There is got to be a reason why vampires and zombies are so popular these days.

You can see them in movies, TV shows, and even commercials. In many cases, the image of vampires is glorified making us want to become one and, on the other hand, we all are often forced to feel compassion towards those who turn into zombies on the screen.

Is it possible that those characters are actually a perfect visual explanation of what is really happening with the world today?

Who are the vampires and zombies of today and how can you protect yourself from them?

We are all one collective consciousness and something can be popular around the world only if it has resonance with what is really happening on the energy-informational level (the Field).

We know that vampires are afraid of sunlight and need to suck blood in order to survive while zombies are the “living dead” creatures that have to feed on the flesh of others (usually shown as a herd of gruesome-looking bodies hunting for everything that is still alive).

Since most people in the world today are still living under the matter-based paradigm, the only way they can perceive the reality of the Field is through symbols and visuals.

Vampires and zombies are just the symbolic personifications that show people how we humans often interact with each other and as a group on the energy field and levels of consciousness.

You might have heard about energy vampires, people who lack their own energy and are forced to suck the energy of those around them (there are also energy vampires who deliberately prey on the energy of others).

Instead of blood, “energy vampires” suck the energy of different spectrum depending on which frequency their energy shell (human aura) is lacking or missing altogether.

Vampires of today are people who consciously or subconsciously made a choice to live off the energy resources that are produced by others.

Vampires are those who are living in fear of realizing their own potential. They are afraid of the light that their own creative essence can generate. Instead of supplying their energy centers with the energy coming from their own higher self, they feed on the energy of others.

There are many people who can fall under the category of an energy vampire and each one of us at one point in our life was probably in the state of an energy vampire as well. The key is to get up when you fall. It is ok to rely on the energy of others only for a short time in order to get yourself back on track.

If you are constantly in need of someone else’s energy and you are too afraid to establish communication with your higher self, then you may turn into an energy vampire for good.

To avoid falling into the state of an energy vampire, you have to take full responsibility for the state of your own energy and make sure to keep energy exchange with others fair (see 5 Signs of an Energy Vampire Who Kills your Time and Energy).

The outbreak of a “zombie virus” may seem like a problem on a much bigger scale than energy vampires.

Unfortunately, masses of people around the world can be described as “living dead”. Those who refuse to think for themselves, trust everything that they see on TV, and blame everyone else for their own problems can be simply described as energy zombies.

It seems that there is some kind of a bug in their head that makes them the way they are. They refuse to change their life for the better even though they feel miserable with the life they have.

Most of them refuse to even hear anything about spiritual evolution, consciousness, or higher-self. Even though some of them do belong to a certain spiritual group,  they rarely feel the true connection with their own spirit.

At times when you see one of them, you might even want to take them out of their misery in a way that leading characters of zombie movies do. Talking or explaining that everything will change for the better to an energy zombie is useless 99% of the time.

You can, of course, spend your own time and energy to help the one who turned into a “living dead”; however, the most effective cure is often tough love.

People tend to change only in the time of crisis, so if you want to cure an energy zombie, you might have to take responsibility for creating that crisis for them.

You also have to become an example of what life is all about, that way you will always have enough energy to spare in case you decide to get them out of a crisis you have created for them.

However, keep in mind that not all zombies actually want to be saved.

So there might be a time when you will have to make a choice to either sacrifice yourself by allowing them to feed on your energy body (which could turn you into a zombie just like them) or realize your full potential, which essentially will bring a much more positive result for everyone involved.

One of the ways to avoid becoming a vampire or a zombie of today, as well as protecting yourself from them, is to know your higher self and follow its mission through your own intuition.

When more people begin to cooperate with their spirit and learn how to correctly interact on the levels of higher consciousness, the popularity of energy zombies and vampires would have no resonance on the Field and would eventually vanish.

We all are a part of a bigger organism of one higher consciousness and in a way, we all are responsible for what is happening around the globe. We all just need to wake up ourselves and help others to do so as well.

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