How many times did you have thoughts that you never wanted to share with anyone and have been constantly worried at the thought of someone ever finding out about these thoughts?

All of us have been through this process, and the new and improved technologies being developed around the world, supposedly to deal with crime and terrorism, and inadvertently intrude on one’s privacy, should probably bring us all to the brink of paranoia. These technologies are funded by governments at the highest level and some of the countries involved include the USA, UK, Spain, Germany, and France.

Recently, the infamous National Security Agency (NSA) of the U.S.A. has developed a very efficient method of controlling the human brain.

This technology is called Remote Neural Monitoring (R.N.M.) and is expected to revolutionize crime detection and investigation.

The below information is based on the statement by Robert C. Gunn, Ph.D., NSA clinical psychologist currently indicted for human and constitutional rights violations of Mind Control.

R.N.M. works remotely (ever wondered why have we all been driven relentlessly towards wireless systems?) to control the brain under the objective to detect any criminal thought taking place inside the mind of a possible culprit.

The inevitable question: How can you isolate a criminal thought if you do not have a comparative measure of non-criminal thoughts?

This undertaking is based on two principles:

  1. The research studies have shown that the human intellect thinks at a speed of about 60 bits per second and, therefore, does not have the capability to contest with supercomputers acting via satellites, implants, and biotelemetry.
  2. The human brain has a characteristic set of bioelectric resonance structures. By using supercomputers, the R.N.M. system can home in on it, and send messages through an embedded individual’s nervous system in order to affect their performance in a preferred way.

The entire system has been developed after about 50 years (!) of neuro-electromagnetic human experimentations, claimed to be involuntary, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

According to some scientists involved in this program (their names are not revealed for obvious reasons), within a few years, it is expected that DNA microchips, under the guise of medical breakthroughs that will be presented to launch the disease cure processes on speed and efficiency, might be implanted in the human cerebrum, which would make it inherently controllable. R.N.M. would then have the ability to read and govern a person’s emotional mental procedures along with the involuntary and visions.

At present, around the world, supercomputers are watching millions of people at the same time, with the speed of 20 terabits per second, particularly in countries like the USA, Japan, Israel, and a number of European countries. A similar program is supposedly underway in Russia.

How does R.N.M. work? It employs a set of programs functioning at different levels, like:

  1. The signals intelligence system which applies electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), to excite the brain for the system and the electronic brain link (EBL).
  2. The Brain Stimulation system that has been planned as particle emission intelligence, which means receiving information from unintentionally created electromagnetic waves in the environment. However, it is not related to radioactivity or nuclear detonation.
  3. The recording machines that have electronic equipment to examine electrical action in human beings from afar. This computer-generated brain charting can always record all electrical events in the cerebrum.
  4. The recording aid system deciphers individual brain maps for security purposes.

The underlining technology of this system takes into consideration that the electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts. R.N.M. can send encrypted signals to the audio cortex of the brain directly circumventing the ear.

This encoding assists in detecting audio communication. It can also perform electrical mapping of the cerebrum’s activity from the visual center, which is achieved by avoiding the eyes and optic nerves, consequently projecting imageries from the subject’s mind onto a video display. With this visual and audio memory, both can be visualized and analyzed.

The machinery involved can, remotely and non-invasively, detect information by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in 30-50Hz, 5 mW electromagnetic emissions from the cerebrum.

Evoked potentials are called the spikes and patterns created by the nerves, as they produce a shifting electrical pattern with an ever-changing magnetic instability, which then puts on a constant amount of electromagnetic waves. The interesting part about this is that the entire exercise is carried out without any physical contact with the subject.

The EMF emissions can be decoded into current thoughts and audiovisual perception, in the subject’s gumption. It sends complicated ciphers and electromagnetic pulse signals to activate evoked potentials inside the mind, consequently generating sound and visual input in the neural circuits.

With its speech, auditory and visual communication arrays, R.N.M. allows for a comprehensive audio-visual mind-to-mind connection or a mind-to-computer association.

The mechanism needs to decrypt the resonance frequency of each specific site to modulate the input of information in that specific location of the cerebrum.

Furthermore, R.N.M. can detect audio via microwaves, and features the broadcast of precise directives into the subconscious, producing visual disorders, illusions, and instillation of words and numbers into the brain through radiation waves.

With all the given paybacks for tracing the unlawful and traitorous activities, there are many alarms and dangers being pointed out by human rights advocates and scientists. The agencies of human rights, worldwide, have criticized the system as an affront to the basic human rights because it violates privacy and the dignity of considerations and events of life.

Several countries have opposed it and refer to it as an offense on their human and civil rights. Along with other biological concerns voiced by scientists, R.N.M. remains a controversial technology, which is being used in many countries for security maintenance and surveillance.


  1. Robert C. Gunn, Ph.D., Arbor, Michigan, NSA clinical psychologist currently indicted for human and constitutional rights violations of Mind Control. Extracts from the passage of the affidavit of the indictment.
  2. Declassified documents by NSA of the MKULTRA project
  3. R.G. Malech Patent #3951134  “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves” USPTO granted 4/20/76

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  1. Mezner

    I am also experiencing the same issue. I have voices in my head, or rather other people communicating with me. This has been going on for three years now. I am constantly trying to convince them to contact me. They making me do things either for their own gain, to hurt me further or to just to keep the information away from me and their control over my life in their hands. I am committed to get full control of the thoughts in my head back which effects my actions. I have no doubt that the “voices” are real. I have been researching the mind and how it works for the last two years. I do see a positive application of this technology for advances in cognitive understanding and A.I. development, but individual security and privacy should take priority. PLEASE REPLY IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION THAT COULD ASSIST ME IN FINDING EITHER THE PEOPLE DOING THIS TO ME or ANY TECHNICAL DETAILS ON HOW THEY DO IT. Thank you!

    1. Crazy

      Me too plz give me some info on this. I believe it’s my family. They don’t tell much. They say it one minute next it’s not. I named them after my family too their voices are similar u don’t just hear familiar voices in ur head car house everywhere you go. They have played over 200 voices over the last yr. Anyone I come incontact with they have on their setting them up for the fall to take it off but never comes to an end. Marriage is over and I’m about to lose my kids. Iv lost my friends my life as is. I’m READY TO GET MY LIFE BACK IN CONTROL but don’t Kno how to move on with no hope no nothing.


    Wow..I can’t believe this is happening to many. Other people but. This. Is also happening to’s crazy cuz they want to make me think and believe I’m a girl ..I’m a guy ..hahaha..I’ve researched how this remote monitoring works and how they work with mind control.. mind connected to mind . synthetic thoughts .genital stimulation .thought processing .muscle movements .facial movements and contortion. All while telling me I’m a girl..lmao I’m a well looking Latino guy blessed by God in so many ways and I wouldn’t trade that for’s just funny that these sick sociopaths and phsycopaths free Mason satanic creatures not human at all..are trying g so hard to try to confuse and distort the mind of a person that knows God’s creation and Word..they don’t fool me ..they are so constant ..they beyond the word pathetic and sick ..when.i hear them in my voice to skull technology they are guys and girls my age “20s” also Hispanic and very hostile at times but it seems that my neighbor is the handler and Mastermind behind it been going thru this for exactly 1 year…and honestly I already know that the shadow government freemasonic illuminati is behind this all..I’m holding on to God ..he is greater than anything and everything ..I have really bad days and ok the end of it all i know he lets it happen. Maybe not so much for a reason but. Just to let us know that even tho the devil is Prince of this world that HE IS IN CONTROL..PLEASE SEEK ….THIS.TECHNOLOGY IS DEMONIC .THE devil IS TRYING REALLY HARD ..PLEASE JESUS IS THE WAY…GOD BLESS YOU FOLKS..PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IF YOU ARE BEING RADIATED AND BEAMED WITH EMF WAVES .DETOX WITH BAKING SODA IN WATER . SSKI POTASSIUM IODIDE AND ALKALOID FOODS AND ASK GOD TO HEAL YOUR MIND AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SOUL AND SPIRIT MIND AND BODY .

    1. WHO runs the show

      You can’t rely on jesus…. he is one of their voices too.

      Don’t fall for the jesus trap. The Romans used this implant 2000 years ago to contain their sheep!

  3. dust

    i have been in this for 4 years.. the government is doing it to people for study, like lab rats… and here is the kicker.. the fbi is responsible for multiple mass shootings, they are torturing people causing death to innocent civilians and lying about the investigations.. it’s really a huge deal..

    1. dust

      they are causing the very thing they are pretending to investigate.. this is something that will bring down the FBI for sure.

  4. Donovan Heath Bass

    Yep. It’s just a game they play with me probably on there lunch break.i last heard I might be on level 4.I don’t do a dam thing they say.they have been harassing me 24/7.making my life difficult.. what a terrible brain they Have. They deserve imprisonment 4 life.

  5. nathan haack

    Urban terrorism, gang activity and acoustic attacks just like those used on the US diplomats in Cuba and Remote Neural Monitoring in Australia..

    Ive had an ongoing problem with some bikies over the past 6 or 7 years that has been spread from sunshine coast to BRISBANE and CAIRNS in QLD down to GEELONG VIC where it unfortunately continues to present day.. this is a series of events I kept record of from gang stalking to the use of acoustic/psychotronic weapons from 2010 to present day much like the ones used on the U.S diplomats in cuba..

    It began (Monday may 2010) with a smear campaign designed to turn anyone and everyone from SUNSHINE COAST and BRISBANE against me where they told people depending on who they were that i was a thief, rapist, a police informant, a paedophile and even a hells angels infiltrator.. Anyone who disagreed with them was simply threatened into submission with some friends leaving town and almost all too scared to go out and be seen with me in public after several occasions of public intimidation/humiliation (sunshine coast, Brisbane and geelong) that grew more and more in frequency and intensity as time went on.. Sometimes they claim to be bandidos and that pat quinn (supposedly sunshine coast chapter) and the geelong chapter are behind it while at other times they claim to be rebels and that geelong and sunshine coast/brisbane chapter are behind it. Alienating me in this manner from all my friends was the 1st part of their plan to destroy my life…

    June 2012- I wake up feeling extremely groggy face down on uncomfortable couch after sleeping for some 31hrs after being drugged by a friend in my own home as some were threatened into doing.. The contents of my wallet and pockets were spread across the washing machine and not in my pocket or under my pillow where I keep my valuables when I sleep after suspecting someone has a key to my unit due to things going missing without sign of a break in so I went and bought a home safe..
    Suspect friends have been telling the bikies where I am going as they always seem to be already waiting at my destination. I start to lie to everyone about where I am going yet time and time again the bikies and their associates are waiting at the right place.. on top of this I decide to purchase 6 security cameras including 2 wall mounted and 4 hidden pinhole cameras of which I set up all but 2. A friend came by to pick me up for a rare nite out and the next morning I returned home to find all the cameras were gone, including the 2 pinhole cameras I had not yet connected so i doubt a de-bugging device could have detected them but they were still gone and yet again no sign of break in and returned home to locked doors.. A week or so prior to this my keys disappeared from my bed side table then turned up 3 days later under the couch and I assume they were taken and put back by a friend acting under duress which would explain their easy access to my unit in the taking of phones, cameras and tampering with my food (mixing cat shit into my chocolate icecream)..
    Also around this time I started getting strange unnatural feeling vibrating pains in my head which later spread to my abdomen, elbows and knees whenever I try to sleep and after a few weeks of this I began hearing voices in my unit that sounded like upstairs neighbours (2 men and 1 woman + 4th male voice on weekends claiming to be rebels) talking about what I was doing in my unit tho no-one else seemed to be able to hear them.. Sometimes they would say positive things but mostly it was negative yet they always seemed to know exactly what I was doing/planning behind closed doors, even after I swept the unit for bugs of which I found none..
    2 weeks later Madison Genevieve Rogers (my ex) rang me from her mobile and smugly asked how the bandidos were treating me and boasted it was them torturing me and not rebels but whether she was telling the truth or not I don’t know… Somebody put her up to making this call so she definitely knows who is behind it..

    August 2012- My mother and brother come up to sunshine coast to get me to return to victoria and after we leave the unit the voices stop..
    On a Saturday nite a few weeks after returning to geelong I go out on the town for drink and while at home house several guys come and talk to me and occasionally mention some of the stuff I had gone thru on the sunshine coast. At closing time one of them approaches me and asks me if I am interested in coming to the club house which I politely declined and was met by angry looks and then they got in a cab and left.
    Later that nite the voices and vibrating pains begin again after i refused their invite to the club house but now they are claiming to be bandidos and that pat quinn (sunshine coast bandidos) are behind it and I must do the things they say or they will kill my family or inflict higher level of pain on me..

    Sept 2012- while at slate pool hall for a nite out on the town kevin a guy i just recently met spoke with me a bit about the bikie problem then he lured me down to the eureka as others had in the past) where they had set up a public intimidation/humiliation session to draw as much negative attention towards me as possible so I’m pretty sure he knows who is behind it but not to what extent..

    Oct 2012- go out for a drink to the barwon heads pub with my brother and I pick up a girl named briony..
    The following weekend i organise to meet up with briony and go out for drinks at the barwon heads pub again but she seems a little on edge. After an hour she starts to cry, gets up from the table and runs off saying ‘I’m sorry but they threatened to kill my dad’. 2 of the guys that were at home house including the one that invited me to the club house were there too making their presence known but this time they did not approach or talk to me and rather just stood around glaring at me..

    Dec 2012- I am now hearing the same voices most of the day, even while out and about and not just by myself in my room. They start off positive to a small degree then it goes negative, turning into threats such as harming my friends and family if I do not do as they say but its always the same 3 voices during the week and a 4th on weekends.. As soon as I try to sleep I get the vibrating pains in my head, knees and elbows which has become a nightly saga getting to sleep and no doctor or pain killer/medication has been of any help so far and the higher the vibration, the higher the pain so its often accompanied by dizziness, extreme nausea, vomiting,nose bleeds and constant urination when the bladder is vibrated but it all goes away when I get out of bed and stop trying to sleep..
    New years eve at a friends place the voices claim that both clubs are working together for payback after a few incidents I had with them back in 2004 and all I have to do is go stand outside for 10 minutes and they will leave me be. I said no way, fuck off each time they asked until they hit me with sharp pain to the back of my head which they did for an hr or so til I agreed to do as they say. Eventually i go outside and after 10 mins nothing happens so I go back inside. Then the voices tell me I have to go back outside again for 10 minutes but further down the road so I am not visible to my friends security camera of which I was thinking of using to try catch them on tape. I leave the unit and walk 100 metres up the road and round a corner and stop. Within 5 minutes 2 guys on Harleys ride past a few minutes apart but both pointing at me and shaking their heads with the last pointing a metal baseball bat at me. I think they did this as a way of intimidating me on both sides from physical in person close encounters like this to the symphony of bullshit and threats going off in my head but I have no idea how they are doing it or where its coming from but its so coordinated it makes my head spin..
    My brother noticing my obvious distress calls the police and swanson centre where I am taken and upon delivery there the voices in my head begin cheering and claim now they have me right where they want me but as soon as I walked in the doors the voices and pains stop and did not return for about 6 months..

    June 2013- After 6 months of pain free peace and quiet I am missing my friends so I plan a trip to the sunshine coast but as soon as my plane lands the voices return threatening to harm any friends I catch up with and also my family while I am away. I threaten to post the threats and names plus what little information I have about them on facebook which I will then forward to the police and the voices stopped almost as quickly as they started. After this the public displays of intimidation/humiliation stopped as well as they knew I was trying to remember faces to report to the authorities and after this they used only my friends and general members of the public in trying to mess with my head and draw negative attention towards me..
    While visiting a friend (scott) he discreetly suggested it may not be in my head (which I already suspected) and that I should look up psychotronics, acoustics and soniq’s attacks.. Upon researching these things with him i come across the term S.Q.U.I.D which stands for Superconducting Quantum Interface Device and looking back to when i was living in mudjimba 2011 when a guy that came back to an after party at my place with johnsy, danni dutrow and jess taylor asked me when we were alone if i knew what a squid was?? I replied yes i use them as bait and why did he ask but he just smiled and said not to worry. He also admitted to knowing pat quinn and said he would talk to him for me but like almost all who have tried or offered to help me in some way i never saw him again.

    August 2013 – the peace has finally broken after I returned home to find they had followed through on their threat to bring my housemates (marty + blair) into the threat scene and I saw they were obviously terrified so I booked a plane ticket to cairns the following day. I was plagued with voices the whole flight but this time they stopped upon touch down at cairns airport and once again they stopped for 6 months, apparently trying to lure me into a false sense of security again that I was getting my life back..

    Jan 2014- After hardly sleeping for days due to the painful vibrations in my head that seem to be slowly getting worse as are my nose bleeds and loss of balance so I decide to leave the backpackers anyway at 2am to go for a short walk to get some smokes but a few hundred metres down the road 2 guys come out of nowhere and one of them punches me in the back of the head before they ran off leaving me a little shaken as it’s the 3rd time something like this has happened to me while out walking somewhere so close to home in the past 12 months in 3 different towns tho this time there was no verbal abuse or threat to kill myself..
    The voices begin again in response to some very unpleasant pains I have been experiencing on and off while trying to sleep that started in my head and eventually spread to other parts of my body again such as abdomen and arms and legs but the ones in my head are by far the worst and now feel like my brain is being ripped in two. They tell me to give up and say its only gonna get worse and claim that they are rebels behind it tho the 2 voices are not those of any I have heard before. They say their mission is still the same and that is to drive me into taking my own life with their device which they now claim they can use on anybody around me which makes a lot of sense as for a long time I was trying to figure out how they communicated their orders with friends and foes alike when trying to mess with my head while out in public place plus how accurate all their info was on what I was up to behind closed doors like knowing the combination for my home safe and other places I hid my valuables..

    Sept 2015- A few weeks after returning to GEELONG I receive a text msg from a friend (Brett S.) who had arrived back in CAIRNS from holiday saying his 2 housemates had been followed home after dropping me at the backpackers and had a gun waved in their faces and were threatened to stay away from me coz I’m not allowed to have any friends. This text msg was witnessed by my mother and chris my case manager from Barwon Health.. since then brett has moved and changed numbers and ive lost all contact with him..

    20th oct 2015 I am in the kitchen with my mother watching tv thinking that what if I’m wrong and the voices are mental illness and no-one is trying to make me kill myself and I think perhaps I should see another doctor to look deeper into these problems as they are ripping me apart and seriously fraying my nerves but it’s the pains that bother me the most as they just do not feel natural in a vibrating, buzzing way that often makes me extremely nauseous and dizzy to the point I fall over frequently and also leaves a very loud ringing in my ears ..
    A few minutes after this my phone rings showing private number and an unfamiliar voice shouted ‘’your head pains and sleeping problems are only gonna get worse until you kill yourself you little cunt so hurry up and do it coz we’re fucking sick of waiting!’’…then they hung up.
    The call lasted less than 20 seconds but it shook me up and my mum who witnessed it too was also rattled, instantly thinking that something in the house might be bugged because the only people that knew about my excruciatingly unpleasant head pains was me, my mother, doctor (joe virgona) and my nurse from barwon health (louise) and no-one else and I had only told them about it for the 1st time earlier in the week..

    16 jan 2017 1am – I ran out of tally ho’s and decided to go for a quick walk to apco to buy some more after the show I am watching finishes. I left and was ¾ of my way there when I realised I had forgotten my wallet so I turned to return home. I was walking along Anderson st and could see a man in a hoodie walking towards me. Just as he was about to pass me I heard a car start up only to turn around and have the man on foot grab hold of me and elbow me in the face and sling me to the ground giving me a blood nose and ripping my shirt while the car pulled up to where I was lying on the ground at which time a 2nd guy got out of the car, walked over and kicked me in the stomach winding me and said ‘‘you’re such a slow learner you little fuck you’re not safe anywhere and you know what we can do; We control your life, we control your pain and there is nothing anyone can do about it so get back home before we decide to bury you alive! Then the guy who was on foot said chop chop mummies boy’’ As he finished saying this a 2nd car turned into the street coming towards us which was when they jumped back in the car and left. This is the 4th time in 3 years in 3 towns I have been assaulted in such a manner in being ambushed so close to home as they continue to try intimidate me from every possible angle from in person encounters like this to the pains in my head plus the threats with their psychotronic/acoustic technology.. My mother took photos of my blood and grass stained shirt as proof of this incident..

    14th March 2017- a voice in my head said that they dont care anymore if I go to the police and that they’re simply going to turn up the pain until I take my own life. This voice woke me up at 8:32am and repeated every hour to the minute (9:32, 10:32, 11:32, 12:32, 1:32, 2:32, 3:32, 4:32, 5:32, 6:32) as though it was recorded and set on repeat and I thought no naturally occurring voice involving mental health could be that precise so I ran it passed a doctor friend who agreed that it does sound too precise to be naturally occurring..

    17th September 2017- Voice repeating every hour to the minute again from 1:23am to 8:23am saying ‘’don’t get too comfortable you little cunt coz the worst is still yet to come’’

    After seeing the the sonic attack on the Cuban embassy on the channel 2 news (sept 2017) it has given me the courage to come out and talk openly about my ordeal as there is now proof to what I already know and recorded about the existence of such weapons and my claims as such are now justified..
    When I started hearing the voices I did not think there was anything a foul going on until those voices started predicting the future which is impossible. After a while I realised they were telling me things were going to happen in which they did but that it was hardly psychic and that they were in fact using their associates and threatening my friends and other members of the public into acting out these scenarios with and without the aid of one or more devices to mass communicate orders so the mass of people act as one with no visual signs of mass text msg which I frequently noticed in the past at such events..

    7th nov 2017- continually being woken up from 5am til 10am by car horn, car alarm, smoke detector and other high pitch sounds accompanied by sharp pains to the back of the head with laughter and insults plus the need to pee every 15 minutes. It used to be all day every day with the voices which kicked up a gear at night to combine with the various buzzing pains and other physical discomforts when trying to sleep but now I only have pains mostly which just like they said are getting worse in both duration and intensity but still don’t activate til I’m ready to sleep. I think they’ve run out of threats and ridicule etc as the voices have gone quiet over the past few weeks and most of them just reminding me that they control my life and that they are getting bored so its time to make me kill myself so they can move onto the next victim..
    The voices I can ignore but the pains are another story altogether. With light on the cuba attacks I’m hoping by handing my information and experience over to the media and authorities that the actions and intentions of those trying to destroy my life and others like me be brought into the spot light which is the only way we will get peace. If they’re brought under the microscope by authorities or media and having to look over their shoulders they’ll be too busy or distracted to ruin peoples lives in this barbaric way. To me its basically a matter of getting the word out there that these events/devices are real and thanks to the cuba attacks I can and hopefully find others like me tho I doubt there are all that many..

    I have no idea whether the device is based out of Geelong/Melbourne or Brisbane/Sunshine coast chapters or whether its rebels or bandidos but they used to have people working shifts around the clock (specific voices at certain times and days) but for the past month its been the same 2 voices threatening me at nite or the odd negative comment on my actions during the day. I doubt they would keep such a device anywhere near or in a club house but most likely that of an associate most likely unemployed judging on how much time they spend monitoring, threatening and torturing me which is 24/7 and they never miss an opportunity..
    It’s the same struggle most days of the week with some worse than others but always in the same way with buzzing/vibrations and voices when trying to sleep.
    Early on after their trying to make me think I was psychic gig failed, I decided to record everything with the intent of showing it to the authorities one day with an added list of names which seems to keep them at bay most of the time as they stop as soon as I pick up my phone to call or email the police though of late not even that has helped and they say they do not care anymore but I doubt that that’s entirely true. But now after the cuba attacks I can comfortably do what I could not do for so long at the risk of sounding crazy altho my situation has a few added abilities like that to communicate and not just inflict pain or nausea etc etc.

    A device or devices such as the acoustic ones used in cuba and those patents involving covert communication via satellite and explain how they were able to do things such as:
    Finding my hidden pinhole security cameras and other items I had hidden..
    Discovered all my passwords which were only in my memory as they could see what I was doing..
    Knowing where I was going and when coz they were always there in force prior to my arrival even when I lied about it to all when searching for some peace..
    How they could synchronise the actions of their associates and other members of the public into acting as one without verbal or texted instruction..
    Inflicting pain in response to my actions or reactions to certain things to make me do what they want which I guess the ultimate goal its leading up to is turning up the pain til I kill myself..
    Create a buzzing sensation at the back of my head that makes it difficult to talk and focus on what I am doing..
    Bombard me with voiced threats on an entire plane flight from Melbourne to cairns plus yet another welcome party of the local bikies just as they did on another flight from Brisbane to melbourne and as soon as I looked down towards a police car and thought about talking to them they took off which kind of happened fairly often..
    Being able to inflict pain, nausea, dizziness, blood noses and other sensations like needing to pee every 15mins whenever to trying to sleep and others that mimic terminal illness such as making my whole body vibrate and shiver and claimed it was the onset of parkinsons, belting me with bursts of sharp pain to my head and saying I was having a stroke or brain aneurism but none of the doctors have found anything wrong with me..
    Discovered all my secrets and secrets of those close to me and threaten a friend to publicly announce them to make it look like I was betraying everyone and anyone..
    Startle me with blaring noise such as various alarms or sirens plus static feedback mostly while trying to sleep..
    Send me voice recorded threats and reminders straight into my head with their device about things ive done,and said on the hour every hour. Almost always combined with some sort of vibration/buzzing sensations of varying degrees that are hardly ever turned off..
    Constantly wake me up with what feels like a sharp blow to the back of the head..
    Seeing and hearing what I was doing through my eyes and ears which I guess is how they got my home safe combination and pin numbers worked out..
    Temporarily deafened by loud ringing in ears which is also disorienting..

    They have hit me with every threat under the sun from killing myself or they will kill my family/friends to trying to force me to kill my own brother saying I should do it myself quickly and painlessly or they will storm the house and kill him slowly and painfully in front of me or bury me alive next to him or threatening to kill my whole family or my friends and even their children..

    In the beginning all I had to do to stop the pain was open my eyes, then all I had to do to stop it was sit up then eventually stand up followed by walking around and while this walking round works 99% of the time its when it doesn’t I suffer the most..
    They don’t give a shit about anything or anyone and are obsessed with me and don’t care that what they are doing to me and those around me with this device which is basically terrorism.. Where they got it from is another big question..

    I believe I am their 1st victim or guinea pig but not their only victim as when I do have some peace for any length of time they claim to be using it elsewhere but they always state that I am the most important to destroy but I have no idea why.. they’ve already taken 7 years of my life away, systematically removing all my friends but I still cling to whats left of it like a starving dog with a bone but I fear for how long I can hold out with the pains getting more frequent and intense just as they threatened it would.. A device with these capabilities in their hands is a big concern/threat to all..

    The difference in my case to the one in cuba is that I can narrow it down to 2 suspected groups that have somehow managed to get their hands on that kind of technology.. I’m no diplomat and this isn’t cuba but somebody didn’t want those diplomats there like the bikies don’t want me here or there or anywhere but they want it their own psychotic way.

    Thanks to their chatter and claims Its been easy to narrow it down to 2 clubs and 3 people being either rebels with snake behind it or bandidos with pat quinn and dan roach but judging from the numbers most places I think any member of the club or their associates would know but where they’re doing it from I have no idea but it affects me and my friends wherever I go..

    Thankyou for your time, sincerely, Nathan Haack..

  6. V.bel Daking

    That’s why I am going through hell and now no one is having the truth. One is good to see what this’ll can do spy to know who bad and good persons.

    But I been through hell a treat like shit.if you don’t know you have that chip okay but it bad that I know and long time now over 1 -1/2 Years now feel so bad about this world this humanity trust ,honesty,truth,care for what to do and responsibilities!

    Good thing never last long this day because that’s what it make my hard life And responsible of my kids and my family and friends live my life with the blam and controlling from that spy and abuse LTD microchip things. Sorry I don’t understand when or how they started but all’s of that happening I saiy this is ours humans of doom day because of some one don’t know how to control and admit the truth of this world Games lire murders behind my back and controlling of freedom here.

    I’m sorry but I’m not sorry because world of justice and many leaders and human rights do nothing at all and to end this so ezy but why fake and hiding from truth.

    Only few things to work out to live life with happiness freedom for future in this world I know we all know what it is . If you wanted to know more to save this world come to see me you all know where I’m at and trust my respect before Tolate. Thank you all for read my ding dongs writing:( . Peace @

  7. Dee-sn

    Beware Criminals are using the inside of the body now to thug you!….Body hackings with pick up signal catching implants for free TV /internet/hear you through telephone or watch your computer activities…and implant spy wear in your body not meant for medical use… … to get your account numbers or retirement and set you up with a criminal activity by fraud accusation with theater/copycat actors involved! Also all-timers set ups and institution fraud implications set ups by ones who want their job to stay afloat or whom does not like you make you leave your family home or job by force and not by the boss!!!!!

    Read all you can because it’s a set up to start problems with the law/military and our top government!
    Tricks of the trade has gone high tech!

  8. Hassan Amereh

    I am an international targeted individual for 13 years, They have almost tried all these things on me, just wondering why they can not get terrorists by these technologies?

  9. Heather

    I have the same thing happening to me in Bellevue, NE. The first voice projection was of an ex who couldn’t have been in my vicinity in 9/16. Then April/May of 2017, it would tell me I’m beautiful and perfect for them. Then it turned hateful after I started dating someone, and it has not stopped for 6 months. They say I am under a “public shaming/ or Shaman from the general public”, trick me by playing voices I know but the people were not anywhere near me, tell me I stink, tell me I am under investigation, tell me I am getting evicted, that they want me destitute, giving me a dose of reality. It is the same for me, 24/7, and I do not have schizophrenia. I was normal until August when it seriously increased to 24/7, and they lie constantly. I feel as if it’s a spirit of accusation. However, when it started, real individuals were involved. I read more about experiments with mice and projection into their brains using neurons and electromagnetic waves. I purchased two powerful magnets and created a force field around my succulus and lateral temporal lobes. In research it says the left side picks them up. I wear them on both sides. I mean it drastically reduces the voices. I just purchased magnetic parts pans from the hardware department. I truly believe if they are using electromagnetic waves, it can be blocked out if you create your own magnetic field at the lobes that can be targeted. I have done a lot of research on this. It drastically changes the volume. I live 2 blocks from a military base, and am not the only person in the area experiencing this phenomena. I also have a voice when I breath out that is not my own, it’s as if it tells me why they are doing it to me…has anyone else experienced that? I have a meeting with a priest tomorrow.

    1. Jennififer

      The priest can’t explain the voice you hear/have when you breath out. That is them. Mostly saying, “hi”!

  10. Dee

    Marshfield ,and Neillsville, WI or of the surrounding area has a spy problem doing with illegal mind reading/communications spy technology and they think they can take over certain persons homes and identities and ruin family lives and jobs with fraud activities or a real investigator or… doctors… permission…! and they are also going into police records for insider inform that is not allowed beyond the police departments building or their computers! Someone over this way is thinks they can play act certain authority and even try to certain persons up and this is frightening and might be a terroristic activity under the USA law books if you read the information with everything that connects with it’s use and how it’s done!!And I say this for our protection, security and that of our country and our President!

  11. Zac

    Hello everyone. I have been hearing the voices of a man and a woman for about 2 and a half years. I also was in community with people in which I could here there voices and synthetic telepathy was going on. That experience sent me to the ER. Where I explains what was happening. They didn’t necessarily Beleive me but they could tell I was not mentally ill thank God! One thing that bothered me the most was the fact that some of my friends and even my family would admit that they were hearing things but at the same time would not talk about it and dismissed the fact that the voices could have something to do with mind control. It seems that most people have a part off their brain Which can protect them from knowing the incredible scary truth. I have told so many people about what is happening to me and it has actually kind of hurt some new relationships because people don’t want to know the truth! I have very helpful information for everyone. I truly believe they are doing this to help us. Just knowing that helped. Even though I used to feel like I was being tortured because I was. I got better though and I continue to get better. It got so bad that I actually developed torets syndrome. Now I barely notice them. I have also figured out something very important. I believe the voices were just my inner voice which was decoded and played Back to me. The other most common voice is one that said don’t worry when they can detect that my brain has gone into a worried or frightened state. I also believe we can stop 99% of the noise by caning our minds using yoga, meditation, and by not taking pharmaceutical drugs. Most of the theories I have heard on this forum are ones that I once believed. If you can calm down and not worry about it so much by letting yourself know it does get better and it does stop some day. That used to be my biggest concern that they would never go away. If I was able to get better you can to. It begins with acceptance. I also believe that us voices hearers need to stick together so check out a voice hearers group near you. I went to one and was excited to go but there was only one person there. When we feel alone it makes things much worse! Good much everyone and please remember you will get better If you listen to your heart of hearts and go for your dreams!

  12. dea

    Read “Nano implant abuses” type just these words in your search box and OH MY Gosh you will find out what those doctors are not telling you and you could sue them for neglect and this is all in the medical books and patent service! and I will et there are people everywhere with this now and we will with the new Police implants that are going in by 2017 in everyone’s body!!

    1. LOES

      Also in NETHERLANDS. I begged them to stop. More I don’t say.

      Some observation (unrelated):

      Did you notice that 60% of West Europeons have one tooth (mostly low, on the side) which is more yellow in contrast w his or her teeth? And dentists have the highest suicide rates.

  13. Jo

    Subjected to gang starking lucid sick and horriffying dreams tried to comit suiside lost family friends and work due to this sick neural monitoring would like help I have fought this battle two yea9 and would like help I would like a response in UK or to find confidement

    1. Anonymous

      I’m so sorry you’re going through that, but I promise you will be okay. Try to focus on your health, and sadly I don’t think we can stop this evil now (but I think it will end in the future) so try not to do things that could lead to this happening to you.

  14. Hassan Amereh

    Subjected to gangstalking for 13 years in London Tehran and Dubai. Used to experiences all sorts of electronic weapons but nowadays have dream manipulation every night.

    Would like to know if there is a solution to stop them such as making nest by aluminum foils.

    1. Sharon Elizabeth Musso

      I am going through it now for.15 yrs. Please help if you know how to prove it.

      1. Mathew Robson

        Get a EEG. It’s a test for epelipsy. This test will only give results if u don’t have epilepsy.

    2. pete smith

      I feel bad when im eating ice cream and my cat comes over and wants some, so I give her a bit and then she just sits and stares at me while im eating… is my cat on an uplink I don’t know about??

    3. LOES


      It greatly enhances the antenna effect and it gets in your blood

      Start a blog and share your daily experience for others to read and for your protection in the kill grid

      Or trust them which is what I do… I find their stuff fascinating

      1. Jennififer

        I agree fascinating!

  15. Steven Wallace

    Put a body cam on you so you can have some type of evidence that this is happening to you.dont let them get away with this,i can’t believe that they think this is OK to do this to people,inecent people non the less,this is very wrong,i can’t even have privacy in my own home thanks to this technology.

  16. Diaenne

    I heard some are now or have been using it for illegal “telepathic” drug selling deals and ( Forced services using threatening talk)solicitations for other unlawful activities….. and terroristic conversations! They think no one can hear them using telepathy or remote brain or tooth/jaw implant frequency signals!

  17. Diane

    We need to have a 2-hour television show on (Telepathy History ( Implanted)Electronic Harassment Gang stalking) how to report it and what is being done about this by the law and our officials! Everything you can think of on how it could be abused or used for false witness or investigative procedures and by what entities’ and whom is legal to use it and for what…. but keeping military/law enforcements situations and real authorized privatized and warranted situations classified only for their use!

  18. Arnold Nesbitt

    I’m a UK midlands smalltown (CV??) Targetted Individual. This Voice to Skull (V2K), Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) system is real, and world wide. It’s everywhere, so it NWO inspired/sponsored?
    By using RNM and V2K technologies, my perpetrators can read, monitor and modify thoughts, monitor and modify perceived hearing and vision, and mess with any other body parts or function in any way they please. They also cause intense pain, cripple and even kill. I was recently thrown headlong into retail shelving, busting my head and glasses, leading to a four hour, five stitch spell in A&E. They have yet to kill me ;), but this has been threatened/promised. Also, I’ve been told to kill myself: jump off a carpark, fall under a train. Sleep deprivation is a huge part of their game.
    My perps, who claim to be British police, do this and more to me on a 24/7 basis. Also they seem to fuck with my internet access to wind me up, prevent research and block or tamper with communication. I’ll be amazed if this message loads without interference of some kind.
    Now add Artificial Intelligence to the picture. There’s easily enough computing power to control every single person on the planet by applying this technology (think mobile phones). This is clearly where it’s heading. Indeed DAVOS has already hinted at this (see my references below). What the open minded, free thinking amongst us can see is staggering, frightening. The blind acceptance and ignoring of it by the closed minded, short sighted ‘sheeple’ amongst us is equally staggering, equally frightening.
    They claim to be police: strange thing is I live within 500 metres of the principal district police station, so why do they not just pop round and see me? I even have called in on numerous occasions to enquire, receiving only negative and curious responses: they always say they don’t want me at all! Last time I called they chucked me in an ambulance and sent me to a shrink.

    Britain beware! A burgeoning Orwellian police state now exists in your country. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    Why target me?
    This is the one that I and, I suspect, most, if not all, TIs simply cannot answer.
    Now you try and answer this one.
    Have you considered the huge moral, ethical issues involved in this? For instance, have you asked yourself the question: “When, if ever, is it right to anonymously practise mind reading, mind control and gang stalking?” Now crank it up a bit and consider: “When, if ever, is it right to anonymously trash peoples lives by mind reading, mind control and gang stalking?” Or this: “When, if ever, is it right to anonymously trash peoples lives by mind reading, mind control, gang stalking and random use of directed energy weapons?” Please bear in mind that many victims are driven to suicide without ever knowing why they are targetted, or by whom they are targetted.
    This technology is destroying humanity itself. You would not know if your mind was being got at unless the perpetrators wanted you to know, as it can run totally undetected by the target. You yourself could be an active target right now. You would not know.
    Remember: First they came for the Socialists….

  19. Randy rolison

    They did this to me while I was incarcerated they knew everything I was thinking they abused me mentally in bucks county correctional facilities

  20. james

    I think this software is in iMac but I don’t know which software is this can anyone tell me which software is using this

  21. C U N Tijuana

    Personally ive been going through this for 3 years now. I know whom it is. The very man I choose to marry and have children with. OBV not alone in all the endeavors of what they like to call “teaching me a lesson”. Although thankful for some of the things they actually brought to my attention and in the loooooooong run but finally took a step back and looked at my life and where it was heading…no where!! I was given opportunities to confess and even got to witness along the way (that was all GOD) but I was stubborn in learning what lessons they individually wanted me to learn, but not a one of the “teachers” have any since of purpose in life and literally sit around smoking on that crack pipe all day doing nothing to better themselves. So basically your talking a bunch of low lives with one life has a connect with some type of supremacy gang/club/1%ers etc. jealous and seeking personal vendetta motherfuckers teaching lessons when most cant even spell their own names they are so far gone…yippie So I may have angered most ..but you know what, I went through hell people. with a brand new baby(s) ..back to back. I am more mature and better person in the long run. This I thought for sure was supposed to be the Happy Ever Outcome seeing it was my Husband whom was/is doing this to me and to his new born babies.. but it has become evil he is removing himself out of our families life..his children’s lives but still continuing to TRY and hurt me. LOL well first off that ship sailed long ago and he has nothing to offer me anymore. hell I was holding onto SEX (used to be AMAZING) and for my babies to have their dad. I tried for a whole year to just get him to grow up and get divorced and build like a mutual understanding about our kids future and what not. I know he was cheating 90% (if not more) and I sure as hell wasn’t going to sit back a be a doormat so I did cheat as well. ive offered to go tit for tat (even though he knows everything about me) it always turns into a confusing fight..2+yrs now people. He is done and now my emotions are few and far between. I’m more disappointed in myself that my self-worth got so low I stayed and allowed this man to cut the wings of our 2 kinds and still watching and listening as everyday his and his friends surround themselves with my life. it used to be in my life but im taking there lives in the long run. Look at what precious time you are wasting on me..lmfao look at the super awesome legacy they are leaving their children grandchildren. its nothing short of embarrassing all for my husband to run off and fuck randoms and try and throw it in my face. Bahahaha I’m oh so jealous of you..oh-baby oh-baby. lol his self worth must of skyrocketed with the plenty of fuck(pof) he just got along with the 5 dudes she fucked earlier in the day LOL beside them only being annoying because I’m a nosey nancy and if I “hear” people talking I ease drop. but beside that he is the biggest embarrassment thinking he is cool by still doing this and I cannot wait for our children to know how they were replaced by a cheap whore and 1%. I say educate yourself and record your own findings..

  22. Christopher

    I hearing the same voice community with me everywhere I go all day long. I also feel like I’m getting hit with electricity on the back of my head. I get muscle spasms all the time. I hear high pitched sounds in my ears all the time. I promise you that I’m not crazy. I always get followed by the same people. Is there anyone else going through this

    1. Matthew Gilbert

      yes chris i am also i am going threw the same thing we should talk.

  23. daine

    These getting into others unauthourised/non law……hands now..(?)
    There are impersonators trying to use this stuff now as what has been rumored trying to put or take away certain people with every kind of entrapment with a paid fraud or Anyway they can even forced suicide by surgically implanted signaling turned to voice…so they can take your land or money, job, ruin a life,revenge/nationality not pure color or start a war…and or find hidden wooded any trafficking routes!?not sure but it’s been rumored! Lets hope not!

  24. steve

    This is real and for me it’s as though they are trying to keep me from income potential, They want to destroy credibility on all sides by hindering the ability of others to count on you. It’s a destruction of character in an effort to isolate you for better scenario result testing in daily thought and dreams. The whole things about Artificial Intelligence and brain mapping to better simulate population forecasting scenarios for the future… we are the real-time minds making up the synthetic artificial
    intelligence data streams feeding the irapa/darpa funded projects . Where else does the data come from, if its voluntary it’s already compromised…. There’s always a logical explanation..

  25. Diane

    Some attackers might use the same technology on certain people livening on roads they live on that have no through roads, so they can do operations like drugs and hide wanted people, trades of the other kinds like sex offensive activity (?)maybe and other stuff like hide stolen goods to take to sellers and some for cult activities also…, they want to ruin or get rid of trouble makers or smart witness for good or to force them to move away from that area! This also is a game to try to get roads or trails through for snowmobiles and ATV and gators for the same operations also and where police won’t catch them doing the harassment technology to screw though people they want over! The problem is land is being sold and there is no place for these operations to happen and land is being taken away along oceans form storms and other related earth problems so people down there are n moving to places up here, but they are finding these areas are just as bad it could be a very dangerous situations! Just a thought and no finger pointing or witness to anything!

  26. Artin Arzmanians

    Artin Arzmanians , 35 months of nero remote monotor microchip. By my own frineds in Glendale ca 91206. There is so much money armenians are getting paid that 10 million and not one dares to testify the truth what my famiky and i been through past 35 months. My family is affraid to tell the truth cause they dint want to be murdered by the armenian gang and police. 35 months of hearing my owb daughter cry everynight. If i coud have a Judge make everyone armenian a lie detector test ? Has artin arzmanians been hearing voices past 35 months. ?

  27. James Smith

    I’m going through the same


  28. Chris

    I have been going through this for 4 years now THAT I KNOW OF, however they were doing this for a long time to me without detection. I hate being hospitalized (I’d rather be incarcerated) but if anyone can get ahold of some kind of benzodiazepines like Xanax it can help out a bit, but it won’t make them stop.

  29. Steff

    Im also victim of remote neural monitoring. Pls help me

  30. Y

    How can we stop this or keep this from happening to someone who is not experiencing this

  31. G

    no doubt governments use RNM for surveillance, but the torture function ruins element of surprise. I am targeted by a civilian sadist with OCD. He interfaced the nervous systems of all the immediate neighbors on the rural road I lived on. IMO he is a lone wolf sociopath but he attempts lots of the gang stalker protocol such as vehicle stalking, chronic Projection type verbal lying as defined by psychology, and more childish things such as trespassing and sound harassment.most of the sound is directly from the audio cortex.
    I have no reason to believe this sick turd is government.he is way too mentally ill to be trusted. His paranoia would compel him to consider killing any associates. He hood winks SSDisability into giving him all he needs based on a 30 year old knee injury. He had to hike a third of a mile in rough wooded terrain to pound on my outside house walls until I sold it and my acres in Nov. 2017. He has no significant physical disability and he is well known to be adept with electronics…like a hyper evil autistic savant.
    The ordinary stalking was solved by moving away and I do not care about mind surveillance. But 4 or even many more of us victims are subjected to the torture functions such as crude touch and blood flow manipulation. Obviously this use of RNM is to induce suicide. I am forbidden from suicide.
    In 2015 I went to the FBI about Tom. Three days later he began routine crude touch torture on my eleven year old daughter. IMO Crude Touch is milliwatts and negative or positive decibels installed rather accurately into the peripheral nervous system through the sensory homunculus with specific software. IMO Crude Touch can certainly kill. Tom tortured my daughter with the puncture feature for two months. I told her to keep a diary which shows she was stabbed by remote control nearly 900 times in about 30 sessions. About two thirds of the stabs were to her breasts,labia and inside her vagina. She had 5 emotional breakdowns and told me she was thinking of killing herself. Of course I must exercise extreme discipline to not arrange the execution of …Tom the pedophile.
    I know some victims recommend non-action against RNM torturers.i refuse. I am required to die with honor. I push back. The key to success is to disconnect. I have no reason to suspect Tom uses satellite. On June 14,2018 his radio frequency was 700Hertz. This long wave signal can travel around the Earth. One can disconnect with a submarine ride to the proper depth. IMO there are other ways I have not tested. A properly sealed room of lead walls should do it.
    There are some really pessimistic web pages that encourage hopelessness. This is for weaklings. I have outed Tom extensively and I definitely intimidate him because if I die of non-ionizing radiation my friends will kill him. IMO his frontal cortex is fried by his 30 year old hydrocodone prescription. He can stop of course but he cannot. He can kill me of course but he cannot. No Targeter wants Tom’s situation.

  32. Karen Cormack

    October 16 2018. Zip Code 33028. Location 25 miles from United States Southern Command, Miami FL – Joint Command with staff, funding and infrastructure for biotelemetric ops. The above descriptors are of a sophisticated system with no small costs to operate in manpower. Is it plausible to hijack the system as third party – ie receiving and emitting signals and why would children not be considered the most vulnerable targets for clandestine – harm – or even research of emotive and abstract decision trees of intelligent thought?

  33. William Waddell

    the NSA are doing stuff with the power they kill one leg and then say something is wrong with your house hold wireing andf xcondem your house so that they can buy it real cheap. but it is happening dfrom the power company. and those little black boxes the cable compant gives out and says that they are amplifiers our acually bluetooth access to their network for mind control look at your cell phones bluetooth and you will see PT RB xxxx on your devices unplug the box and you will see that device go away

  34. Sam

    I believe the RNM is more effectively possible by placing some implants in top of your head (Chakra Region) in the skull. There is some discussion over the net that we can disable the implants/Nano-Technology by using a strong EMP which should disable the RNM. Lot of private contractors have access to this technology working with government.

    1. William Berkeley Waddell

      remote neural monitoring is unconstitutional because they have to put neural dust in your body against your will. I have found neural dust in 7 out of 9 food items I tested in seaside Oregon. we need to stop the NSA Kinnecome group from experimenting on american citizens on american soil. they also experiment on other country’s citizens also. our government is experimenting on us we are Americans protected from the U.S. Constitution but they make it so that we are nothing more than lab rats for their sick experiments we need to band together. I have neural dust in my body does anyone out there want to help me prove this? I need help to stop the NSA. my name is William Berkeley Waddell dob 1/6/69. my s.s. # is 543-86-9439 they torture me under the name William Berkeley Hunt the 3rd but I was born William Berkeley Hunt the 4th then adopted by Ralph Waddell when I was 9 years old. we need to stop this. it is like Nazi Germany alive and well right here in america! lets stop this

      1. Kunal

        Hey do you have a way to block the radiation they use? I am also a targeted individual looking for people to help me stop this

        1. Mahesh Rautray Rautray

          Why no body tried mri scan, should totally work if u have implants in the head, i believe it’s happening with implants, otherwise how would they isolate your thoughts, mir scan may give u the proof u need.

      2. Randy ray

        My name is Randy Ray .I need help as well.lets stick together.write me back. I’m going thru the same thing.

  35. Artin aarzmaniansb

    For the past 7 years been a victim , a prisoner by sali madadian and DEA brother Sevan Madadian / 3 drug sales case dismised and 3 felonie plus jono der sarkisian and armen morad ans his wife Mel Morad and twins sisters and Merry her best friend who made my daughters life and her moms s living hell for 3 1/2 years everynight torchering them and 24/7 voices in my ear Arsen Kachaturian and karen Gabrian making millions murdering inesent people like artin arzmanians , armenians will never be respected if truth came out varand and lernik movesesian and teodick grigorian and arthur and sarah madadian must feel like a hero pucking on a 8 year old girl all day and whos the drug dealer in your family so why you trying to set soneone else and put the blame on him Moradi

  36. nick

    they use HAARP, DEW, satellites, GWEN towers frequency, radio frequency to torture and kill all over the world, I’m a long term victim of mind control, behavior manipulation, they cause me pain all over my body, control my bowel movement, cause me cold or hat body, erase my memory, tinitus, slepless nights, 24/7 voices in my head, torture me on daily bases for so many years

  37. matthew herndon

    how would get help for something like this ..i have the same ear problems and the frequency on cell phones but it also has some form of medicine that makes me sick when i get it but theres acess to me from the whole town to torture me w it.and ive got visual thriugh my eye balls and have been able to talk on the frequency.inside my body which you hear in the outside frequency.thers been speakers placed inside homes were i go to make me hear the voices

  38. Ramiz

    As a matter of fact it’s already here in Canada in they are doing it to me ….They can listen to everything I say They inject me with different types of meds it’s getting epidemic in Vancouver and they are hurting people real bad They placed a Chip on my rectum I tried everything the Police , the doctors no one can help very well organised through gang stalking , Its so bad here now that they put you to sleep all day long they don’t want you to do anything they want you to turn you in to couch potato they can read your thought through satellites and if you try to go to do something they know, they wont let you they chase you everywhere you go they make your life a hell ….

    I don’t know who to ask for help…

  39. Mike

    Hello the last mind control experience was in Basel (Switzerland). My dreams were manipulated during the night and I heard voices all around the area where I lived. At the working company there were mindcontrol. The company name is tally weijl but I do not know if the responsible for mind control was the company or the city mayor. Finally I was forced to ask for the job resignation. Previously I had the same experience at Montblanc Italia and Vivienne Westwood and after 13 years I cannot say if the working business organized mindcontrol or if the responsible was the city mayor. It happened in Milano, both the cities Milano and Basel were connected with Salento where there are spy satellites.

  40. Michele

    und the area where I lived. The last mindcontrol experience was in Basel (Switzerland) when I was working at Tally Weijl and nearby the area where I lived: turkheimerstrasse 12.
    The point is that you cannot follow what voices say otherwise I should have cut my harms and legs.
    For three months even in Barcellona I was under mindcontrol and hearing voices.
    All the cities said above were connected with Salento where there are even spy satellites expecially nearby the area where my parents live. These experience destroyed my life: I’m not anymore ambitious, and I lost all the physical and mental energy to approach new activities (I do not want) and they tried to change my identity too.
    Is there anyone who can say to me who are the responsible for this situation? I had only damages and negative feelings and who will pay for the demages I had?

  41. Mike

    Salento’ s city where you can hear voices is Salve in the south of Italy.

  42. Michele

    In Salento area (salve, Morciano di leuca, Presicce, patu’) you can hear voices produced by spy satellites that manipulate the dreams in the night.

  43. Dena

    Rumors are being heard about unknown people implanting other people with a audio implants taken from a police departments or bought through underground or psychiatry type something… to try to frighten certain few persons with fake voices from those implants, un-hearable. Electric turned to voice but enough for them to hear internally or their brain picks up through changed signal to vocal signals> but not heard on the outside from outside people!!… and to try to make that person move away from their family and also try to take over their land and brain wash them to put them in a nut house or prison with false lies of a past crime they did not do and using the name of a unsuspecting person without their knowledge or brain washing them also with people they know as a victim of that crime for the set up and might even use an impersonator/look alike type person during a evidence search and court case using an unknown ID theft… while at the same time harassing them with assaultive threats and dirty language and words!…and this is somewhere over in Central Wisconsin! If this is rumor is true I hope not… but wow if it is true this is frightening information! Would anyone out their want anyone o be a victim of this abuse? Lets hope not!

  44. Daine

    What happens when you die from million people old age excetra… with electrical implants in you still working how does this effect farmers and electrical problem dealing with the electric grid / ground ley lines magnetism adding them all up ?!?

  45. Paula North

    Darke County, Ohio law enforcement use DEW and neural monitoring to torture and lie cover-ups

  46. Jennifer R Easton

    I Jennifer Easton have been targeted by my lovely Carrollton Ky. Police deptmarnt it’s been going on for 8 years I havent had a moment alone they are there when I’m in shower sexually harassing me. When I’m intimate with my boyfriend. They do that messes with my neuro system make my heart feel like something is shredding it and gonna beat out of my chest. They make me oblivious to what’s going on around me my doing messed up things to my mind. They make me believe things that are not happening. They have made me not able to breathe and said I’ll kill u bitch! This is my local police department I remind you the officers that are suppose to serve and protect you. They make me think I’m crazy or if I tell anyone that they will think I’m crazy. Right now I’m threatened they will delete this post. They are sick individuals because they want me to know who they are. Or they could be lying about who they are I dont rightly know. However I do know they dont have the right to carry on the way they they have been ridiculous, childish and a monster they even use this on my kids to be mean to them. How do u stop these monsters. This earpiece isnt picked up on a CT scan or a MRI and u look like a crazy person trying to tell someone because this isnt normal. If you know how to stop the harrassment please let me know. It’s a crazy world when u cant even trust the law enforcement to do the right thing, but yet they are ready to take someone to jail on a domestic call when they are engaging in horrible activities themselves. Who can you trust? It’s very sad and dishearting

  47. jasmine prager

    Hi, I am a TI living in the UK. I have been targeted for more than 2 years now. The perpetrators not only torture me via remote neural monitoring, threatening to kidnap my children, pretending to be my exs, saying my exs all got together to pay for me to be killed cos I broke some hearts, they use all the gossip on social media from my shady past to taunt me with, they try to make me into a Muslim woman, telling me how to sit and dress, telling me Im a dirty, stinky bitch slut, they stink my stinks, through my nose and breath with me and all the usual torture. I seem to also have a BIOCHIP though as they can make me ill and allergic. Worst of all they have connected my nervous system and energy meridians to another human whos spirit seems to be shadowing my own like a hologram, like I am a CYBORG or he can take over my body entirely. The perpetrators talk a lot about pedophilia and say when they send us single mums mad they will grip up my kidw fast and commit buggery on them. I am a terrified single mum of 3 and desperately need help. Please email me if you have any idea what exactly they are doing to me other than the usual cancer giving torture. All the government do is say I am crazy. I have had to give up smoking as hey use the toxins in my body against me, they make me sleepy and heavy, make me forget things and pull me down when im walking up hill, they have this little wierdo shadowing me constantly so it feels like there are 2 people in my one body. He tells me im on a torture site. Please help and contact me on [email protected] if you know what exactly they are doing to me please. Kind regards, Jazzy xxx

  48. Ashley Watson

    I am a Targeted Individual in Australia and have been tortured with this technology for almost 3 years now. They use it to sleep deprive me, i hear voices via v2k, i have muscle twitches and body movements all day everyday, i have had dream interrogation and was gang stalked heavily in the beginning…..which is apparently the testing function for this technology.

    This technology is pure evil and entirely satanic and is being used against the civilian population as a tool of torture and silent kill by private government security contracting companies and its employees. I know who my handler is and the person responsible for putting me into this program as a hate crime committed against me.

    This technology is not being used to protect us at all but instead to monitor and mind control the entire human population eventually. The nano technology related to this is already infested in the skies and our food supply.

    We are all in grave danger, this is being used by psychopaths/sociopaths world wide against us.

  49. Jd

    Google meridian pen. It sends a little voltage thru you and discourages them so much they I don’t hear voices anymore. . Also shining a light straight into your face makes them sick.

    Sing Jesus loves me to them for a while. They’ll go away. They hate Jesus.

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