If you are living with a sanguine temperament, you are one of the best people to be around! A sanguine type is one of four temperaments, developed from one of the world’s oldest types of personality theory.

These four temperaments are based on an ancient medical concept – humourism. Humours refer to bodily fluids that are present within the body and those different proportions of fluids define one’s temperament. Each temperament type is different from some aspects overlapping each other.

These four temperaments are:

What is a sanguine temperament?

Sanguine personalities are usually likable and social. This is the complete opposite of the choleric personality temperament. This is a personality type that normally associates itself with air. The Sanguine temperament tends to seek pleasures, social events, and carefree adventures. They are also people who love to talk and communicate with each other and with other personality types.

Of all temperament types, the sanguine is the friendliest. It’s easy to be around them and be creative with them as well. As far as making friends, the sanguine has that down pat too, due to the extreme social aspect of their character. They are artistic and play around constantly with new ideas. This keeps their imagination primed and ready for the next project.

So, if you don’t fit into the sanguine type of temperament, but you exhibit some of its characteristics, you could be one of the other three types above.

Does this sound like you? If you have a sanguine temperament, you will usually display one of these signs:

1. Outgoing personality

Laughter and fun are two characteristics of a sanguine type of personality. They are outgoing and a perfect example of extroversion, having a positive outlook almost all the time. They can often be seen as living life to the fullest.

2. Always on the go

Staying at home all the time is not what appeals to this type of temperament. Sanguine types love to attend social events, parties, and festivals. As long as something is going on, they love to be a part of the crowd.

They have to keep moving around because they’re extremely active, and inactivity is more likely to cause them stress. Their natural pace isn’t slow, it’s usually up early and late to bed, just to get the most of the day.

3. Impulse

Because the sanguine does not like to be inactive for long periods of time, they are more likely to be impulsive. Of all 4 temperaments, the sanguine personality is the most likely to be extremely impulsive. “Live for the moment!” is their motto.  The past or the future really means little to this type of personality. The present time is the most important aspect of this temperament.

4. Touchy feely

Unfortunately, since the sanguine is so outgoing and cannot be still, some of them aren’t the best at being faithful in relationships. They seem to be the “touchy-feely” kind of people.

Another negative aspect of their personality is they aren’t as loyal as friends either. Let’s just face it, the sanguine just wants to have a good time and commitments and responsibilities aren’t at the top of the list.

5. Likes to talk

It’s easy to talk to the sanguine type of temperament because they are so good at communication. Although, as I stated above, they may not be the most loyal of creatures, they are social and have a warm heart when meeting new people.

Because of their communication skills, the sanguine is often considered for leadership positions and volunteer tasks which may be difficult for other personalities. This feeds the sanguine personality’s ego.

6. Quit at the first sign of trouble

However, beware of the failures of the sanguine! They are more likely to quit at the first sign that they are not “the greatest thing that ever happened to the world.” They are likely to just stop in their tracks and walk away, not caring for those left in a project or those depending on them.

7. Over the top

What’s more, a sanguine is not likely to ever recognize their failures, but rather they will exaggerate to make themselves appear to be in a better situation than they truly are. The fact that sanguine can become destructive is a huge problem. Perhaps their biggest weakness. This behavior, unfortunately, comes naturally to them.

8. Attention royalty

A sanguine can easily become devastated if they are not constantly reassured that they are loved and appreciated. The spotlight must be on them, and people must constantly shower them with love. “Notice me! Notice me!”, they scream. They are also easily brought to jealousy and feel that attention should be for them and them alone. Attention given to others seems like disloyalty.

Do you fit the descriptions above?

Are you the person who seems friendly and outgoing? Do you relate to the characteristics I mentioned in the above points? If so, you are friendly as well as temperamental. You are also relationship-oriented and often complimented on your enthusiastic, warm and optimistic nature.

Your ability to see the bright side of life and the good in other people makes you attractive socially and you genuinely like people, are rarely found alone, and freely interact with anyone and everyone!


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    This is my type. Proud to say my Momma taught me if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

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