Sanskrit words represent the secret language of Yoga. This language transforms how you think about day to day concepts.

The guiding principles of life could only be best understood with the use of Sanskrit words.

Sanskrit, the original language of Hinduism, was first used as early as 1696. In modern times, this language is used more often than you think, and it’s not just among Yogis. In fact, the words, “Karma” and “Nirvana” are ancient Sanskrit words and we use them on a fairly regular basis.

Expounding with Sanskrit words

It’s always a good idea to make yourself familiar with a few new Sanskrit words. This language can add a dimension to the ordinary things in your life.

In honor of this classical language, let’s expand our minds and educate ourselves in something new. If Sanskrit isn’t new to you, then you can relate to the power of these words.

1. Santosha – Contentment

I mention this one first because right now my mind is turbulent. I am struggling with the feeling of contentment in life. So, Santosha or contentment is the word I should strive to attain.

Santosha means finding a feeling of content no matter what your circumstances may be. It’s not necessary for everything to go your way in order to have peace. Instead, you should offer gratitude for what you have now.

2. Ananda – bliss

Ananda means to be in the state of utter joy and fulfillment. It is the pinnacle of happiness where you feel like nothing could bring you down from your height of excitement. Ananda is where each of us wants to be when we think of being truly happy.

3. Mantra – mind instrument

I hesitate to say, but the mantra is best understood by most people as being a sort of “prayer”. Now, this is a loose representation of the meaning, however.

A closer interpretation is that the mantra is a sacred phrase, hummed softly to guide us to our destination or preferred state of being. It not only has the power to transform circumstances but more importantly and more immediately, it transforms the mind of the one reciting the mantra.

4. Satya – truth

Sanskrit words such as this one, represent an ultimate cleanliness. It’s a simple truth. Satya represents truth-telling and knowing in all aspects. It is a discipline in practicing positive morals.

Satya also means finding our own personal truth as well. While being honest with others is important, being honest with yourself allows you to realize your purpose.

5. Saucha – cleanliness

Cleanliness or Saucha doesn’t just involve being clean physically. It goes much deeper than that. Saucha also represents cleanliness of spirit and emotions as well.

You must rid yourself of toxins such as fear, jealousy, and anger to truly be happy. These toxins block your spirit and clog your emotions, and have to be actively removed in order to move forward.

6. Ahimsa – non-violence

The word Ahimsa is much more powerful than you may think. Ahimsa means to not be violent, both physically and mentally. While we understand physical violence, do we truly understand mental violence?

Let me explain. When you have mental violence, you have negative thoughts of certain people. Although you may not realize it, your negative thoughts radiate outward and can affect how you treat someone. No matter how hard you try, your actions will reflect what you’re thinking.

7. Upeksha – equanimity

Equanimity means staying grounded. True peace is sometimes hard to attain, but it is the only way to act in a constructive manner. Upeksha is being at an ultimate state of peace in order to gain a rewarding experience in life.

8. Prajna – wisdom

Finally, we shall talk about wisdom. I do not mean the learned wisdom of old age, derived only from life experience. Prajna comes from spiritual wisdom which reaches further than earthly education and experience. Prajna is the opposite of Avidya, which is spiritual ignorance.

Open your mind and your spirit

I hope you found these Sanskrit words useful today. I’ve learned a great deal in the short time that I have read through these words and meditated on their meaning. Sanskrit words help up in returning to the present moment and taking a deeper understanding of what truly matters in life.

So, when things get hard, and yes, they will, remember these words and use them to bring yourself back to a center. In the center, you will find yourself again and refresh yourself in the light of goodness.




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