There are two very popular topics that strike a sensitive chord in the thoughts and emotions of human beings: religion and extraterrestrial life.

These two topics bring up more questions than answers at times. Most people like thinking and talking about religion and extraterrestrial life, if they are real and how they relate to one another. Put them together and you really have one hell of a debate.

Extraterrestrial life, as opposed to what we believe as a race, takes on a whole new dimension. If there is life on other planets, then what does that mean for those who believe in God, gods, or even atheists? How is extraterrestrial life and spirituality connected? Well, it’s simple, really.

What we really want to know is, “How would discovering life on other planets affect religion?” If we believe in God, who created the Earth and started with two people, Adam and Eve, then what do we think about beings on other planets?

Since Adam and Eve sinned and their lives changed forever, does this mean that beings on other planets have similar fates? It’s interesting to fathom that we could be connected by the same covenant explained by Christianity.

If you use logic, then you begin to think that other beings, on other planets did not have to abide by God’s law. These other beings may even be free from sin since they did not commit the famous crime of passion, brought upon by eating a strange fruit.

From the Books

David Weintraub, the author of “Religions and Extraterrestrial Life” and astronomer at Vanderbilt University, examines the reaction of several different faiths to the idea of life on other planets. The polls show various readings, and some may surprise you.

During the poll, over 5 thousand Americans were surveyed, providing some startling results by religious affiliation. Over 30% of those who were asked said they believed in life on other planets. 55% of those were Atheists, 44% Muslim, 37% Jew, 36% Hindu, and 32% Christian.

It seems that the results are loosely based on the belief system and how “earth-minded” the belief system seemed to be. Christians, for example, found the idea to be uncomfortable because the bible states that God created the heavens and earth and populated the earth. There is no mention of any other planet within the pages of the holy scriptures — at least not in Christianity.

Other points of views

Other religions, such as Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormons actually hold a fairly strong belief in extraterrestrial life.

Their scriptures have a place for those from other planets. The Seventh-day Advents believe that religions were focused on Adam and Eve, two people, from the Earth, that had sinned. They figure that if you are from another planet, then you are not bound by the rules of their religion, thus, you would abide by other laws or beliefs, created by another society.

Even those who believe in reincarnation seem to think there may be some connection between life on other planets and spirituality. Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t. As time goes by, and scientists discover more evidence of extraterrestrial life, we may come to understand the true role of religion in the whole of existence.

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  1. Katherine L

    Keep an open mind, release dogmas to understand this all, is key and remember, there are positive non Earthlings (the names ET and Alien are worn out and tainted)and regressive non Earthlings. Choose Wisely. key word; Wise. Use discernment.

    1. Sherrie

      Thank you, Katherine.

      The word discernment is so underrated. Without being able to discern things, we would be led away by every flimsy suggestion. We would be fickle beings, as if we aren’t fickle enough. So, I praise the act of discerning information and going with what feels right. In the end, despite “scientific proof” we will be making decisions by that little pinprick in our chests…that intuition…that ability to feel and not just see and hear.

  2. George E Moss

    Many will not believe what I have to say, but I will say it because it is truth. Following 20-years of seance group work, with communications/teaching from Angelic Realms and sentient beings living on other planets … all well published on Internet, in book form and as papers; I am in a position to make very precise statements:
    (1) There is much more to this universe than this one potty little rather backward planet with its archaic and wayward but sometimes well-meaning religions.
    (2) There is a ‘Creative Principle’, recognized by the planets of our knowledge that some humans might care to think of as ‘God’.
    (3) Humans in past times, have called any being with greater intelligence (and love) than humanity … a god. The Greek ‘gods’ (Zeus etc) were in fact Angels and could be seen by the people then. The ‘gods’ of ancient Egypt(Isis, Osiris etc) were visiting ETs from Sirius, who built the Giza pyramids to provide energy.
    (4) Spirit Realms and access via seance groups and mediumship are very, very real, and make more sense than archaic religions (but we have to turn away from fraudulent tricksters and damaging words from critics who just haven’t a clue).
    (5) News authorities in the UK are so anti and ignorant that they censor or ignore the Bosnian pyramid excavations now into their 9th year. They are the biggest and oldest in the world and were built by visiting ETs 35,000 years ago. I have been there. They continue to produce their energy. They are wonderful, but news of them continues to be withheld by news authorities!

    1. Sherrie


      I find this amazing and love to read about these findings. I try to have an open mind because, as I have said before, we really don’t know until we’ve recieved proof and truth through messages or what’s right before our eyes. And also, as I have said before, who are we to say what’s right or wrong according to our own experiences. Now, I am not refuting your information, I am simply applauding you for talking about it and not being afraid of ridicule. As you know, there are many people who are armed with insults and ready to say, “You’re wrong” and they are “100% right”. I experience this almost every day because I DO believe in things that are spiritual and beyond many other’s understanding and beliefs. So, I thank you and I am always intrigued to learn more.

  3. Doug Webber

    One other Christian Church has a very strong belief in extraterrestrial life that the article did not mention: it is the New Church, or Swedenborgian Church. Emanuel Swedenborg has many waking visions of the afterlife over a 27 year period, and in the course of that encountered human extraterrestrials who did not originate from our planet.

    1. Sherrie

      Thank you for this information. I have always been rather interested in this connection. This is one of the theories that I am not familiar with but will try and research soon. I love to learn new things involving these topics.

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