We all, sometimes, say yes to things we know we should be saying no to.

We’ve all been in a situation where we end up putting our own wants, needs and feelings on the back burner in favour of helping somebody else when we simply could have said ‘no.’

Whilst this is certainly a generous way to live our lives, it’s not healthy and with our ever-growing schedules becoming busier and busier, we need to be putting ourselves first. The fact that so many of us struggle to say no is quite surprising, but it can actually have some serious consequences on your life:

Physical & Mental Health

Not surprisingly, when you’re rushing around helping others, your health can suffer and so can your fitness levels. Being constantly busy and taking everything on can induce a lot of stress, which isn’t good for any aspect of your health.

Never mind the fact that you may be grabbing something that is quick and easy to eat, rather than what is best for your diet, or the fact that your fitness routine quickly gets forgotten when you have a long day ahead of you.

Studies have actually shown that those who work longer days (whether it’s at the office, or doing tasks for other people such as taking on that extra project at your kids’ school) can actually raise the chances of depression.

Productivity Suffers

I don’t know about you, but when I take on too much work, I find myself so frazzled by the mountain of tasks ahead of me, that I’m not able to complete any of them effectively.

Taking stock of the tasks you already have to complete before answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to anything additional will massively improve your productivity – if you feel you have too much on, just say no, and don’t feel guilty for it! It’s better to complete a few projects or tasks to the best of your ability than to have endless amounts of work that you just can’t get ahead of.

Family Life

Whilst it may be hard to come to terms with the fact your family life may be suffering, it most certainly will be the case if you are taking on too much. When you say yes to additional tasks and projects, it doesn’t just affect you but those around you too.

Whether it’s your children needing help on their homework or your partner wanting somebody to chat to after a long hard day – make sure you’re allowing yourself enough time to spend time with those who matter.

‘Me’ Time

It ties in with mental health, but taking on too much means missing out on the all-important ‘me’ time that allows us all to rejuvenate and prepare ourselves for whatever life throws at us next. If you’re taking on too much, you may miss out on those special moments such as taking a long bubble bath with a glass of wine and candles or curling up with a good book and forgetting the world.

Never underestimate the importance of spending time alone and ensure you’re scheduling some ‘me’ time in your diary each week.

If you’re the kind of person who tends to say yes and just can’t say no, hopefully, this article will have opened your eyes to why you should be putting yourself and your own life first, rather than trying to make everybody else happy.

If you’re guilty of this, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Choronzon

    Great article, thanks Christina!

  2. Miss Nothing

    I feel like that all the time.
    Been feeling great myself, I’m very comfortable with myself. More and more, actually.

    I just don’t have that feeling for most people I meet. I mean I usually tend to find people empty and cliche. I feel like something is always missing in them. I always want more from life and people. I choke on popular culture and behaviors.

    Parties, bars and clubs can’t fill me anymore. I feel that euphoria at the time, but when the party’s over everything looks empty and boring. Drinks make me feel social and funny, sometimes even too talkative and crazy, but its not the real me. Not the one I truly appreciate.
    I lack intense and deep thinking people around me, cause all I’ve got is not enough to make me feel “alive”.

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