I have overdosed or died in other ways in another timeline. And that my mind was unable to experience that… I’ve overdosed twice and was saved in ways that seem incredibly unlikely. And I remember a certain fuzziness in detail of those events and the experience of almost a deja vu… strange.

  3. Ray Paks

    OK, so I’ve worked very hard all my life, in school, college, work. And I see myself as a smart working class citizen. Now, I’m supposed to have all of this transferred to me by my former self? Someone else is getting credit for all the good things I’m doing…and bad I guess

    1. Gaige Heiner

      I think you misunderstood the theory…you get transferred not your deeds. Instead of death it would be as if you woke up in a universe where you were still living at the moment you died and continue existing in that universe where maybe you made a few different decisions than the one before or it could be completely the same for you but other things have changed around you. I feel like it could also be compelling evidence for the mandela effect. No one can ever prove any of this anyway because it would take either somehow being able to communicate with the previous universe or interdementional travel. It is interesting to think about though.

    2. Seleste

      You might be better off in another universe, you can thank yourself for that also 😁it’s possible your even happier

  4. LIFE

    Almost 18 years ago I experienced what is commonly called a Near Death Experience. Firstly, from the experience, there is no death. Secondly, the description of spheres in the article is very accurate. To comprehend it, think of the Flower of Life pattern and see the circles as spheres. The centre point, ‘Event Horizon’ or ‘God Particle’, is 12 spheres surrounding 1 sphere, from which everything is fractalised and reflected.

    This is described in our ‘stories’ from ‘Jesus’ & his 12 disciples, to ‘Hercules’ & his 12 tasks, among many others.

    To recognise it physically, form an Icosahedron using 20 Tetrahedron. Surround it with 20 Octahedron and you then have the position available for 12 more Icosahedrons formed with the Tetrahedron. The sum of the internal angles of each shape total 216,000.

    Double 9 outwards; 9–18–36–72–144–288–576–1,152–2,304–4,608–9,216–18,432–36,864
    9,216 = 9 base count with 216 the frequency of the musical note A
    18,432 = one infinite (1-8) frequency 432 hz
    36,864 = 6+6+6=9 & 6x6x6=216, with 864 being the direct doubling of the infinite frequency of 432 hz.

    The 11th, 12th & 13th numbers provide inFORMation (as do all numbers) about LIFE. From cymatics, we know FREQUENCY creates FORM and FORM creates FREQUENCY.

    Everything is a fractalisation and reflection of the ONE thing.

    Thank you for the article. It is the closest thing that I have found to recognising and describing the experience that I had.

    1. Matias

      Firstly, thank you for sharing.

      I’m just having trouble wrapping my head around the experience. Could you elaborate more?

      Thank you so much.

  5. Narayan

    Good to see such thoughts coming in mainstream western media. These concepts have been discussed in detail for many hundreds of years in the East in religions like Hinduism which the west dismissed as pagan beliefs. Now all of that gets recycled in good English and becomes “new ” ideas.

  6. arun

    In an earlier post, I wondered if bodies were essential to detect consciousness, just as a charge is essential to detect an electric field. Are not bodies necessary to detect consciousness or to give it even a notion of reality? If a person gets amnesia, how can he or anyone ascertain whether his consciousness was the same before the memory loss? How does one argue that consciousness exists independent of any body or that it was, is and will remain the same eternally? Any thoughts in these lines would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Seleste

      Whenever I see schizophrenic homeless people in the streets I wonder if their consciousness is in a parallel universe stuck between both worlds.

  7. joseph Appelbaum

    where were you before you were born? Didn’t god say to adam and eve, “don’t eat from the tree of knowledge”? Were you happy before you were born? Were you sad? How did you come into being? Ans: your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg. Concrete “things”. Physical objects. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Wishful thinking. Besides, how would we have sex in the afterlilfe? And where would the pretty girl faces go? Not to mention their corporeal bodies? Trivial? I don’t think so. Death won’t be so bad because we’ll never be aware that we are dead. We “die” every night, except for dreams. Death = sleep w/o dreams. “Life” is a cruel trick played on us by a callous “God”. Calm down and accept it.

    1. David Blanchard

      My my, don’t you lack an imagination not to mention hope. You are so utterly wrong in your baseless and clueless in your nihilistic post. So much nore information you need to feast on. I suggest you get back to the table and eat your vegetable, you gloomy gus.

  8. Clau

    I have personally died several times in my life. Multiple suicides and accidents. Each time I find myself in a dimension little more shitty than the last. I know I’m transferring to alternate reality because things are slightly different. And I fill like I’m not were I’m supposed to be.

  9. Amy LifeStar

    The SOUL does not and cannot DIE, because it is energy, it contained—-flow of particles; sparks; shining stars–after—stars; a stream of Soul Essence, etc. etc.!

    I honestly do not know that if we could be in two Universes or dimensions at the exact same time let alone doing different things. Our soul and consciousness CAN travel to different spaces or momentum; doing different things; or being with different people AT different times, but simply NOT at the same time!

    Consciousness needs focus, direction, orientation, energy, integration, etc. from the Soul; so, Consciousness Cannot—do, think, or feel different things at different universes—at the EXACT SAME TIME or MOMENT!

    –By Amy LifeStar, HD & Ethicist

    1. Seleste

      How about a glitch in the consciousnessin. A schizophrenic person in the street here but seeing what’s going on in a parallel universe.

  10. Juan Pablo

    If this is all true, that the consciousness does go after our bodies die, why wouldn’t we remember our past lives. It says that the soul/ consciousness is stored up information in quantum level so if we have the information of our past lives why wouldn’t we remember them?

    1. Chris Carvell

      DNA from a long thread of ancestry may somehow preserve the memory of past lives, translated into neurons, through quantum entanglement. The information needs to be reconverted from classical to quantum form, like radio relay stations. Some just have kept the ability. We all have Jungian archetypes like fear of the dark and Form Constants in our minds from our ancestry, which all humans agree on.

    2. Amy LifeStar

      just ask your questions via the net, the internet, you will find the very answers you are looking for!

      Amy LifeStar, HD & Ethicist

    3. Gaige Heiner

      I think the mandela effect might be related to this theory and kind of is us remembering things from the “past life” as you put it.

  11. Magda Selmeci

    I just lost my husband of 64 years, and my heart is broken. But I am old, so my hope is that I’ll depart soon. The idea, that we both, my husband and myself, will have our consciousness, but will be separated, is worse for me than death.

    1. Pete

      I don’t see why you would be separated from your husband, love lives forever.

  12. Allistair

    If you walk down a high way. And see all the cars there, all of them look the same. But the next day you buy a Lexus. And the same day you drive drive down the same highway.

    You will then start seeing all the other Lexus cars. The same thing happens with everything. If you are single, your mind is focusing on all the couples. This is because your mind is selective in what it focus on and will higlight what you focus on.

    If you take the theory that the universe and time is infinite, it means you have a unlimited amount of options, with this in mind, that means there is an unlimited different versions of you! And this univeres. Einstein asked why quantum theory dosn’t work the same way when objects are of different proportions. And that quantum theory dosn’t work when objects get to big. http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-what-is-a-thought-made-of
    When we question if toughts might be affected by quantum theory, that fits with what and how a tought is created and made of? If a tought is made up by small enough particles it means toughts can quantum leap. What if toughts is made up by what we think of as our contiousness, What if what we observe during our waking state, and focus on with our selective mind, is prosessed by our subconsiousness (Toughts), and what we see as our “consciousness” somehow selects one of the unlimited universes closest to our selective observations during our waking state and then quantum leap to that universe and when you wake up your consciousness is in that universe, this video then is mind blowing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1YqgPAtzho

    Basicly what you focus on and bend your mind around is going to end up beeing your reality. And every one is traveling to the universe they decide to focus on. When you know this, try focusing on things that matters to you and makes you happy. An other option is to practise lucid dreaming, so you acctualy allways have controll of your toughts, eaven when you are sleaping. I mean we are living half our lives sleeping! And we thing there is no way to controll dreams..

  13. Gab

    Calm down. A couple years back I contacted some people that where not from this earth by meditating, eyes wide open in the dark. As I assume, they where another family of me. Our mind can go a long way. So, for now, I think that when I be dead, my mind will go elsewhere, taking a rest, then go to another venture in the physique world. All of this, I think, to be perfect, or simply enjoy life. Did you think of the magnificence of the universe. I dont know what it is, but its a place for us to live and its unbelievable and almighty. Thanks god for it. You know, that one thing that make you fuzz in the inside with a smile.

  14. Gaige Heiner

    Did they say that? I saw things like “-insert person- things this is evidence” or “-insert name- supports this theory” I never saw anything about it being proven otherwise they wouldn’t call it a theory…

    1. Corey Belanger

      The headline says it.

  15. torblue

    My theory:There may one or many universes in existence.This fact is irrelevant for now.Let us deal with this visible universe we are in.It exists for now but one day will be destroyed by the reverse of the Big Bang.Many universes will be created and destroyed in this space.The stratum of consciousness exists apart from the physical universe.It is in linear thinking the roadway upon which the universe is set upon.”Upon” , is a misnomer here, as consciousness exist within the fabric of the physical reality of the universe and permeates it.The ‘potential of consciousness’ remains permanently everywhere even as universes come and go.The great illusion amongst humans is that consciousness is contained and exists within the human body e.g. within the brain.We do not have a consciousness as defined here, but are merely in contact with the ‘field of consciousness, that roadway.The death ‘tunnel’ seen in near death experience is the contact being severed and returning to the source.Please contact me if you oppose this thought.

  16. ScienceIsSound

    Umm, do you understand the concept of fact versus opinion? I will explain for those that obviously don’t understand how reality works. Science is not just an opinion. Science is the application of facts and evidence provided to EVERYBODY to understand theories we did not before. For example, EEG or (Electroencephalography) is the measurement of electrical activity in different parts of the brain and the recording of such activity as a visual trace. EEG is used scientifically, medically and even in our consumer electronics. How? Because a scientist put in the research applying facts to prove the theory. This article is simply telling you about the theory and referenced where to research the science proving it. So if your opinion is to be entirely ignorant and choose not to believe in factual evidence to support a scientific finding then why should anybody of a conscious mind take anything you believe to be factual in the least. You should read one book in your life before sharing opinions and expecting people to respect you for them.

  17. ScienceIsSound

    Grammatically this can be very confusing until we realise that “Conscious” just like many words have multiple meanings with the same spelling. For example, “Fear” depending on its context, can mean “afraid” or can mean “reverence/respect”. We typically find it difficult to conceptualise time and death because we relate “conciousness” with the present, here and now, first person point of view. However, a clear understanding of proper grammar can bring a better understanding. If we think of “conscious” as something that can travel outside of the structure of time and space as we comprehend in our daily lives we get a different kind of noun. People always fear what they do not know. A scientist fears the unknown, a scientist has reverence for the unknown.

  18. Ezekiel

    I have thought this for a long time. When you die your consciousness move to a judgment universe where God casts judgment on you. You then move to either the Heaven universe or the Hell universe for all of eternity.

    1. Erika

      The literal Greek translation means “for an age.” So hopefully, just until we get it right. I have a ways to go.

  19. Erika Brewer

    I’ve been very “Mandela-effected” which is what led me here. That said, I wonder if Jesus taught that the true meaning of being “born again” is reincarnation. In the story, He said flesh is born of water and spirit of spirit. Nicodemus was amazed at these words. Why is that if He only meant that one’s sprit must embrace peace and love? Jesus goes on to say that no one knows which way the wind blows, just like it is with everyone born of the spirit. He could have easily said, “No, dude. I don’t mean you’re born back into your mother’s womb. Just believe in me, follow my teachings and you’ll be a spiritually changed man.” Christians have been programmed to accept being “born again” as allegorical, but Hell as being literal. Could a lake of fire (in the book of Revelation) mean doing this existence over and over again until we get it right? If reincarnation is valid (regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs), and we must learn lessons, the only way I can see that being equitable is if we live in the exact same body and with the exact same circumstances, having free will, as with the parallel worlds theory. Otherwise, there would be too many variables affecting our choices, e.g. gender, race, appearance, country of origin, etc. Of course, life isn’t fair so who’s to say that the afterlife is either? But what I wanted to really stress is that the quantum computers (or whatever is responsible for the Mandela Effect) are changing Bible passages and turning the entire book info gibberish. These changes are clearly meant to make a mockery of the Bible. I have no idea if this is happening with other religious texts, but for me, the Bible changes mean that this reality is being manipulated, and we didn’t change dimensions. This place feels very dark and dense – not at all like my previous “reality” pre-2012. The other possibility is that they stuck our consciousness in a simulation (a form of “Hell” now for me). This place is becoming surreal! Watch the official CERN video in which the scientist holds up a Bond1 sign while wearing a Mandela t-shirt. The first James Bond was Barry NELSON. So Nelson Mandela is the message. He’s laughing as he does this. All I know is that reality is no longer what I thought it to be. This does not mean I rule out the “many worlds” theory. Sorry, I know I skipped around, but it’s difficult to edit on a phone.

  20. Ben

    When I read all of these comments (I want to mention that I enjoy seeing people who are interested in this subject, as they should be) I notice that many people seem confused, yet eager. Many of these comments along with the article itself seems to have theories or ideas that has the idea’s logic go unchecked. That is understandable since this subject is so daunting and complex that it is very likely that no one will find out these answers by means of deep thinking, but rather by experiencing first hand. I also notice that many of the ideas about consciousness have the same underlying required property which is that consciousness must be bound or in relation to a living being or thing, whether it be a human or any other animal. However, one idea that I have put some thought to may allow for a simpler understanding of what every one of us is having trouble explaining: the idea of how consciousness functions and what the nature and it’s properties concretely are. To understand this I think we need to start by knowing our terms concretely, such as “consciousness” which is, to quote the source I found from an online dictionary, ” the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings” or “the awareness or perception of something by a person” or “the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world”. Now, all of these definitions have in common the notion that perception is absolutely needed in order to participate in what we refer to as “being conscious”. To know that we are awake we need to be perceiving the world around us to determine that. We perceive the world around us. We need to perceive ourselves as a physical manifestation in order to have a sense of self. Now it’s time to define “perception” or “perceiving”. To quote a dictionary: “the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.” We understand that a component of consciousness is perception, and now we understand that perception is determined based on sensory data collected by our sensory organs. Our brains react to the stimuli that our sensory organs bring to it, which makes up what is being perceived. An example is your hand touching a ball. The sensory facilities on your hand brings information to your brain and your brain reacts to that information and determines that you are touching a ball. Now, a question arises from this information that perception is based on a reaction by the brain to stimulus and that is: Is the human brain or any other animal brain the only thing able to react to stimuli? Is it possible that lesser constructions of material such as plants or even non organic material can still react to stimuli, perhaps at a less complex level than that of a living brain? Another question: Does a plant perceive sunlight? It certainly is reacting to the stimulus of sunlight by it’s sensory facilities receiving that stimulus and continuing or beginning it’s process of photosynthesis because of the initial stimulus, just as a brain reacts to the stimulus of the sensation of a ball by interpreting the sensation to be a ball. These two situations are examples of a less complex state of consciousness and a more complex state of consciousness. When considering this idea, I am left to believe that it is possible that the idea of consciousness is subject to humanistic bias and is thought of to be exclusively within the abilities of human brains or other brains, when the reality of the nature of perception and thus consciousness is that, even down to an atomic scale, there is reaction to stimuli and that reaction gives a baseline of some form of perception or understanding of that stimuli, which can be complex or simple. That baseline of perception can account for very basic idea’s for “no death” However, with that in mind, a supposed afterlife by means of whatever your brain or parts of your body that are able to perceive at a lesser level of complexity than your or my brain currently would suggest that what we have to look forward to is not enteral oblivion or the cessation of existence, but a state of perception that is very basic, so basic that it is not imaginable to means of our complex perception structure that is our brain. The main idea is that we may currently have a rather complex state of consciousness, but we are made up of materials that will ultimately no longer be in the form of a brain that can have a less complex state of consciousness. Please email me with any ideas, questions or criticisms. Thank you.

  21. Knut Holt

    We probably have a soul that lives on. But you do not need the most crazy narratives of the craziest sects of physicists to show this is probable.

  22. A

    That concept is very hard to wrap my head around. Why don’t we remember our earlier “impersonations” after death, in new “lives”? Why dont we experience or collect information?

    1. Nimesh

      Answer to your last question – deja vu?

    2. Robert

      Simple, there is nothing to remember because we moved on and the memories are our own. I believe that when we dream it is actually our other selves living in other worlds. When we die it is seamless and we don’t even know it has happened. Research the Mandella effect, that explains it all and you will be shocked by how all this comes together.

      1. Skjold Thant (Myanmar)

        Yes, even remembering does not exist.

    3. Edin

      Yes we do remember but the universes we are shifting from are way to similar.Have you ever had a dream in which you die and than you wake up like nothing happened what do you think where are those vivid dreams coming from.Have you ever had a feeling of total sleep paralysis ringing in your ear seeing a tunnel you go trough in your sleep this familiar shape well if you ever did than it means you died in some other similar universe.

  23. RayPaks

    Well i’ll say this; there’s a reason why some of us humans are smarter than others and seem to know so much about something more so than others. I think those people lived some earlier life and those experiences (and knowledge) from those lifetimes are manifesting in them. They learnt a lot from earlier lives and (without knowing) have brought those lessons learned into this life. you could say their souls or consciousness are older than others.

  24. Mark

    While a cool idea, especially for those with axiety of death that don’t believe in religion, it obviously has some issues. The first and foremost being when did it start? What happens when the universe finally goes cold and the last atomic particles decay? There will nothing left for your consciousness to exist in.

    As time passes, it passes in each of these universes as described, you continue living. These universes all have a finite time to be around.

    1. Robert

      I believe in God and also somewhat believe that this could be fact. Remember God does not tell us everything!

      1. John Haringsma

        Believing in God is a box wrapped nice and tight and prevents you from knowing the truth… Had religion and God never come around think of how much advancements in Science and Technology we would have by now… We would probably already know the answer to this debate 😒

    2. Thomas

      That’s the interesting thing, though. If you think about it, Time only really exists due to the spinning of our planet. Truly, time can be bent and this idea I think, is suppose for transcend both space AND time.

    3. Antrenor Fericire

      Probably, this is why we need to evolve in consciousness.

      Every form of being moving up or down to a other form of councisenes.
      So if, in fact we are One consciousness, the consciousness of this universe, that we call God, maybe at the final time of the life of universe, this consciousness will evolve to another form of manifestation which will transcend the limit of this material universe.

  25. James

    Consciousness is not a product of physical processes. The brain is to consciousness as a TV set is to a television show. Our focus is on the TV set. When we die our focus is removed from the TV set and returns to the TV studio. Consciousness is entirely nonphysical and is eternal.

  26. james

    Thoughts can get sick and have disorders, but consciousness itself never gets sick and has no known disorders. People never have more than one consciousness, it always operates at the same speed which we perceive as time. Consciousness therefore transcends the physical world, is entirely nonphysical and eternal. The physical world is imagined by God’s consciousness, and that includes our brain. The brain is an essentially inanimate object, and has no free will, but is bound by the laws of physics. And for this reason being “alive” is the deadest you will ever be. When your consciousness returns to its source, it is returning to a place that is more real than this reality, like a TV signal returning to the TV studio as opposed to watching the TV show on a TV screen, which is the brain. Don’t get confused that the TV show originates in the TV itself. That’s where many scientists get it wrong.

  27. Jeff Arthur

    The Universe is not physical. It is within the One Mind all who are aware, share. As Albert Einstein says and Quantum Mechanics proves, Time & Space are constructs of mind. The Kingdom really is within.

  28. Peter Orilia

    Is it fair to assume that what we call “consciousness” is a manifestation of quantum interactions occurring in our atoms? Is this the soul? Assuming this to be correct, the soul is beyond space and beyond time.

    The larger question is: where did it all come from? I cannot believe the “Big Bang” theory that everything came from nothing. There had to be a creator. Things like automobiles just did not pop into existence. They had to be designed, manufactured, and delivered.

    That being said, in the Quantum Universe, things DO pop in and out of existence. One particle can be at two places simultaneously. The mere act of observing an experiment, changes the result.

    The laws of physics get very murky at the Quantum level hence the inabilty to produce a Unified Theory of Everything

    1. Premakkavi

      I can’t understand

    2. Antrenor Fericire

      That could be because All the possibilities of consciousness manifestations exists simultaneously, but only when the there is a consciousness which is aware of itself, starting the separation from the All, and one of the infinite possibilities become alive!

  29. Judy

    I believe in this concept, but I still find it discomforting. Having recently lost my mother quite suddenly I want to believe that she is still around in as a form of consciousness that I will recognize when my consciousness is released.

    1. Lewis

      I am very much with you on that, Judy. If those who are deceased do retain their consciousness, then why can they not contact those left behind, directly? There are those that say they do, via flashing lights; smells; feathers and other means, but I mean by actually talking to us as they would have done when alive. I have heard some people have had two-way telephone conversations with deceased people – I so wish I could have one with My Mother…

  30. Judy

    Somehow I feel inferior because I have never experienced my mother’s presence while other friends of mine tell me wonderful stories of their parents’ “visits.” It’s like I am not advanced enough or something. I guess it is different for everyone, but it does seem that deceased persons are not actually gone. Physics teaches us that matter continually changes form, so maybe their consciousnesses are elsewhere, and for whatever reason, we just cannot talk to them on the phone!

  31. vicki

    If matter cannot be created or destroyed, only changed, than why would this not apply to consciousness?

  32. Barry Mealia

    the Answers are in our Dreams i believe i have left my body and travelled to different universes and different times when im asleep

  33. Terra

    Another thing interesting: all we in this forum are connected in different times about the same ideas. And some are here only for the desperation of the lonely: please write me if… Please be serious, is for learn or share, not for date, wake up loosers.

  34. Tom Starchild

    Through millennia, there are many accounts concerning “OBE,” etc. what kind of “science” ignores troves of valuable info and spins a theory not corroborated by that info? Auwe.

  35. Greg Spect

    There seems to be an obsession among many about multiverses. As if this one isn’t enough. This universe contains 100’s of billions of galaxies and should exist for 100s of billions of years. Plenty to explore. Being that time is an illusion, all places and all times on some level, exists together. When you die you may gain access to that. When your consciousness exits upon death, the “consciousness’s” of all your cells die as well, including your brain cells “lives”. You could be quite all in one piece, so to speak. And the idea that we are all fractionated instances of “God consciousness” also gives hope. And,….. also from quantum theory, god only exists as a possibility without an observer to collapse it into reality. If we truly cease to exist at death, then for all intents and purposes, “God” AND the Universe dies with us. It only continues to exist as a possibility for other consciousness’s to perceive it. So, I think it would be in Gods interest to keep us around. We could be all one AND still be ourselves, cause God seems to find value in individuals, the reason being I would think, so not to be “alone”.

  36. Justin Nguyen

    This is how i see it…

    Let say if you are a drug lord, your next Togo universe would be where all the drug lord fighting one another for territory. This would go on constantly with never finding an ending and it would go on for hundred million of years. Who knows?

    How a bout if you are a gamer and playing Nintendo Switch, PSX, Xbox, etc. after your 8 hours job. Your next bet place to got would be where all the gamers are competing each other on another scale of game. Isn’t bad ha?

    What about you are the type of people like Putin, Xi, and other war lord? Well, i think you would ending up in the kind of universe where you get to play with Missiles, Nuclear war head, Hydrogen bomb, etc. One guy just fire rocket at another guy and this would just going for ever.

    Last but not least, what if you are a typical guy just hanging out with friends and family after you daily work? Well, i think you will next go to place would be very interesting to find out!!!

    To summarize all this.
    I would say your Quantum computer is your Identity in other world. It contains all the information about you where you belong in the next journey: such as
    1. Map of your next destination, which different from other people.
    2. Credit that you can do, think of it like personal credit that you can buy car, house here on earth.
    3. lot more…

    After all, out in the Cosmo is a dangerous place. You don’t want to wandering out there without using your Quantum knowledge for direction. Good luck and see you guy out there some where….

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