I don’t believe the Earth is the only parasitic rock in the universe. Although it seems we are lone bugs on one of many orbs in the dark, there are indicators that could prove the opposite. Are we alone?

One of the most interesting hints that we are not alone in the universe is the discovery of cosmic radio signals.

What? Yes, this may prove we are not alone… and yet, it may not. What are the strange sounds and where are they coming from? Let’s dig deeper.

Signals are being detected often within the universe – 16 of these signals originating from our own galaxy. One set of signals, in our star-studded neighborhood, pinpointed an exact location. Although we know where some of these signals come from, it’s the repetitive bursts that confound us.

In 2007, astronomers made a startling discovery. Repeating radio signals or FRB were heard from a distant corner of the universe.

There have been 10 known detected FRBs coming from this same direction. The basis of this assumption lies within the amount of plasma dispersed once the signal reaches our equipment. These repeating radio signals are different in other ways too. Because of their origin, brightness and spectra cannot be compared to localized signals.

In fact, astronomers think these FRBs may be like nothing ever seen before. The next step is obvious – to find out what we are dealing with.

Researcher Jason Hessels from the University of Amsterdam said,

“Once we’ve precisely localized the repeaters position on the sky, we will be able to compare observations from optical and x-ray telescopes and see if there is a galaxy there. Finding the host galaxy of this source is critical to understanding its properties.”

Astronomers have detected numerous FRBS, most coming from the same area, but also random bursts. In May and June, ten blasts were heard in concession. Since these repeating radio signals are coming from the same place, it’s safe to surmise that something noteworthy is happening.

Paul Scholz from McGill University in Canada dug through months of old data from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. He was only searching for answers, but he discovered unusual FRB patterns.

“I knew immediately that the discovery would be extremely important in the study of FRBS.”

So, you see, this puts thoughts of extraterrestrial life at the forefront of our mind. You know you were thinking about it, be honest with yourself. Although alien life seems exciting, it’s probable that these repeating radio signals are originating from a collision of neutron stars or other questionable star activity. Wink.

Whatever happens, I have a feeling we shall find out soon enough. And again I wonder… do we really want to open that box and peer inside?

Maybe it’s inevitable.

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  1. Otto Bhan

    Yes! Open the Alien box. Let fundamentalist religion take a big hit from reality, if you please.

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