Photo of human soulThe moment of disincarnation, in which the soul was detached from the physical body, was captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who managed to photograph the exact moment of death of a man with a bioelectrographic camera.

The captured image shows in blue color the vital energy of the individual to gradually abandon the body, thanks to the method of gas discharge visualization, i.e. an advanced technique of Kirlian photography.

According to Korotkov, the navel and head are the parts of the body from which the energy (soul) detaches first while the groin and heart are the last zones in which the body is connected to the spirit before it leaves the body.

According to Korotkov, in some cases, it is noted how the “souls” of the people who have experienced some kind of violent or unexpected death return to the physical body days after death. This might occur due to a surplus of unused energy.

This technique was developed by Korotkov and approved as an official medical technological method by the Ministry of Health of Russia. Moreover, it is used by more than 300 doctors worldwide for the control of anxiety and recording the progress of patients undergoing treatment of severe diseases. Korotkov says the energy imaging technique can be used to monitor any kind of biophysical imbalance and diagnose in real time.

This technique, which records the stimulated radiation, is enhanced by the electromagnetic field and is a more advanced approach to the method developed by Semyon Kirlian for the aura recording.

These observations of Korotkov confirm the opinion of Kirilian that “the electro-photonic light around the edges of the fingers of a human being contains a coherent and comprehensive energy of a person, both physically and psychologically.”

In the interview, Korotkov talks about the impact of food, water and even perfumes on the bioenergy field and stresses the importance of drinking pure water and eating organic food, especially if one takes into account the extremely negative conditions of life in big cities where people are subject to continuous nutritional and technological pollution.

Korotkov also talks about the interaction of the human bioenergy fields with the environment. The bioenergy field changes at the very moment when an external factor grasps its attention, even if it is not consciously perceived.

Also the scientist warns about the use of mobile phones and the extensive radiation they emit, which is often carcinogenic, the fact that is confirmed by numerous studies.

Korotkov’s optimism for this new pioneering scientific field is obvious and justified, since, mainly in Russia, some schools teach the techniques of spiritual energy management, not as something suspicious but as a metaphysical, observable reality.


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