Having a rich inner life is more beneficial than you may think. Because when it’s all said and done, we have only two sides of the coin, inner life, and outer life.

Forget about work and home life. Yes, it’s good to leave work issues at work and home issues at home, but this does little for our inner lives. Our inner lives are separate entities. The best part of us lives in the quiet time where we visit introspection. When we examine ourselves, we change for the better.

The benefits of a rich inner life

Your private thoughts, values, standards, and such are often overlooked. However, they carry much value. Your inner self carries your sense of purpose and your most important wishes and desires for you apart from anyone else.

There are benefits to having a rich inner life such as this. Because if you don’t know yourself this deeply, then you miss out on so many positive aspects of life. So, in detail, let’s examine some of these benefits.

1. Reflection

Those who have a rich inner life can think about themselves and their place in life in a much healthier manner. There is less self-judgment and more constructive criticism.

Instead of battling condemnation, a person who is working on their inner life accepts conviction and makes changes where needed. Mulling over ideas without rumination helps you to reflect on your life in a more natural manner. Thus, reaping benefits from all you learn. Your inner life becomes a resource, which is exciting.

2. Contentment

There are many people who don’t like being alone, and I’m not saying this is completely wrong. But being able to enjoy yourself by yourself shows that you have a healthy inner life. It means you enjoy your own company.

It also means you aren’t scared inside your own mind, and you aren’t afraid to explore the things you like. Being content with yourself is a huge benefit, as you don’t depend on others to be happy. You can find happiness just by knowing your own worth and being satisfied with who you are.

3. Learning

Another benefit of having a rich inner life is that you’re more interested in learning than you are in being right. It can be tempting to want to be right, and when you conquer this temptation, you’re more open to ideas and perspectives. You become so thirsty for knowledge that being wrong just means you get to experience another lesson in life.

4. Confidence

Confidence is another benefit of having a great inner life. I don’t mean being arrogant, as this is when pride grows too large from never being satisfied. I’m talking about the strong feelings that come when you no longer let the opinions of others decide who you are.

Confidence is a balance between arrogance and low self-esteem, and with this balance comes an inner strength that isn’t easily broken.

5. Health

Both your physical and mental health will benefit when you have a strong inner self. This is because, since you don’t depend on others for your life meaning, you don’t turn to unhealthy eating habits as often and you tend to get more exercise due to your own positive motivation.

With mental health, having a rich inner life means being able to consistently work on things like anxiety and depression by spending time examining what’s really going on in your head.

You can learn how to deal with the past correctly and put it away where it belongs. You’re also strong and confident enough to ask for help and support, as well as the correct medications for your ailments.

6. Real friends

There are many people who brag about having loads of friends, but wouldn’t it be better to have a few loyal friends. Let’s face it. Most of the ones you call friends are not as loyal as you think they are, unless, of course, you have a rich inner life and have cultivated these faithful friends over time.

But if you only have three good friends who you can count on, then that’s good enough. Because your inner life work will mirror theirs, and so this creates a unique bond. It’s a strong connection and an incredibly good benefit.

7. Creativity

Having a rich inner life is like being your own muse. Over time, as you enjoy your company and learn new things, you become increasingly more creative. Whether it’s through painting, writing, or having a musical gift, your inner life shows through in your work and elevates what you create.

The colors will be deeper, the sounds more complex, and your words will reach out to the souls of others. It’s a gift manufactured from the pieces of your own soul that speak through your work and remind us that we are all one.

8. Peacefulness

The more you examine your inner self and build, the more peaceful you become. Peace is one of the greatest benefits of a healthy inner life, as this is something that can be extremely hard to find.

In this world of chaos and pain, it can be easy to slip into sadness and frustration. If you can only pause for a moment and think about the big picture of life, then the storm will seem smaller in the scheme of things. Peace then follows.

9. Fulfillment

As you learn how to have a rich inner life, you will start reaching goals you thought were impossible before. You see, one of the reasons you are just now getting certain things done is because your mind was clouded by doubts and emotional pain. As you start healing, you start accomplishing important things.

Reap those benefits

If you’re not sure how to achieve a rich inner life, it’s okay. There are so many people who were never taught these things. Many of us grew up with the push and pull of the world and the stress of what society wanted for us.

The first step to having a rich inner life is to pause for a bit. Take some time out for yourself and be alone. Sit and let your true mind tell you what’s most important. This is where you put aside the opinions of others, society’s standards, and demands from loved ones. This is where you truly learn how to live.

So go ahead, start reaping those benefits of a rich inner life.

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