Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov claims that he was able to capture the human soul leaving the body at the moment of death. Could something like this be possible? Let’s examine the claims.

Kirlian photography

Back in 1939, Soviet scientist Semyon Kirlian made a curious discovery. As a result of the process of placing a small object, such as a coin or a leaf, on photographic paper and passing a high voltage across it, he received a photograph that showed a glowing aura around the object he used.

This gave a start to whole generations of scientists who would use this technique, which is known as Kirlian photography, to make all kinds of controversial claims.

These claims include taking photos of the human aura, the body’s vital energy qi, and even the human soul leaving the body at the moment of death.

Konstantin Korotkov and the gas discharge visualization (GDV)

Now, Konstantin Korotkov developed another method based on Kirlian photography. It is called gas discharge visualization (GDV). The GDV device he invented is a special type of the camera that supposedly captures the images of the human biofield, known as corona discharge images.

Korotkov developed this technique as a method of diagnosing mental and physical disorders. It seems to be used by a number of medical practitioners worldwide for the control of anxiety and recording the progress of patients who undergo medical treatment. Korotkov claims that his energy imaging technique can be used to monitor any kind of biophysical imbalance and diagnose it in real-time.

This technique, which records the stimulated radiation, is enhanced by the electromagnetic field and is a more advanced approach to the method developed by Semyon Kirlian for the aura recording.

Korotkov’s claims are in accordance with the ideas of Kirlian who said that

“the electro-photonic light around the edges of the fingers of a human being contains coherent and comprehensive energy of a person, both physically and psychologically.”

Korotkov strongly believes that the food, water, and even perfumes we consume have a solid effect on our bioenergy field. He stresses the importance of drinking pure water and eating organic food, especially if we take into account the extremely negative conditions of life in big cities where people are subject to continuous pollution of all kinds.

Korotkov also talks about the interaction of the human bioenergy fields with the environment. Our bioenergy field changes at the very moment when an external factor grasps its attention, even we do not consciously perceive it, he says.

Also, the scientist warns about the use of mobile phones and the extensive radiation they emit, which is often carcinogenic. A number of studies have found the link between the mobile radiation and possible cancer risk.

Soul leaving the body after death?

Korotkov claims that the blue color in the captured image is nothing but the vital energy of the individual gradually abandoning the body during death. According to the scientist, the navel and the head are the parts of the human body that get detached from the energy ( or the soul) while the groin and the heart are the last areas to be disconnected from the spirit leaving the body.

Korotkov says that, in some cases, it is noted how the “souls” of the people who have experienced some kind of violent or unexpected death return to the physical body days after death. This might occur due to a surplus of unused energy.

However, the scientific community never accepted Kirlian photography as a valid scientific method. Studies showed that the aura that appears in the Kirlian photographs originates from an object’s moisture.

Moreover, a research team from Poland conducted a series of experiments with Korotkov’s GDV device. They aimed to find the connection between human contact with different natural and synthetic textiles and physiological functions like blood pressure and heart rate, so they took a number of corona discharge images.

The results were inconclusive, and the Polish scientists were not able to find any connection between human contact and the images captured with Korotkov’s GDV camera.

So it seems that despite the promising claims, the photo taken by Korotkov provides no evidence that it was indeed the human soul leaving the body during death.

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