People with Rh-Negative Blood Type Could Have Alien Origins, Controversial Theory Claims

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Have you ever felt that you never really belonged in this world? Do you have a fascination with space and the universe? Do you feel that you have some sort of mission in life to seek the truth and help mankind? Do you also have Rh-negative blood?

Before we go any further, it is important to know what we mean when we talk about the Rh-negative blood type.

Blood Groups and Where Rh-Negative Blood Type Fits in

We all know our own blood type, but there is more to blood that just what type we are. To elaborate, there are four main blood groups which are O, A, B and AB. Blood is made up of red and white cells, and platelets which lie in liquid plasma. There are antibodies and antigens in the blood, which, when identified, can tell us which blood type you are.

Antibodies are part of our defence and help to warn our immune system to destroy germs and foreign bodies. Antigens lie on the surface of red blood cells.

An antigen is any substance that can trigger an attack by the immune system. We have antigens in our blood so that only blood containing the same antigens as our own can be used in transfusions.

  • Group O – has no A or B antigens on red cells (but has A and B antibodies in the plasma)
  • Group A – has only the A antigen on red cells (and B antibody in the plasma)
  • Group B – has only the B antigen on red cells (and A antibody in the plasma)
  • Group AB – has both A and B antigens on red cells (but neither A nor B antibodies in the plasma)

As well as containing antibodies and antigens, each one of these groups can also be either Rh-positive or Rh-negative.

So why do some people believe the Rh-negative blood type could have alien origins?

Apes, Humans and Rh-Negative Blood Type

Most of us believe that we evolved from apes. In fact, we get the notation Rh (when talking about blood types) from Rhesus monkeys.

It is a common theory of evolution that humans and apes share a common ancestor. Therefore, our blood should have evolved the same way. And for all other primates, it did. All monkeys are Rh-positive.

Rh-positive blood can be traced back to every species of primate, but nowhere can we find any evidence of Rh-negative blood. So does that mean we are not related to apes at all? Not only that, but the Rh-negative blood type cannot be found in anywhere in nature.

**Humans are the only beings on the planet that have the Rh-negative blood type**

Don’t you find that odd? Where has it come from?

We know that the Rh-negative blood type is the rarest blood type in the world. However, in small pockets, such as the Basque Country in Spain, it is extremely common. In this area, over 30% of the population have Rh-negative blood.

But why would clusters of people with Rh-negative blood appear to concentrate in small groups yet, elsewhere scatter to the four winds?

Out of Africa Evidence

The majority of us believe in an ‘Out of Africa’ scenario in which, around 200,000 years ago, humankind migrated from Africa. Therefore, modern humans are descendants of those early Africans, as DNA evidence has shown.

But this also shines an interesting light on people with the Rh-negative blood type. Research has also shown that black Africans who have no interaction with whites or mixed races do not have the Rh-negative blood type.

So this begs the question if we are all descended from ancestors from Africa, where did the Rh-negative blood type come from?

People with the Rh-Negative Blood Type Have Distinctive Characteristics

To add to the theory that those who have the Rh-negative blood type could have alien origins, they have quite specific characteristics:


  • Striking blue, green or hazel eyes
  • Red or auburn tint to hair
  • Extra rib or vertebrae
  • Sensitive vision, hearing or smelling
  • Extremely sensitive to heat or light
  • Cold to the touch


Why would a person’s blood type give them particular characteristics? No other blood type appears to do so.

Rh-Negative Blood Type and Alien Abductees

A further piece of evidence in this theory comes from ICAR, the International Community for Alien Research. They recently published a report on the blood types of abductees. With the percentage of Rh-positive blood types of the AE (abductee-experiencer) Group calculated at 85%, leaving 15% for Rh-negative blood, the researchers found “an elevated percentage of Rh- Factor (35%) among abduction experiencers.”

ICAR concluded that the negative blood groups are far more likely to be contacted or abducted than those who had Rh-positive blood types. Some people believe that this is further evidence that people with the Rh-negative blood type could have alien origins.

Are aliens returning to earth to contact those who have alien blood/bloodlines for research purposes?

Rh-Negative Blood Type and the Extra Vertebrae

Our final clue to the Rh-negative blood type and alien origins is the extra vertebrae. Many people with Rh-negative blood are born with this extra bone or tail, as it is called.

Reptiles have tails and are cold-blooded. People that believe there is an alien race on earth tend also to agree that they have reptilian features. There has been widespread talk that the wealthy and powerful families of the earth are of alien descent, including the UK’s Royal Family.

One person that was convinced of this was Princess Diana. Her nicknames for the Windsor’s were ‘the lizards’ and ‘the reptiles’. She used to say on many occasions that they were ‘not human’. As we know, Diana died in a car crash in Paris.

So where does that leave us when it comes to the Rh-negative blood type? When you look at each fact on its own, they don’t add up to much. When we put them together, perhaps they are meaningful. Or maybe we humans just want to believe there is something else out there. That we are not alone.

If you have the Rh-negative blood type, please let us know if you have any of the characteristics listed above.



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  1. Nina July 10, 2018 at 10:26 am - Reply

    I read now this article for my first time , i’m from Romania, don’t matter, anyway i have 01- and all the fings that you are talking about, including the bone as a small tail ….i was feeling different since i was little children, i was thinking different and having also many contacts out of my physical body….i’m not crazy…I always tryed to control everything…but it’s getting more difficult for me in this world because:1 people don’t have knowledge about many stuff
    2: we are not alone in this infinite universe !
    People can see the changes with their own eyes if they open the door off their soul and also listen their instincts ….
    Peace ✌️

  2. Rediet July 13, 2018 at 6:08 pm - Reply

    I am also O RH- I have been investigating this thing. I have those mental and physical characters since I have known my self except the blue eye& cold touch .I think I have that extra bone . I don’t agree that all African has RH+ because I am from Africa (Ethiopia) from the source of humans so if it’s true how can I be ….now I am 17 so I think I can do many things on this for sure ,by controling my forgot about ‘the offspring, the hybrid and more’:let’s know more…”Every one have the right to know about his/her self!!!”

  3. jessica July 14, 2018 at 5:45 am - Reply

    this blew my mind. people have always asked me why im so cold, my husband doesnt even cuddle under a blanket with me unless he is hot. i have gotten many compliments on my stunning eyes that change colors between an amazing almost teal blue to almost yellow green.

  4. Susan. Vasquez August 11, 2018 at 4:25 am - Reply

    I am RH. Negative, with blonde hair, hazel eyes, fair skin , and always cold. I am very spiritual with a bit of psychic ability, specifically amazing intuition and am an empath. I have no memories of abduction, other than sleep paralysis and seeing the hooded figure. My dads side said they don’t aren’t RH negative, but were very surprised to hear I was. It may have come from my mothers side…

  5. Robert September 4, 2018 at 5:45 am - Reply

    It is nice to see my fellows here awakened and aspiring for that which you see with your very self of selves..all too often as our realities unfold (this of us with many or most of the above described characteristics) we may feel flooded for lack of a better word with energies and truth itself as it manifests ..and one of the most simple and effective remedies we awakened have available is grounding your hands in the soil; or looking to the ancients who’ve gone ahead on the path in the very stars. The ultimate question is how can we further benefit that which we leave behind with that which we have been gifted? May the light be upon our path brothers and sisters…

  6. Different September 13, 2018 at 9:17 am - Reply

    I am negative rh, however, I have dark hair, eyes, and skin.

  7. Cyndee September 16, 2018 at 4:41 am - Reply

    I am A- I have the following:

    Red or auburn tint to hair (before it turned grey)
    Sensitive vision, hearing or smelling (I had a test in college and was told I had a “super sniffer”)
    Extremely sensitive to heat and light
    Morton’s toe
    Below normal remperature (97.4)

    Higher than average IQ
    Empathy for others to the point where it makes them ill ( I am a psychologist/therapist
    A feeling of being different – always
    Need to have the facts and know the truth – I am. OCD
    Have experienced unexplained phenomena
    Increased psychic/intuitive abilities – my dad would play a game where he would hold a chess piece in his hand, an I would guess the color and piece.

  8. Day September 24, 2018 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    My blood type is B- , during my pregnancies I received the RH injection in order for my children to survive in my womb. To think that most of my mothers side of the family, especially the women, all have RH- bloodtypes and I received the hereditary bloodline as well. I have one sibling, male, whom is not RH-. I’ve been researching this for some time, and to be honest, I don’t know where to place it. How this is even possible and not been rigorously studied, is beyond me. I have all of the characteristics listed above except for the body temperature, but I live very close to the equator. I can’t say that I have been abducted by aliens, but the sleep paralysis that one commenter mentioned is what struck my attention the most, because I have suffered from the same phenomenon multiple times. Thank you for the article, very intriguing to say the least.

  9. Sheryl Dyer September 25, 2018 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    I am rhesus negative blood group and have had to have the anti D injection for all of my children….I have always been different and never felt like i fit in anywere in life and like to be on my own alot…I see things in people others dont and I am fasinated by others and the way things work. I cant sleep for days if i hear a bad story aboit someone or and animal I struggle to get things out of my mind and i will play it over and over thinking how can i change it. I am obssesive and a perfectionist and struggle to let people in….I have dark hair,dark eyes but i am always cold…I often think I am very different from others and there is something about me that even i havent worked out yet. I wont let anything go I have to dig and dig and push till i get all the answers i want…but i wont settle for any answer i know some how the answers that are right when i get them…..find it all fasinating and a little weird tbh.

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