If you are an introvert, you will probably relate to all or some of these Daria quotes.

It’s hard to browse the internet nowadays and not come across an article that is related to introverts. Is it because us introverts like to spend all of our time on the internet so we can have human interaction without actually having to see any humans in real life? Who knows.

But way before introversion and extroversion was a popular topic of conversation, there was a TV show character who was the cartoon version of all of us. She’s the most relatable cartoon character in TV history (at least in my opinion). She’s Daria.

Here are 12 Daria quotes we introverts identified with:

1. Pessimism and negativity sometimes come naturally to you, whether you want it to or not.

daria quotes 9

2. When you’re forced to socialise with others and you just want to be at home alone reading a book.

daria quotes book

3. You use sarcasm as a way to communicate everything. You don’t even know you’re doing it anymore.

daria quotes 2

4. Every time you leave the house.

daria quotes 3

5. When you’re always having awkward conversations with strangers.

daria quotes 4

6. You feel an emotional connection to your favourite objects (and still use sarcasm as a response to everything).

daria quotes 5

7. You’re always being told you have an old soul.

daria quotes 6

8. You’re quiet and may have resting bitch face – so other people think you’re always unhappy.

daria quotes 7

9. Procrastination might as well be your middle name.

daria quotes 8

10. Emotions are overrated.

daria quotes 10

11. When other people think you are quiet because you have a low self-esteem.

daria quotes self esteem

12. When people try to engage you in group activities.

daria quotes group

The 90’s teen cartoon has us all relating to their angsty introverted character Daria for various reasons and we can’t help but love her. Did you catch Daria when it was on TV? I’d love to know which TV or movie characters you can relate to and why!

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  1. Joan

    How did I miss this? Oh, right; I’m an adult who didn’t watch cartoons in the 90’s…but that’s beside the point. Never even HEARD of Daria, but after reading these few panels I think I may have found my “guiding-spirit being”

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