Self-confidence is something many of us wish we had a little more of. Sometimes, we picture a “confident person” as being loud, full of themselves, and obnoxious. They want to be the center of attention and see themselves as above the rest. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some people have a quiet confidence.

Quiet confidence is a powerful trait to have and one all of us want. Being quietly confident means having a sense of inner peace and security, and the world becomes filled with more opportunities. Confidence can seem like a distant dream for some of us, but it’s possible to develop it. With a little work on your inner sense of self, you could have this powerful type of confidence too.

Powers of Quiet Confidence

1. Speaking Up Without Fear

Many of us feel sweaty and nervous at the mere thought of speaking up for ourselves. We worry that no one will listen, or that they will, and they won’t like it. This means that we might go through our entire lives never saying how we feel or what we want.

People with quiet confidence are ale to speak up for themselves fearlessly. They are prepared to accept that they might be wrong without embarrassment or shame. They are also willing to tell others what they want or need without being worried about what anyone else will think.

2. Stable Self-Esteem

Quietly confident people have strong self-esteem. Their confidence is built from within rather than relying on attention from others. Having quiet confidence also means never feeling the need to compare yourself to anyone else. It allows you to feel secure in your own abilities. This type of confidence helps a person feel proud of themselves and value their worth accurately, without outside influences.

3. Acceptance of Mistakes

Quietly confident people are happy to admit when they’ve made a mistake or failed in some way. They don’t see these things as a representation of their self-worth. Quiet confidence also helps a person have an accurate view of other people’s reactions.

Instead of worrying that others will see your mistakes as embarrassing or shameful, or make them angry, quietly confident people feel assured that they will react kindly. They will expect others to treat them with kindness and understanding. This allows them to confidently admit they were incorrect or made a bad decision without fear – a much healthier way of living.

4. Total Self-Acceptance

Accepting your flaws, weaknesses, and baggage can feel impossible at times, but that’s exactly what people with quiet confidence do every day. They give themselves positive feedback and validation when they deserve it instead of relying on other people to notice them. Their internal view of themselves is well-balanced.

They are also aware of their strengths and are able to use them to the best of their ability without any self-doubt. Quietly confident people don’t feel weaker because of their weaknesses or flaws, they embrace and accept them without punishing themselves. They will ask for help when they need it because they aren’t afraid to be judged by others. What matters to them is how they judge themselves.

5. Great Listeners

Quietly confident people make great listeners. They are able to focus on the needs of others without drawing attention to themselves. Their internal sense of security means they don’t need to be the center of attention. Because of their calmness and healthy view of themselves, they don’t usually need help and advice for themselves, leaving them open to help others.

Quiet confidence tends to make a person feel more comfortable listening to other people’s opinions. Instead of interjecting or trying to correct them, they’re happy to take on board what others have to say, knowing that if they want a turn, they’ll get one.

6. Calm in Times of Chaos

Having quiet confidence allows a person to find security and inner peace no matter what has been going on in the outside world. They are more resilient to excessive emotions and aren’t easily influenced by drama and scandal. They’re happy to stay out of trouble and away from those who create it, without fear of missing out.

Quiet confidence goes hand in hand with patience and resilience. These people are easily able to remain level-headed during times of trouble without trying to rush through or run away. This kind of calmness is contagious. Being around a quietly confident person also helps other people to feel balanced in chaotic times.

How to Develop Quiet Confidence?

Stop Judging Other People

Judging others makes us draw our attention to flaws and weaknesses. In the end, it always forces us to turn the judgment inwards and notice things we don’t like about ourselves. Being kind and understanding of others will always result in treating ourselves the same way. You’ll feel good about being good. If you want to have a quiet confidence, you should work on building self-love from the outside in.

Give compliments to others too. When you notice things you like about others, you might start to notice similar things you like in yourself. When you value others, they’ll value you in return and will help you to develop your own internal confidence.

Be Responsible for Yourself

Admit your flaws and mistakes openly without judging yourself or feeling ashamed. Quiet confidence means valuing yourself enough to not be disheartened when you slip up. It also means being self-assured enough not to think others will hate you for your mistakes.

Be the stronger and bigger person and apologize with the genuine intention to improve yourself. You should also practice being aware of how your actions will affect other people. Taking total responsibility for yourself is a key trait of quietly confident people.

Be Open-Minded

Quietly confident people aren’t shaken by the opinions or choices of other people. The ultimate goal is to develop your sense of self so well that nothing else can shake it. This means you’ll be open to hearing other people’s stories without trying to influence them or rejecting them altogether.

Take risks and opportunities that lie outside of your comfort zone. This will teach you that you can be successful at whatever you choose to do. It will also show you that failure doesn’t need to be something that affects you at all.

We could all use a little more confidence at times, and not the showy, overwhelming type. Imagine what you could achieve by moving through life with the belief that you are worthy of success and able to achieve whatever you choose. This is the power of quiet confidence.



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