The Ageless Wisdom contains several foundational principles, one being that all of creation is based on seven streams or rays of energy.

The energies of these rays are believed to create seven soul types that describe every human being on the planet.

Which soul type do you think you fall into?

1. The Warrior (Will & Power)

Warriors make natural leaders, as they are known for their persistence, strength, and dependability.

emotional agility

With all great leaders comes a cold, ruthless side that can appear when their power is threatened, however, their softer side shines through more often than not. Warriors are known for their courageous ambition and their constructive free expression of life force.

2. The Nurturer (Divine Love & Wisdom)

Nurturers are caring, affectionate, and considerate. The warmth and wisdom of the nurturer are magnetic to those around them, making this soul type perfect for a teaching or caring role.


Nurturers often hold onto neediness and sensitivity as part of their front, but letting go of these traits will allow the nurturer to reach their true potential.

3. The Strategist (Active Intelligence)

Understanding Economics

The strategist is a master at keeping peace and achieving ambitions. They are known for their planning skills, but also for their ability to adapt when required. Strategists have a careful, caring nature and their passion for enterprise is strong.

4. The Mediator (Harmony through Conflict)

interpersonal conflict

Mediators are most well-known for being able to see both sides of a conflict, and being able to communicate effectively amongst the parties. Mediators use creative force for the higher good and excel at creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Mediators are also good leaders as they feel confident in being the spokesperson for a group and taking each person’s thoughts into consideration before making a decision. This soul type is sensitive but also has a good sense of humour.

5. The Engineer (Concrete Science)

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

The engineer thrives on defining and researching, trusting factual and statistical knowledge overall. This type of soul is built around a theory-based intelligence and an ability to take a commonsense approach at all times, basing opinions on facts.

6. The Devotee (Devotion & Idealism)

character traits

The devotee has a fiery soul that drives them to be devoted and focused on whatever the end goal may be. The devotee is hugely loyal and receives beneficial influences because of their nature.

This soul type is also very sentimental and creates deep relationships with those around them.

7. The Humanitarian (Ceremonial Order)

enfp careers

The humanitarian soul type is highly organised and works for the greater good, rather than for personal gain.

This soul type follows rules, laws, and regulations firmly and can be a very skillful leader if in the right field. Their organisational nature allows them to excel at their goals with little help from others.

Through identifying your soul type, you may be able to discover your soul’s purpose and begin your inner journey.

Did you identify yours? What about those around you? Let us know in the comments.

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